My story

Here is me at Christmas 2015
Welcome to my website – here is me at Christmas 2015

Hi all, I’m Giulia, a mum to my wonderful teenage son (yes, wonderful in spite of ticking all the teenage mood-swinging boxes) and to my lovely border terrier Indy, and lucky wife of my better half.

In the entire of my adulthood I cannot remember a single day when I didn’t work, and for this I am eternally grateful.  But I am now reaching middle age, and reality strikes.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could spend more time at home whilst still making a living?  No irritating, frustrated and dissatisfied bosses to be accountable to, but enjoying the freedom of organising your own workload and your days whilst enjoying the benefits being your own boss!  With this site, I would like to discover and share ideas on how to make a living legit income from home, in the hope to make the dream come true for many of us.


What’s my story

I have always liked to learn, but this surprisingly has not lead to my wanting to further my education, as after my A-Levels, I attempted two years of university for nothing – I ended up dropping my course.  It is a decision which I take full responsibility for, but in the back of my mind I partly also blame the fact that the teaching I got at high school was not the inspirational one every child deserves not only when in junior years, but more so during senior years which are so fundamental in the formation of your future adult personality.


How I landed in UK

Double Decker, one of the symbols of UK
Double Decker, one of the symbols of UK

Moral of the story is that I was lucky enough to find a job in a bank.  The job lasted for the duration of the maternity cover I was filling in for and then it came to an end.  With the few savings I had put together I packed a few things and moved to London from my original Italy, initially for 3 months, to learn the language mostly, and then permanently once I found a job.  It was 1994, I have been living in UK since, and never once looked back.


That thirst for learning

Since in UK, like when in Italy, I was not a single day out of work.  For this I feel blessed and thank the good Lord every day.  But that thirst to learn has never ceased.  And with that, the desire to try out new ventures in an effort to, yes, increase my earnings – not out of greed, but purely as it is human instinct to aim for better – and experiment with new projects which I could dive in ahead on on my spare time from home.

A family came, ups and downs have hit me like everybody else , and here I am, age 47 and realising that my son is no longer a child but nearly an adult, people have been ill and passed away (nothing dramatic, don’t get me wrong, all in the course of nature, but still upsetting for me), my husband and I hardly ever spend time together as always busy at work where we spend 4/5 of our days, and all in the blink of an eye!!


Before you know it…

I think it is a realisation that hits all people of my age.  As you turn your 40s, or in my case as you near your 50s, there’s that hard reality hitting you on your forehead that time flies and you need to make the most of it before it is too late.  And no, I am not necessarily referring to the possibility of dying prematurely – which could equally happen (no morbid inclinations, I promise).

But the realisation is the one that you are now approximately half way through your adult life, and how have you spent the first part? Having children quickly, having a quick maternity leave from work, then going back to work and your children spending their days in nursery, then school.  In the meantime, you have spent 3/4 of your week at work, and yes you have 2 days off at the weekend, during which you try to catch up with everything, and I mean everything else that you could not dedicate your time to during the week as too shuttered to do so at the end of day.  And that may include house chores, spending time with your family, doing shopping, having day trips out, going through your household papers … well, you name it.


I wish I could spend more time with my family
I wish I could spend more time with my family

I miss my family

I can’t say there hasn’t been a single job I have worked at that I have not enjoyed.  Yes, I am fairly workaholic, I love the company of my colleagues, I love the banter – which I must admit, sometimes I am the cause as much as the victim of – and I enjoy the feeling of fulfilment when you have accomplished and met those targets.  With my last and current position, that feeling is more so rewarding as I speak to and see customers face to face every day, helping them out with their financial and housing crisis.

I feel very bad harbouring such feeling of dissatisfaction – many people out there wish they had been this lucky in having jobs, and particularly my current one, so fulfilling, as at the end of the day I am given the possibility to help others and get paid for it.  Yet, I do miss my family.

I miss the fact that I have not been able to spend as much time as would have liked with them, all of them – my son when he was younger, my husband as we never have time for holidays due to my commitments to my mum recently widowed and living on her own in Italy, and of course my beloved dog Indy, who is growing older and again I have hardly spent time with as always at work.


My dream

So here’s where the dream comes from – the possibility, that is, to make a living from home.  I would hate to stop contributing to the household finances, but I would love to create something that I could manage independently without reporting to a boss.  And I would love to be able to do so from home, so that whilst managing my working hours, I could also be closer to my family, and I could finally see more of them.  As they say, better later than never!!



Ideas for Home Working – what is it all about?

For the last few years I have searched and experimented with different ways to find jobs that I could do from the comfort of my home.  Some have been more successful than others, and by the same token at times I have come across right and proper scams.  My aim with this website is to share my experience of home working, as well as to keep discovering new ways forward.

In my quest for ideas to implement earnings from home, I still aim to learn new ways and new things.  And that is what has lead me to find out the world of online business and Wealthy Affiliate.

No matter what your endeavours are and which direction you try to take when working from home, the key is the internet.  All businesses seem to be funded on online business, and the internet seems to be where everything starts from nowadays.  Likewise, social media play a crucial role in the delivery of a successful business, whether that may be retail, sale of services, affiliate marketing, or even simple blogging.  The point is, you cannot work from home unless you have a laptop and a wi-fi connection.


Wealthy Affiliate

Naturally the more digging I made in finding out new ways to earn a living from home, the more the realisation came that I knew nothing about online business – and that included from setting up a website, to promoting my business online.

