3 Best Jobs For An Introvert

3 Best Jobs For An Introvert

‘Am I in the wrong job?’.  Have you ever asked yourself this question when you have felt consistently overcrowded and overwhelmed by the presence of other people at work, and by having to interact with other people? If the answer is yes, then carry on reading, to find out best jobs for an introvert personality.

Being Introvert, What That Means

Ok, I am an introvert. I do like people, but I much prefer and treasure the time I spend on my own. Does this mean I cannot work with other people?

Unfortunately, If you are an introvert, that’s true. Yet introvert people do need to earn a living. So, what are the best jobs for introverts? and how does being introverted affect your career?

Being introvert does not mean at all that you are shy. Nor that you lack in confidence. Although sometimes introverted people present both personality traits.

I used to be shy as a kid. Until, that is, I reached my teens, and found my voice. I was never a vocal opinionated brat, but I learned to giggle and found that having a sense of humour is good … and it’s even better when shared with others.

It goes without saying that I am no longer shy at all. I do sometimes ask myself whether I can bring a project to an end, but I am not lacking confidence either. Come on, I am gonna be 49 in a few months’ time! I am too old for those wobbles of confidence. And I am writing regularly on my own websites – something that, if missing out on my writing and ‘chatting’ skills, I am sure I would not have the face to do in a million years!! #lol

Yet, having a busy day, constantly surrounded by people; talking to people for the whole day; it all makes me extremely tired. Being sociable drains my energy.

I need time on my own regularly to ‘recharge my energy batteries’, so to speak. I need time on my own to regain my thoughts and find my balance.

I have friends. But, oddly, I prefer my virtual circle of friends to my ‘real’ once.

You could tell that for us introverts the world of social media is a life saver, where to many people it is just … well, not too good after all, primarily as not real.

It will come without surprise, therefore, that an online based career is deemed to be best suited to introverts.

3 Best Jobs For Introverts

The best career opportunities for introverted people can be summed up as the ones that reduce dramatically interactions with others. This does not mean at all that you should become a hermit. At the end of the day, especially when you are in a self-employed business, your earnings rely completely on customers purchasing your product or service, hence customers are your source of income.

But, even when employed through and employer, both in the private and public sector, you are required to deal with customers. They may be customers purchasing merchandise, or they may be patients of a hospital, customers of a local authority demanding a service. They may be travelling people using a specific bus route or train. Or punters in a restaurant or pub. I could be here forever giving examples of how nurturing customers is vital to any business. How do they say? The customer is always right.

However, an introverted person finds himself or herself most comfortable when these face to face interactions are reduced to the bare minimum.

So, what are the very best types of jobs for introverted people?

#1. Jobs which require limited communication

Once again, let me tell you about myself. In my last job before becoming a customer advisor, I felt I need to help people more – something that I felt at the time I could not do much in that very position. When the opportunity was presented to me to become an advisor on local government matters for residents of the community I live in, I jumped to this great opportunity. Because, at the end of the day, I do LOVE helping people. Hence, this very website, so that I can in my small and humble experience, transfer to others what I have learned about working from home along the way.

But, serving customers entails having that constant and continuous face to face interaction for the whole day.

A while back I googled for jobs with limited communication required, and I came about results for people who weren’t good at communication.

Excuse me, but being an introvert does not mean in the least that we are rubbish at communication skills! It just means we do not enjoy it as much as others.

Below I am going to list down only but a few examples of jobs, which require limited communication:

  • lab research analyst
  • airport radio controller
  • software developer
  • database administrator
  • financial analyst
  • interpreter
  • librarian
  • archivist
  • computer programmer
  • graphic designer

You can see that, in the examples I mention, the job itself does not exclude communication altogether, but interaction with others is in somewhat way limited.

#2. Self employment, such as freelancing or working from home

When you are self-employed, or work on a freelance basis, you may go for jobs where communication is vital, but you may alternate them with other jobs where communication is reduced. By doing so, you give yourself a breather by giving yourself a break from being exposed to an overwhelming amount of talking and being talked to.

In a paradoxical way, you could think of the career of an actor, whose living is based on his constant communicating. But he can have long periods of ‘quiet’ time.

Likewise, if you work as a freelance teacher, you may have days when you give tuition throughout the whole week, interspersed with days when you have no job at all.

Working from home is one of the best solutions for introverted people, if you will.

Does that mean you do not get to see anybody for days on end? or that you do not have human interaction?

Not at all!!

But what it means is that you can concentrate on your task for prolonged periods of time, without being interrupted or distracted by other people around you.

And remember, as an introvert, one of the best tools to get on with a job is to have a big ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside your door!

#3. Online career => one of the best jobs for introverts.

Well, you can easily imagine why working online is the ideal for somebody who is introvert.

You may be office based – but, funnily enough, many online businesses can be run from home too.

The best thing about working online is the fact that you spend entire hours typing … and thinking … and typing … and scribbling down ideas … and typing on social media … and the list again can be endless.

But, do you see what I am getting at?

Working online hardly requires any interaction with others.

When it does, it can be face to face or on the phone, if you have a boss. If you have your own business, interaction with clients may be primarily online.

So, what can you do online? How can you earn a legitimate living online?

By now I should have given you quite a few inklings.

