AWin best affiliate network program in UK

In my discovery journey to find out new ways to make an income from home (or well established ways, but new to me), I have come across affiliate network programs and CPA based programs.  One of them, and in my opinion the best CPA affiliate network program in UK and Europe, is AWin.


Name:  AWin (formerly Affiliate Window)


Price:  Initial deposit of £5 refundable

Owner:  Merge of Xanox and Affiliate Window

Rank:   85 out of 100


What is an affiliate network program

The likes of Amazon, or eBay or even Wealthy Affiliate are corporate companies big enough to be able to afford to run their own affiliate program.  Such companies will also prefer to manage their program in-house so that they can keep better track of selling or click trends.

However there are smaller companies, or big companies which do not want to branch into the self-management of their own affiliate programs, but want to benefit from being part of an affiliate program.  Affiliate programs, and we affiliate marketers, are an asset to such companies, as through our reviews do attract customers, who will generate sales and revenues to their business.  Just like a salesman, but with the added bonus for corporate advertising companies that we affiliate marketers are passionate for the niche we promote.

And that is where the concept of affiliate network comes in the game.  An affiliate network program will manage the affiliate program of different companies – which are referred to as advertisers – charging them a fee for the privilege.  What the affiliate network program does then is recruit an array of affiliate marketers like you and me – they call us publishers – so that we can apply to join a number of different affiliate programs from a wider range available on the network.


Why AWin?

AWin (formerly known as Affiliate Windows) is one of the best CPA – or Cost per Action – affiliate network programs in UK and Europe.

AWin is in other words, the European answer to American CJ (Commission Junction), offering a range of over 6,000 advertisers for affiliate marketers to choose from.

I have found a recent video published by AWin on YouTube, which explains how Affiliate Window has recently become AWin, and what its strengths are:


So, not only AWin is, dare I say, the most extensive platform of affiliate programs under one hat that UK and Europe has to offer, but it also offers the advantage of paying publishers on a CPA basis, depending on the agreement with its advertisers.

How this translate on most affiliate programs offered by AWin is that the publisher is not only paid if the visitor to their website ends up making a purchase, but for any other action the viewer takes on your website, whether that is a click on a banner or link, or form filling.  For each of these actions, the affiliate program you promote will pay you via AWin.


AWin is for all

Absolutely anyone with a website can join AWin.  Awin has as many as 6,000 advertisers, who use the network to promote their business. Registering with AWin as a publisher is easy enough.  You can then browse to check the many advertisers available on the program, which can meet the requirements of your niche.

To put it more visually clear to you, let me give you an example of how I landed on AWin.

As you may know, I have another website, where my aim is to share my love affair with Border Terriers  – just in the same way as I want to share my learning experience here of finding ways to make an income from home.  My canine website is a blog where I share and exchange information particularly related to Borders, but to other breeds too, and including breed related medical conditions.  In the process, I like to review products that I have been using for my border Indy.  If, for instance, I wanted to discuss the benefits of pet insurance, I would want to recommend an insurance that covered ailments on older dogs too.

On AWin I registered to advertise my intent with my blog website as an affiliate marketer, and then I started browsing for dog related businesses, whilst at the same time advertisers also started contacting me promoting what they had to offer me in terms of merchandise as well as commissions for my referrals that would fit with my canine niche.

The game could not be easier, as what I did at that point was select which programs I found more suitable to my niche, and joined the affiliate programs of those companies.  AWin has provided me with advertising tools, such as links and banners for me to use on my website when reviewing individual products and businesses.  And AWin pays my commission on a CPA basis, not the company whose merchandise or service I am reviewing.


Any costs involved?

Virtually not.  AWin charges an initial £5 deposit, which they then refund you along with the first payment they make you.  In other words, eventually joining as a publisher becomes free.