And that’s where Wealthy Affiliate came to the rescue.  The name sums it all up nicely – Wealthy Affiliate is a wealth of information for everyone wanting to set up their own website, whether for fun, a simple blog or as a selling platform.  And it suited to everyone’s strengths, from clueless beginners like myself, to the ones who have already had experience of online business.

Naturally as I approached Wealthy Affiliate (WA), I did so with caution – after all, it is undeniable that there are so many scams out there in the wilderness of the internet.  But I soon realised that it is not so at all.

First of all, WA gives you the opportunity to join the programme for free – yes, for free!!!  Admittedly, access to the learning facilities is restricted, but you can still manage to learn and set up your website without being a Premium member.

Secondly, the lessons are a vital guide, easy to follow and to implement.  Not only that, but the support that you receive from other members through messages, blogs, and tutorial is second to none.  On many occasions I have typed in my issue, and found a blog had already been publish that answered my question to a T.



So, allow me to take you through my journey, to share my experience so far, and help me discover more ways of making a living from home and of being your own boss.  Follow my blogs and feel free to leave your comments below.  Or by all means get in touch with me on my Wealthy Affiliate profile page!!



16 thoughts on “My story”

  1. You have such a strive and are so inspirational! Your story is astounding! WA is a great option for working at home and they have had great success stories.
    Also love how you told your story before introducing WA. Nice touch. You pulled me right in and I kept reading.
    Great post and awesome work!

    1. Much appreciated Jessa, all I want is share my experience in the hope to give hope. Thank you ever so much for your words of encouragement, I just pray that other people will find my site as interesting as you did.

      Giulia 🙂

  2. Hi Guilia,
    You have a very positive and up-beat tone to your writing which will really help when you get some more traffic landing on your site. It looks really great to me!

    It was very nice to have met you and to read about how you came to join WA! Best wishes for a successful online business!

    Barbara (bjdluna)

    1. Sorry for the late reply Barbara – wisdom tooth problems have kept detained me away from my writing! But thank you for your lovely contribution.
      Love. Giulia 🙂

  3. Hi Giulia,
    I love reading your about page, I always like to know people better and listening to their stories.

    You left Italy – and many others desire to go to Italy. I am here in Italy (Umbria) for half of my life and wouldn’t know where else to go after having set up everything here. But, honestly, Italy for tourists is different from Italy for long term residents, and so I understand your decision to keep staying in UK.

    As to earning money from home. I really hope that you will be able to do that – without falling into the pitfall of not distinguishing anymore between private life and work, which happens very easily when you don’t go out for work and at home you are when you don’t work.

    Anyways, with Wealthy Affiliates you certainly have tapped into a learning experience which will allow you to set up your own business from home. I like that you, at the same time, want to be of seervic e to others to work from home, too!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Heidi. As they say, the grass next door is always greener. And I think that’s the effect both you and I must have been ‘victims’ of!!
      You mention a very good point when you warn not to turn your working day at home in a 24hour working day. Whilst I still working for an employer, I notice that the time spent at home is starting revolving more and more on my online affiliate business. I suspect you need to be disciplined with setting boundaries to your working hours – well, I certainly do!
      Thank you for reading. Giulia

  4. Hello Giulia
    Your ‘My Story’ is absolutely brilliant, so thorough and engaging. I wish you all the best in your endeavours online and I shall follow you with interest.

  5. Giulia, it is so great to read your personalized story on here. It really adds a great extra touch to an already great website. It puts a real person behind the site which makes me feel like I am more connected with you instead of just reading something from someone I know nothing about . Thank you so much and best of success to you in your endeavors.

    1. Thank you Robert. Your words are much encouragement that all my readers will feel connected to. Y way of thinking and to my world as much as you.
      I hope you keep reading my future posts. Giulia

  6. Wealthy affiliate offers anyone from different walk of life to earn a living throuhg affiliate marketing, The model inwhich they bring this progarm to you is just so great. The community is great and helpful because everyone wants to see everyone succeed and the tools is just so awesome, so when you are talking about working from home, wdealthy affiliate is the place to be. Thanks for sharing and all the best to you.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Norman. Especially if you are completely clueless to the home based online affiliate marketing business, Wealthy Affiliate is a precious gem!

      Thank you Norman, for reading along.


  7. Great story of your life thus far, Giulia. I wish you continued enlightenment and success on your journey. You have a great attitude and life lays waiting for you.

    1. Thank you ever so much Michelle. I hope you have enjoyed my posts and suggestions for ways to earn working from home, and you hope you’ll hang around a bit longer to find out much more.

  8. Dear Giulia,
    The story of your life is truly inspiring . How you did so is remarkable . Now I am at the age of 56, left the job in 2017. Was working as Branch Manager in a submersible pumps manufacturing company.At this age nobody is interested to give me suitable job.Suddenly I came across your articles , is it really possible to do work from home as you mentioned ? If so,than guide me for survival. Waiting for your reply.

    1. Anil, thank you ever so much for taking your time to read through my story. I hope it has instilled faith in you that yes, regardless of your age or background, you can make money working from home.
      First of all, never ever sell you short as too old. I believe we all have something to give at any stage of our life, and I am sure you have on your side bagfuls of experience.
      Secondly, as mentioned, yes, I believe you can make a living working from home. It will not happen overnight though, as you must be prepared to work your socks off initially. But the rewards will be very generous. Particularly I specialise in online business, after learning all the tools of the trade through Wealthy Affiliate. If you click on the link, you will be redirected to my review, which I hope will make more sense in telling you what you will get from joining this platform.
      By all means though, Anil, you are welcome to email you directly on giulia_at_home, if you need further guidance, or indeed if you would like me to mentor you in the process. Till then, Namaskar 🙂

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