Make money selling with Amazon


So far we have discussed ways to earn extra income from home with the Amazon associate program.  In other words, provided you have a website, you can join one of the many Amazon geo-sites, register as their affiliate (or associate, as Amazon likes to call you) and then promote any of Amazon merchandise on your website, provided it fits and goes alongside your website niche, or subject so to speak.  Amazon will give you a small percentage of their profit on the product sold (and it is very small, generally no more than 6-7%) whilst the customer will not get charged any more.  It’s the good old principle of affiliate marketing.

But is there a way to make money selling with Amazon, just as you would do on eBay?  And how to sell stuff online with Amazon?


Selling on Amazon as a professional

Amazon offers you two main schemes, depending on whether you are a professional in the art of selling merchandise, or if you sell items only every so often as an individual

If you sell as a professional, Amazon offer the Fulfilment By Amazon scheme (or FBA) which makes your job much easier.  What they propose is that, for a fee, you send them your merchandise, and they will take care of the rest.  Amazon will store the item, pack it and deliver it for you, hence reducing you the hassle of all the logistics part of the business.  It couldn’t be easier!

  • Advantages:  The advantage of this scheme is that not only Amazon handles the logistics of it all, but ensures that the items is sold at a profit for you by pricing the item.  And, should a dispute rise with the customer, Amazon will handle that as well.  Under this scheme you can sell absolutely any merchandise that Amazon usually advertises on its website, but the stock you propose and then send to Amazon can include items of different nature.
  • Disadvantages:  As you can see, unlike eBay, with Amazon the element of risk given by the auction format is removed, as Amazon will ensure that the item is sold at a profit for you.  However, and on the negative side, Amazon does not do all this for free.  Currently on you are charged some £30 per month with the plan to sell at least 35 items per month, plus referral fees which varies depending on which category your merchandise fulfils.  For this fee, however, you can promote your merchandise on as many as the five European countries Amazon has websites on.

How does it work

No matter which geo-site you work from, Amazon is very good at guiding you through the motions step by step.

All you have to do is click on the Sell tab on Amazon header to be guided to the next steps, which include:

  1. Registering your details as a seller – this will create a separate selling account
  2. Specifying whether you are a business or acting as an individual
  3. Uploading your listings, and select Fulfilment By Amazon to let Amazon pick, pack and ship your products to the customer.

The next thing you will know is that the customer will see your merchandise listed on Amazon pages, will proceed to the purchase and Amazon will pay you the net figure after deducting Seller fees.  It couldn’t be easier.


Selling on Amazon as an individual

This is arguably a much easier option for those of us that do not sell regularly, nor do they keep a wealthy stock of merchandise.  The process is much similar to the one of listing item under the Pro Selling Plan, but the difference is that Amazon does not charge a monthly fee.

The main features of this program are the followings:

  1. Registration is free of charge – you do not have to pay the monthly fee
  2. You can avail of FBA or decide to handle the logistics – this means that Amazon will take care of the storage, packing and delivery, or you can do it all by yourself, but you will also handle customer services, should a query be raised by the purchaser
  3. Amazon charges only once the item is sold.

As individual sellers, what we must be careful of is the actual fees.  Amazon will only charge some £0.75p per item, but it also deducts the referral fee like with the Pro Plan, depending on which category the item you have just sold falls into.  In addition, Amazon also charges a variable closing fee, which again fluctuates depending on category and country of destination.

Amazon gives an example of fees you may be charged when selling using the Individual Plan, which I am showing below:


Who can take part

Like with eBay, absolutely anybody wanting to sell some items, or a stock of merchandise, can take part.  You do not need to be a regular customer of Amazon purchasing its items regularly.  Nor do you need to be an Amazon associate and promote items on your own website.

So long as the items you are selling can be listed under one of the many available categories Amazon makes available, you can sell new or second-hand merchandise across as many as 5 European countries, i.e. UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.


What’s the difference with eBay

The most shouting feature here is that, unlike with eBay, the risk by selling on Amazon is reduced as you are not at the mercy of a winning bid through the online auction system.  It appears that the whole selling process is more controlled, as the item will be sold for a profit.

However, prices and fees are higher than on eBay.  So yes, Amazon will assist you with the logistics, the storage and the customer services side of things, but at a price.  And if you do not pay the monthly fee, then the perks are not applicable.

Also, it is to be noticed that with the Individual Selling Plan you may not have to pay the monthly fee, but you still seem to be charged the additional referral and variable fees.

On a positive, unlike with most affiliate marketing programs, and with Amazon associate program, where you have to reach a threshold before receiving payment, both Amazon and eBay will ‘pay as you go’, or rather transfer your payment into your bank account as soon as the item has been sold.

Finally, there is the reputation of the two websites to consider.  With Amazon, your items will be listed in up to 5 European countries, as per your listing instructions.  However with eBay you are bound to reach a wider marketing platform, as my understanding is that your listings reach a worldwide potential customer base.  This may mean that you will possibly sell your items more quickly, albeit at a lower price.


