3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny Today

3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny
3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny
Let Paul McKenna help you change your destiny, let him help you realise your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur!

Name: 3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny Today

Author: Paul McKenna

Price: £12.99 paperback, £7.99 Kindle edition

Amazon Rating: 4.4 out of 5

My Rating: 4.7 out of 5

3 things that will change your destiny today.  That is a mighty statement.  And, if I hadn’t tried out Paul McKenna’s self hypnotic techniques before, it’s a statement that I would have laughed at, or a statement that I would have attributed to a charlatan.

But I came across this book only a week ago, started reading the first few chapters, and immediately decided that I wanted to talk to you about it.  Yes, the statement is a presumptious one: can you change your destiny? Well, let me give you the answer straightaway: changing your destiny is possible, with the 3 simple steps Paul McKenna asks you to follow to the dot.


Take charge, change your life today

We are all here for different but similar reasons.  Some of us may want to focus their career at home as they have small children and they can combine working from home with babysitting needs.  Some of us may have decided to reinvent their home based career in order to save on commuting costs and on time spent travelling.  Some of us may have caring duties towards older parents or family, which prevents them from being away from home for long periods of time.  No matter what it is, for all of us the common denominator is focused on working from home.

Personally, mine is a combination of all the possible reasons why I am focusing on spending more time at home to work on my online business, whilst I am still working part time as customer advisor in an office based position.  To me at the moment, it is all about finding the right balance.  I enjoy the days when I am in the office and serve customers and can be of help.  But I absolutely cherish and treasure those days when I can be at home – from the comfort and cosiness of my home I nurture the fact that I can, hopefully, help others with my writing, whilst further learning and developing my entrepreneurial skills (because I do not need to remind you that we never stop learning!).

So, what’s working from home to do with changing your life and your destiny?
It has all to do with working from home!!!
3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny Blurb
Starting working from home is a gamble that past or future fears may prevent you from being successful at. Let Paul McKenna help you!

I don’t know about you, but personally I have dreamt of a home based career for the last 17 years – and yes, I can be precise about this, as I started wishing I could work from home from the day my son was born.  I didn’t though.  And why I didn’t?  Because I wasn’t in a stable relationship at the time.  And I followed everybody else’s advice that employed work would give me security and enable me to have my son be looked after at nursery.  Roll on 4-5 years later when my son started school, and again the traditional settlement of employed work took the best of me, when once again my family kept advising it would be best for me to remain in full time employed work and for my son to go to after school club at the end of his school day.  And the next stage of my life unfolded and took me very quickly to the present time, some 12 years later, when I find myself with a very tall nearly 18 year old son, about to take off to university or on his apprenticeship (whichever he will want for himself of course), and with me regretting not having started my home based career any sooner.

You can see therefore how working from home represents a complete change in destiny, I would say, for both ourselves and for our families.  There are still fears that when working from home our earning may not be as good as when you are in employment, of that we may end up not saving for our pension, or that we may end up missing the banter of working as part of a team.  But none of the more traditional fears are founded.  That’s what they are: fears.  Fears which we use as an excuse not to take charge to change our life for good.


What’s so special about this book

What makes this book so special and successful in its results is the fact that Paul McKenna introduces in layman’s words the Havening technique, a scientifically and medically proven technique which separates the memory of a traumatic event in our past from the feelings that the event may have caused.  The traumatic event may be anything at all that may stop us now from going forth.  But the important thing is that, once we have followed and implemented that technique, we will remember the feeling of sadness, fear or hurt but we will not longer feel the sadness, fear or hurt that the past event may still have caused us to this day.

Sounds awesome or what?!?!?!

In other words, whatever it is that prevented you and me from embracing this new career path, and the change in life style it involves, it will no longer be there to stop you from going forward in your taking charge of your life and designing your new destiny.

As with most of his books, Paul McKenna will arm you with meditational exercises and video/audio exercises under his guidance, which will help you identify those scary monsters.

And the scary monsters that keep you from taking flight may be nothing tremendous.  They may be something as menial as an argument with your parents when you were younger, or it could equally be a criminal act of which you were victim.  Whatever that traumatic event was, if catching you when you your brain is otherwise engaged, they will not that the traumatic connotation that is going to block you and is going to remain with you for the rest of your life.  But if they catch you at your lowest ebb, such as during puberty, or at a time when you lack self-esteem, self-confidence, when you are personally involved in a high empathic situation – whenever you are caught at an already vulnerable stage of your life, that’s when those events are registered in your brain as traumatic.

Havening is the technique that Paul McKenna in this book teaches so we can gain freedom from whatever the block is that is stopping us for achieving, as well as the freedom to achieve.


Paul McKenna, who is he?

I knew and had heard of Paul McKenna and his UK television and radio appearancies in the late 1990s and early years of 2000s.  But the first real personal experience I had about Paul’s hypnotic skills was when a work colleague introduced me to his CDs from his renowned book I Can Make You Thin (2010)  Yes, she had lost weight following his hypnotic advice.  She lent me book and CDs and, well I had nothing to loose, so I gave it a go.