You can be an affiliate marketer.

You can be a blogger.

You can use social media extensively as your prime source of income, by selling merchandise there.

You can use your own website to sell merchandise. Or to sell a service.

You can write an e-book.

You can render freelance services on online based platforms.

You can post videos on YouTube and make money through advertising.

There are so many opportunities out there, that it feels my introvert heart with joy and excitement at the only idea!


Yes, I wanted to put this little warning here, as admittedly you need to learn to be ‘wise’ about choosing the right platform to see you started and to take off your business from.

But the opportunities for you to become an online entrepreneur and make quite a substantial amount of money – and dare I say, far more money than if you were in employment with a boss – are endless out there.

Because as an introvert, you will actually give your very best when you are give a keyboard and a screen, and you are left to your own creative devices, to work on your very own. Just perfect!!!

My Personal Advice

First of all let me clarify that not everybody working from home or anybody that will tell you they are online entrepreneurs mean they are introvert.

I know many people who cherish the limelight of an audience – they will post videos, and will be a regular presence on social media.

Working from home, and working online, does not preclude you at all from being a sociable bunny.

I am not. And that’s why I love my online work.

A few years ago I discovered my thirst to help others. Some two years ago, however, I found out I could do this working online from home.

My personal advice is that, especially if you are new to the whole idea of earning a living online, you find yourself a reliable and trustworthy program to learn the trade from. Such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Working online entails primarily a one-to-one relationship with your computer or laptop, but does not exclude interaction with others. Only, it is mostly a virtual one.

FACT: in passing, did you know that introvert people are deemed to be better at what they do as they are massive think-tank people, who use the time they spend on their own to do much thinking?

So, did the title of this post attract you as somewhat there is a bit of introvert trait in you? or did you just stop by out of curiosity? Whatever it is that drew you to read along, I hope you enjoyed this article. Perhaps you may want to tell me, by leaving your comment below. Or you may want to make your introvert side public, and tell us whether your job sometimes gets in the way of you wanting more ‘me’ time.

By all means, do get in touch. Send me an email by clicking on the Contact Us tab on the left.

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6 thoughts on “3 Best Jobs For An Introvert”

  1. Hi Giulia,

    I am one of those who likes to be left alone to do my work and spend time by myself. Neither good nor bad. It is our personality and we have a choice to choose how we use our strengths instead of weaknesses. I do agree with you that online career can be one suitable job for introverts. It works for me, at least.

    Thanks for the article. I am sure this will help many who feels that they are out of place. They are not.

    Good day!

    1. Oooh Sharon, I am so glad you used those words to describe introverts. You are right, we are neither better nor worse than others. This is our personality and it should be accepted. By us, before being accepted by anybody else. I find introverts are ‘deceiving’ personalities in so far that they are believed to be withdrawn, whereas they can give so much in terms of creativity. And that’s another reason why I believe online business works perfectly for us introverts. We can express online what we do not like to make too much noise about externally.
      Thank you ever so much for your contribution, Sharon, and I hope to see you again soon in any of my website future articles 🙂

  2. I’m an introvert myself and hence, I can completely relate to your post. You have got an interesting list of jobs that require minimum verbal interaction. I have always felt that I’m able to express better when I write. I’m, however, not too comfortable talking to people. This is the reason I feel blogging is what I should be doing. On one hand, I get to write regular posts in a niche of my interest. And on the other hand, I can help people through my blogs. Your post has vindicated my thoughts. Reading your post has given me the much-needed confidence boost. Thanks for a wonderful post.

    1. Sukumar, thank you ever so much for your kind words.  There is nothing better, no bigger reward in life than when you realise that you have manage to help others.  You have rewarded me today more than you will ever imagine 🙂

      And yes, I can relate to your writing experience.  I believe we introverts are so lucky to have been born in a time when technology is so advanced to enable us to write fast through typing on a keyboard rather than using pen and paper, and to communicate with others with so many internet based media.  Just wonderful! It would be a shame not to make the most of it.

      Once again, thank you ever so much, and I hope you will read more of my articles, past, present and future!

  3. Hey GiuliaB, I love your post. One, I am indeed an introvert like my mother before me. Second, your post is awesome in the regard that it helps introverts like myself get over the fear of being seen as cowardly and uncooperative working with people.
    I love working by myself and I love not having to deal with people and I was self-employed once upon a time, but I wanted to get into writing seriously for myself instead doing academic writing.
    I already have a website that I’ve been working on, but I want to personally thank you for posting this because it’s nice knowing that there are other people out there like me. I look forward to your next post.

    1. Oh yes, RJ, I sooo know what you mean.  Don’t get me wrong, I do chat – I like posting videos on YouTube (this is a relatively new venture which I am going to talk about on this website as soon as I built enough experience) and talking to family and friends.  But, the beauty of being on my own, regroup my thoughts and transferring them on the keyboard; the silence given by not being constantly interrupted in your train of thoughts; there isn’t better feeling in the whole world!!  

      People do not hesitate to call me a grumpy unsociable stuck up cow, but I am not.  I just prefer to be on my own.  Believe me, especially with the more stressful lives we all lead nowadays, I am sure there are more introverts in the world than we think.

      Thank you for your comment, RJ, and yes, by all means do visit my website again.  I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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