Advertising material and tools

For each advertising program you join within AWin, AWin will provide you an extensive array of banners in different sizes and interactive level.  But they will also provide you with unique links in HTMS or URL version, which will contain your unique publisher ID code.  Like with all affiliate programs, having your code showing on the links, or on the banner HTMLs, is important as it will be the determining tracking device for AWin and for you as publisher to keep records of your commissions and payments.


Why my rating

AWin is the first affiliate network I have ever joined, along with the American CJ (which I reserve to discuss at a later date).  And I still find AWin the best network I have worked with so far.

But there are a couple of negative issues that I struggled with, at least initially.

  • Layout and terminology – remember that when I first joined AWin, my sole experience of joining an affiliate program was with Amazon.  Coming from Amazon’s fairly straightforward online environment, I had to learn my way around the AWin platform, to find out where banners are, and to find out how to create URL or HTML link with my unique identifier.

On a positive, AWin have an absolutely brilliant support centre where, no matter how many tickets you raise, and however menial or futile the question may sound, is there to promptly answer you and to guide you through the motions step by step.

  • Payments – AWin is very good at making payments to you.  However they will not pay you until the advertising company you make referrals to have approved your commission and have paid your fee to AWin.  And a lot of advertisers have long payment terms.

Advertisers of retail merchandise will have shorter terms, as your commission will be approved as soon as a sales is confirmed.  However if you refer to financial services, such as pet insurance for instance, or to a membership entry, the advertiser will want to ensure that the person I am referring will remain in the scheme for a period of time.  Therefore their payment terms are much longer, before enabling AWin to pay you.

However each advertiser clearly states their repayment terms, leaving to you the choice as to whether to join them or not, not only based on the product they offer you to review, but also on their terms and conditions.

Against these two couple of issues, there are many positives to joining AWin.  To me, the main ones are:

  • All under one hut – what I mean by that is that you do not have to have so many different accounts spread all over the net with so many different advertisers.  Your account is with AWin, which means you do not have to disclose your personal information to many different providers, but only to AWin – data protection of your personal information is secured more tightly.
  • Low payment threshold – again, a most advantageous condition.  Whereas if you were an affiliate of individual programs, you would have to meet their different threshold for each advertiser, AWin has a very low threshold of £20 only, which you can easily reach through referring to a combination of programs rather to an individual one.

In other words, if I am publisher to Nike brand, and to Zooplus, and to Body Shop, I don’t have to wait till I have reached the £20 threshold of each of the three programs to get paid.  AWin will pay me as soon as I have reached that minimum threshold from a combination of referrals to the three different advertisers.


My verdict

So, all the above said, would I recommend AWin as a multiple affiliate program platform as one of the most effective ways to make an income from home?  Without a shadow of a doubt.

AWin is not only the biggest affiliate network program for UK and Europe, but is fast expanding in the States, where it has recently purchased ShareASale, and in South America and Brazil.  The potentials for you to meet a wider reach with your website and with your website, hence the possibilities to convert to sales with your reviews and to earn on referral commissions, are really high.

And the fact that AWin pays on low threshold from the combination of sales from different advertisers’ programs is an advantage that not many other networks offer, hence enabling you to have a regular source of income coming your way frequently enough.

Don’t wait a minute longer, if you have a website join AWin today!!!


Name:  AWin (formerly Affiliate Window)


Price:  Initial deposit of £5 refundable

Owner:  Merge of Xanox and Affiliate Window

Rank:   85 out of 100



16 thoughts on “AWin best affiliate network program in UK”

  1. I really liked this review and although I’m not based in Europe Awin sounds like an affiliate network that is worth looking into. So, I will probably take a look at the site and see if it promotes products related to my niche.
    Thanks again for the informative review.

    1. Yes please, Chris, give it a go. You do not have to be based in Europe to register on AWin. From the point of view of Europe and UK based businesses, this was a model that was missing from these countries for a long while before Affiliate Window followed suit from its American predecessor Commission Junction (now CJ). But from the publisher’s point of view, absolutely anybody can join, and apply to access affiliate programs of businesses based in Europe and not.