I started listening to his CDs regularly every evening before falling asleep.  I had weight to loose, but listening to his soothing words primarily helped me relax and sleep better.  I started reading his book and kept listening to Paul’s CDs in February 2004 – it was the first attempt to loose weight since giving birth some 4 years before.  By June of the same year I had lost a stone.  And by the September I had lost another 3 kg.  For the fans of the imperial system of measurement, that was a whopping one stone and a half!!!

Paul McKenna started his career as a radio presenter in the 1990s to then deepening his studies into the realms of neuro-linguistic programming of the mind, which lead Paul to develop as a renowned hypnotist for many celebrities.  These were the years in the early 2000s when Paul started his career as a book author, in an effort to reach the mass with his newly found NLPtechniques.  The weight loosing program I followed through his book was exactly that: an application of NLP.

NLP hypnosis is not the old fashined image of somebody putting to sleep and making you do some odd and risky things, such as walking on fire or rope walking.  NLP, the way I experienced it, meant Paul talking to you in extremely relaxing and soothing ways (and to the point that yes, sometimes I would fall asleep), and help you focus on physically visualising yourself thinner, so that it may become your ultimate goal that annihilated any possible craving for food.  And it does work!!

In recent years though, Paul has branched out and further develop his study into the human mind behaviour to concentrate on how that part of the brain in charge of emotions – the amygdala – functions and on the deriving Havening techniques works to turn negative traumatic experiences and emotions into positive motivational spunnners.


Like with all his books, Paul offers audio material with this book too.  Because his technique still involves some hypnotic input from him.

In the book, he will explain to you, in very welcoming layman’s words, how the amygdala works and what the Havening technique consists of.  He explains what is going to come next and how the audio material will work on your subconscious.  But he will also very much stress out that without you listening to his soothingly hypnotic voice on the included DVDs or CD, the Havening technique will not work.

As the book is also available in an e-book format, naturally it comes with its unique code to enable digital downloads.


The price

The best price to get this book I found is offered by Amazon.  The beauty of purchasing this book from Amazon is that you can purchase either the all traditional paperback version, or if you are into e-books, you can download a version on the Amazon digital e-book Kindle platform.

  • Amazon Paperback version: £12.99
  • Amazon Kindle download £7.99


Pros and cons

The good bits

I am still to find a fault in this book as it is presented to the reader.  The writing style makes it very captivating and easily understandable by everyone, whether you have a high degree of literacy background or whether you just want to read for the fun of it and purely inspired by curiosity.

Likewise, the audio material that comes with the book is not anything scary and concerning that you might fear will affect and scar your mind for evermore.

It makes it an interesting reading also to skip through the reviews left directly on Amazon.  Out of 224 reviews collected so far, Amazon indicates that 14% are positive, with only 18 giving a rating of 1 or 2 stars.

The bad bit

My only complain, as I am publishing this review, is actually with Amazon rather than with the book itself.  We are approaching the big Black Friday pre-Christmas promotion that Amazon nurtures every year, but regrettably I notice that Amazon do not include this book in their discounted promotions.  I can understand that this may not be the most recently published book by Paul McKenna, but it is still one of his best sellers.

Nevertheless, the prices Amazon offers this book at are still extremely competitive over the price you can purchase it in bookstores.  So, the fact that Amazon may not apply further Black Friday discount is not a big loss after all.


My verdict

My aim with this website is to propose ideas primarily to help you all fulfill the dream of your life.  As I mentioned initially, whether working from home and setting up your business is a practical solution which will highly improve your quality of life, or whether it is a midlife crisis decision dictated by frustration of having misspent your younger years pleasing others rather than yourselves, ultimately I want to help you reach that goal.

Build your online business with Wealthy Affiliate!

This book, I found, will change your mind set and will help you get rid of fears from past experiences or from the uncertainties of your future.  It has definitely worked for me.

When I started this enterprise, I kept being literally scared of the ‘what if’ if I didn’t manage to make a success of it.  What’s gonna happen if I do not reach out to as much audience as I would like?  What’s gonna happen if I cannot balance up my office based work with my home based business?  What’s gonna happen if my family and friends end up thinking I am a complete lunatic and do not offer the support I need?  What’s gonna happen if external factors in my life, like in my past, prevent me from dedicating my whole self and my very precious time to enable my business to grow?

They are all fears that can actually freeze you and prevent you from using your energy and creativity to move your dream forth.  But they are all fears that I no longer have,  thanks to 3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny Today.  As ever whenever it concerns Paul McKenna’s work, I highly recommend this book and Paul’s Havening technique.  Thumbs up for me!




10 thoughts on “3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny Today”

  1. THis is the first time I’m hearing about Paul McKenna.

    However, it is not the first time I’m hearing about a technique that claims to be able to shift your mindset from a destructive path to a more positive and productive trajectory.