My verdict

I must admit, I have not yet venture in using Amazon for selling items yet – for purchase, oh yes, aplenty, but not yet for selling.  But that, I suppose, is possibly due to the fact that I do not sell large amounts of stock altogether, and for this type of infrequent selling, I think eBay may be more user-friendly, once you’ve got used to it.

When wanting to embrace this avenue as a source of income whilst working from home, you need to weigh up pros and cons on both websites.

For both selling methods, you do not need to have your own website, but you certainly need to have access to a computer and to wi-fi connection.  Also, and like with all selling enterprises, you need to have storage available and regular intake of stock.

This said, I still believe in the validity of Amazon selling marketplace as a good way to make money working from home.  I do believe however that Amazon is more suited if you have a larger stock of merchandise to sell.  For professional sellers, it will be worth paying the monthly fee, to the benefit of having Amazon taking care of the handling of the sale.

Ultimately the choice is yours and it very much depends on what experience you are looking for from selling online.  Nothing or nobody in fact will prevent you from being able to use both platforms to sell different items.  The more platforms you use,  the bigger exposure you gain in proposing your merchandise to buyers worldwide.

The one thing I would recommend, should you decide to use both Amazon and eBay at the same time, is that you refrain from advertising the same item on both sites at the same time – that is, unless you have multiple stock!!


Are you already using Amazon to sell your items, or have you ever done so?  I would like to hear from you, to find out whether you have had a successful experience, and whether you consider Amazon a viable solution to earn a realistic income.  Share your experience with us, feel free to leave your comment below!


Earn with the lottery


Name:  Free Postcode Lottery


Price:  Absolutely FREE OF CHARGE

Owner:  Chris Holbrook

Rank:   95 out of 100


Call me a coward, but I do not condone gambling or taking any risk when it comes to business opportunities. But I have recently discovered a free of charge way to earn with the lottery, which I would like to make you aware of.


How to make money with the lottery

Yes, I am not kidding you when I say that you can earn with the lottery.  Admittedly I’m not talking millions, but rather a few hundred pounds at a time (or dollars, or whichever monetary currency goes in your country).  And no, it is not a guaranteed regular winning.  At the end of the day, it is called lottery for a reason, as it can only guarantee for as long as you win randomly.  But it certainly is free of charge, and for this reason if not any other good one, it is worth playing it.  Because you don’t have to loose anything!!!  Yes, you’ve guessed right: I’m talking about the FREE POSTCODE LOTTERY!!!


How does it work

The name is self-explanatory.  Every day the Free Postcode Lottery draws a a postcode randomly from the country, for a stake of some £300 or thereabouts.  If you have registered that you live in that postcode, you win.

Along with the main draw, the Free Postcode Lottery has other minor daily draws that you can take part in, albeit for a lower winning – these are survey draws (but you can take part even without taking 1 or 2 question surveys) or the video draw, where you listen to a video of an emerging singer in order to have the winning postcode revealed, or other draws.


Less money, more chances

As mentioned, the potential winnings are far from the wealthy ones of weekly national lotteries.  And, if by any chance your neighbours have also registered and claim the winning when your joint postcode is drawn, unbeknown to each other, you share the draw.

But the beauty of this type of lottery lays in a few simple advantageous facts:

  1. it’s drawn daily, hence increasing chances;
  2. it’s down to the reality of you living at that postcode;
  3. even if other participants are registered at the same postcode as you, often enough you end up winning the whole jackpot, as most people forget to check if they are winners from the reminder email you get sent every day.

If nobody claims the winning within 24 hours, the money at stake goes to add to the next day draw, making the jackpot higher.

Last but not least, you do not have to pay to take part!!!


Where does the money come from

The most immediate thing that will strike you about this lottery is that its website is packed with ads.  And that’s where the money comes from.  The Free Postcode Lottery relies solely on advertisements.  As mentioned before, you don’t have to pay a dime!!! Although the winning criteria for the main draw is in the fact that you must live at the winning postcode drawn on the day, with all the other draws you in fact access survey companies or video promoting companies – those very same companies that pay the Free Postcode Lottery for the privilege of advertising on its site.

One thing is for sure: we participants do not fund it!!


Who can take part

There are only a few qualifying criteria to take part in the Free Postcode Lottery: you must be over the age of 18, and you must live in UK.

Please do not mistake the Free Postcode Lottery with the People Postcode Lottery, which requires for you to purchase tickets.  The Free Postcode Lottery is FREE OF CHARGE!!

Otherwise, absolutely everyone can take part – no matter which postcode you live in, whether it is Wales, or Scotland, everyone can give it a try.

Admittedly the only restriction I can think of is that you have to have an internet connection.  Like all things in this time and age, in order to take part you must register online on to its website.  Likewise, as mentioned, every day the Free Postcode Lottery sends you a reminder email inviting you to enter their website to find out whether your postcode has been drawn.