  2. Thank you, Giulia for this review post. I’m still a newbie affiliate marketer. I learned so much about affiliate network program overview and the company Awin. Thanks again!

  3. This is a great opportunity for UK and Europe. I’m not living in neither zone but I understand the frustrations sometimes to get good affiliate programs in your area. Even though it’s refundable do they give a reason why they charge the£5 deposit? I’m curious to know why they do it if they could left it free or is that not the case in UK & Europe? do they have to pay a fee to the government for their type of business?

    1. I’m not sure whether it’s to do with government tax, Dora. The point is that, though not charging a big figure at all, they will still make a big earner of half publishers registering every day end up not making any referrals and never reaching that payment threshold. If AWin never has to pay them, they will never refund the fiver.

  4. Hi Giulia,
    Thanks for a very honest and comprehensive review of AWin. I have to admit I have never used them but I’ve been looking at an alternative to Amazon UK as their commission rates are very low for electronic products that I review. This can be as little as 1%. I have recently started using Shareasale who have some good merchants with higher commission rates, this could be 5 to 7%. Interesting that AWin have recently purchased Shareasale, do you envisage any changes to the current Shareasale setup? If I’m not mistaken, most affiliate network programs usually don’t approve any commissions until the month after?

    1. Starting from your last point, Craig, I think the month delay in paying publishers is mostly applied by AWin too, but sometimes payments will take longer to be released, if the advertiser does not approve your commissions instantly.
      I’m not registered with ShareASale yet, so I would not know if they are going to change their terms and conditions. I shouldn’t think so. But I can easily believe that their commission rates are, and will always be, better than the ones offered by Amazon. Amazon sells easily on affiliate websites, but it is undeniable that their commissions are very low!

  5. Thanks for your review about Awin. It seems like a great program to join for any affiliate marketer wanting to sell items online.

    I am curious since you’ve joined their program, have you had a lot of success personally in getting people to buy products that are on there?

    Also which would you say you enjoy more, Amazon or Awin?

    1. Starting from the bottom question, Michael, it’s difficult to say. Amazon was the very first affiliate program I joined. It’s so easy as it has all marketing tools readily available for you, and naturally it has the wide spread exposure that we all know. But, of course the downside of Amazon is that they have low commission rates. I am daily succesful on Amazon.

      I started with AWin later, and I must say I use quite a few programs which are part of AWin network. I have been fairly succesful on a specific one, and of course with the actual AWin own program. The commission rate varies between individual programs, and the downside is that some of these programs have a long payout term.

      Let me know if you intend to explore AWin more closely. I can help you if you get stuck at any point 🙂

  6. I’m interested in making money online, i started to search for ways to do that and i found only few options because internet is full of scams. I’ve never heard about awin before, but it looks good, i’m definitely gonna do some more research about awin. Thanks for sharing, it was interesting.

    1. Rich, thank you ever so much. Yes, Awin covers UK as well as European countries, so it really has a vast range of affiliate programs covering virtually all interests and business categories. Please do try it – it’s an excellent starting point if you want to specialise in affiliate marketing. And of course, do let us know how you get on 🙂

  7. Hi Giulia,
    Thanks for this review.
    I was doing some research on joining free network ads as a publisher and recently signed up with Google AdSense.

    I like the sound of Awin. Will it work alongside Google AdSense?

    Also, as I’m an Affiliate Marketer, does AWin offer an affiliate program?


    1. Jackie, thanks for stopping by. And thanks for asking these questions, as I’m sure others will also be interested.

      I too am with AdSense, and the two systems seem to perfectly work together. Likewise, as an affiliate marketer myself, the main source of revenue so far has in fact been through AWin own affiliate program. The downside is that AWin program has a long payout term, but if you are not in a rush to cash your earnings, their commission rates are very good.

      If you need any help getting going, by all means drop me a line here, or feel free to email me on 🙂

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