    Mindset and behaviours are learnt. Either they are taught to us through the examples of those close to us such as our parents, guardians and loved ones. Or they are triggered by a major event or a series of smaller events. Either way, you learn these thought patterns and mental habits.

    Just as you learnt them the first time, you can also unlearn them.

    based on what I’ve read in this articly the technique used by Paul McKenna is to help us surpress the memories that triggered our habits / mentality and to put us on a path to relearn more positive ones.

    Thanks for enlightening us with this article.



    1. I am glad you found this article of help, Kevon. Yes, as mentioned, I have been a relatively consistent follower of Paul McKenna’s work and of his techniques for a period of time, and as quack as it may sound, I can actually confirm that they do work. Whether it is the focusing of positive thoughts with the aim to loose weight or to stop smoking, or whether like in this latest book of his it is the redesigning of our mental habits, they do work. I am not sure Paul aims for us to forget the bad memories, but rather on ‘build that bridge and get over it’, as I like to say; the memories will always be there, but the energy comes from new ones, which will also teach us to better come to term with the bad life experiences.
      I hope you’ll read more of my website, as I intend to explore ways to make us more focussed to work towards success. Thank you 🙂

  2. Paul McKenna’s book “3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny” seems like a must-read book. I will need to read it ASAP.

    I myself am not familiar with any of Paul McKenna’s works. However, I am currently quite interested in learning hypnosis and other mental techniques.

    I have had a book change my life in a specific way, i.e., I quit smoking easily and effortlessly. The book is “The Easy Way To Stop Smoking” by Allen Carr. All I had to do was read the book, no action or exercises to take to lose the urge to smoke for good. Not even sure how it worked. May have been hypnosis while reading, I suppose.

    Anyway, because of my positive experience with Allen Carr’s book, I believe in the effectiveness of a good book to change the trajectory of one’s life. That’s why “3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny” is definitely on my reading list.

    1. Yes, like you, and after testing Paul McKenna’s hypnotic methods on myself, I now do believe in such techniques. Obviously you will end up realising all too well when you come acros a charlatan, and Paul is not.

      Thanks for mentioning Allen Care’s work. I shall definitely look into that too. In the meantime, I’m just going through another book of Paul. I’m putting it to the test in the next few weeks, but keep an eye on my pages as I’ve already planned it definitely needs another good review 🙂

  3. That looks like an interesting book, i always liked psychology books, especially those with tips about improving daily life, however i never heard about this author before. I really like your website, it’s full of good ideas about working from home, also the design is really cool. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you ever so much Rich. You may never have heard of Paul McKenna as he is British and primarily has been working in UK, although I understand he has collaborated with American counterparts and held his hypnotic sessions in the States. Try the book as I believe it’s available on Amazon.com also.

      And of course, I’m glad you like my website, and sincerely hope you will be back for more ideas for working from home 🙂

  4. I think I really need this book by Paul McKenna as I want to disconnect myself from a traumatic experience. I want to learn more and master this technique that you have shared, the “Havening Technique”.

    If I order this book via Amazon, I’d like to ask, what other books do you suggest that I buy alongside this book? I ask this because, I want to save on shipping cost and buying all the books that I need in one ordering lets me save on shipping cost.

    1. Gomer, if you are trying to overcome an unpleasant past experience which you feel may prevent you from taking off in life and find your true path to success, I can guarantee this book is what you need.

      As mentioned in my review, I have become an avid follower of Paul McKenna’s work, particularly after successfully practising his hypnotic techniques when I managed to loose a substancial amount of weight. I have now started reading ‘I Can Make You Rich‘, and again I’m loving it. It based on the same combination of reading and audio material, although it uses hypnotic techniques, not Havening technique. I’m planning to review it in the next few weeks – not until I have completed at least 3 weeks of hypnotic sessions (and remember, these are not the ones that will make you do silly things in a state of trance like in the movies :)). But if you want to look into it for now, I recommend it. Again, another very good and effective work by Paul McKenna!

      Let me know how you get on. And of course,drop me a line – here or on my email giulia@ideasforhomeworking.com – if you need any more advice or clarification.  Thank you

  5. This book looks like a valuable addition to anyone’s personal development library. You give a great explanation of how it can help, and it fits in well with your primary message about working from home.

    1. Thank you ever so much, John. Too often I have witnessed, on myself as much as when hearing friends and colleagues talk about their ‘impossible’ dreams, that the common denominator that seems to hold most of us back is mind blocks. Yes, it is in most cases the fear of leaving an average certain for a possibly much more fulfilling uncertain. But sometimes the root of our fears sits in past experiences, or even mind sets. I believe Paul McKenna with this book helps us overcome whatever that mind set is, and does so very well too.
      I hope you will visit my website again, as I am planning, in a few weeks time, to review another work by Paul McKenna. And I promise you, if you liked this book, you will just LOVE the next one!!! 🙂

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