I expect long gone are those days where you could check the winning numbers of a lottery on the daily paper!!  Mind you, I believe some papers still do so.  But then again, those lotteries that publish their winning combination on paper have a different way of financing the business, which is funded through the purchase of tickets.  The Free Postcode Lottery relies solely on you visiting the website – this increases traffic to the website, makes it more appealing to potential businesses that will want to advertise on its pages, and will then pay the advertising space.  In a way, with a the Free Postcode Lottery, you are the customer of a behind-the-scene affiliate business – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!!!


Pros and Cons

Let me get the negative points out of the way before concentrating on the winning side of this type of lottery (pardon the pun!!).

I believe I have a pretty fast internet connection, unlimited data use and more.  Nevertheless, at times going through the Free Postcode Lottery pages is very slow.  And I expect the reason may be due to the enormous amount of graphic loaded on its pages by the advertisers.

Even so, going through the motions of checking the daily draws is never too painfully and exasperatingly slow.  Yes, the pages may take a few seconds longer than usual to load, but it does not detract from the fun.

And again, the winning will never be in the region of hundreds of thousands, but it is still a few hundreds, which are still a good pocket money figure.  Which you will have earned by just checking a daily email.  Not bad at all!!

One final point to mention is that this particular lottery is currently available and applicable to UK postcodes only.  I have searched for similar schemes outside of UK.  The only free of charge lottery I have come across for US residents, or for people living in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa is BoxLotto.  With this lottery, you choose 6 random numbers on each ticket, you can play up to 30 tickets per week and once a week you receive an email to tell you if you have won.

Again BoxLotto is indeed free of charge, but the lucky strike is purely randomly based on whether you choose the winning numbers, and to me it detracts from the fun of seeing your own postcode appear on the winning draw – again, I believe the concept of making a postcode a winner is far more fun.


Talking of affiliate

Did you also know that you can earn extra money by referring viewers to the Free Postcode Lottery?  Yes, the added perk is that you can earn up to £200 in bonus, which is payable to you when you introduce somebody to the website, and the somebody registers and keeps checking their account regularly every day.

In other words, if you follow this link: Free Postcode Lottery, and if you end up joining the actual lottery, I shall be earning a tiny penny every time that you visit the website to check of you are one of the winners of the day.  This costs nothing to you, but in the long run it will accrue me a little bit of extra pocket money.

You may ask what the big fuss it is to go through all this effort for a penny per visit.  Am I having you on?!?!?  I am not even going to start counting how many days of one of you checking their lottery account it would take me to put together £200.  But if it is not one of you, but many of you joining through this post, then the process of putting together a bit of extra money does no longer sound as long and painful.

And you don’t need to have a website to promote the Free Postcode Lottery.  You are given a unique link to your account, which you then can insert in any of your social media messages to invite your followers to join in.

So, what are you waiting for?  Join Free Postcode Lottery to be a winner and to earn by referring others!!!


Too good to be true

Some people may question whether all this is too good to be true.  Let me break this news to you: Free Postcode Lottery is NOT a scam!!!

Testimonials vouch to the fact that this lottery is a genuine affairs.  And accolades are documented both on their Facebook page and in other social media forums.

In UK this lottery is not the only free of charge one.  Others make their money through advertising too, but this lottery has the added element of fun, by building your expectations to the realistic possibility that it will be your postcode to be drawn today!  So much so that Money Saving Expert also endorses Free Postcode Lottery.

I am not sure that, if this lottery had not been tested as true and realistic, Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert would have chanced risking his reputation!!


My verdict

I have kept banging on for the whole of this review about how I find this type of lottery purely fun.  Its simple and straightforward formula, and that fact that it relates to the postcode of where you actually live, the fact that it is free of charge, it all combines in my opinion to create a bit of innocent, not mind blowing, fun.

You don’t have to worry as to whether you have chosen the winning combination of random numbers.  The responsibility of you becoming a winner is not on your shoulders, but down to sheer luck.  And it doesn’t matter if all you win is a couple hundreds pounds – the fun outruns the thirst of big winning by far.  Notwithstanding the fact that, as Free Postcode Lottery is only restricted to UK, where there are only so many postcodes, chances become higher.

The winning combination with Free Postcode Lottery is in the sharing.  Not only by referring people to this lottery, you can earn up to £200, but the more people register as living at the same postcode as yours, the more the chances of your postcode to be drawn.

For however little inspiring the winnings may be, I highly recommend having a bit of fun with Free Postcode Lottery.  Join in the fun with me!!!




Name:  Free Postcode Lottery


Price:  Absolutely FREE OF CHARGE

Owner:  Chris Holbrook

Rank:   95 out of 100


Are you enrolled on Free Postcode Lottery, have you ever won?  Or are you still not persuaded that Free Postcode Lottery does work, do you have any concerns?  Join in the conversation and post your comment below.  I shall be happy to answer any question at my very best.