Basic steps in creating a website


In my previous page I have outlined (I hope sufficiently enough, but if you have questions, please leave a comment there) the the advantages of having your own website.  Today I would like to talk to you about how to build your own website step by step.


To build your own website is easy

First of all, let me remind you that up to a year ago, I didn’t have the foggiest where to start from in building a website, let alone in making an income out of a website.

As of today, I have not one, but two websites under my belt.  And I am not telling this to show off how clever I am.  Because I am not any more clever or do not have any more business acumen than anybody else.

I am simply telling you all this, because I genuinely believe that, provided you find the right learning platform, anyone can build a website to start up their online home-based business.  If building your own website were not easy, I would not be here telling you all about it.

So, how to create a website for dummies?


How to create a website for dummies

The steps to create a website are very few and easy to follow:

  • Choose your niche
  • Find a website builder platform
  • Register on the website builder
  • Choose your domain name (i.e. and your website name (i.e. your website title, which in my case matches the domain name, Ideas For Home Working)
  • Choose a template or theme
  • Start putting your website together by adding pages and posts and publish regularly.

Now, there are tons of free of charge building sites that will enable you to create a website without having to pay a dime.  In my previous page I mentioned  But there are so many others on the market, like the world renowned and most diffused  No matter which one you use, they are all extremely valid platforms, and they offer free of charge access.  But… yes, there is a but: THEY DO NOT TEACH YOU HOW TO DO IT!!!

Such free website building sites will be very good if you already know what you need to do, how to target the market using the appropriate keywords, how to fall within the favours of search engines like the mighty Google or Bing, and how to market your website with social media.

At the end of the day, the aim for you to have a website is to work online to make a living out of your online business and to run a successful business from home.  But if you haven’t got a clue where to start from, like me a few months ago, free website builders are of no use.


My websites using Wealthy Affiliate

As you know, I am a Premium member and an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.  And, but of course I used Wealthy Affiliate to build my website!!

Find out here how I built my website with Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate uses the hosting website SiteRubix, where all themes offered belong to WordPress creator website.  The advantage to using Wealthy Affiliate to build your own website is that you still get a choice of up to 25 themes (or templates) to choose from the variety offered by WordPress to build up to 2 websites, and again all for free.

But what you also get in addition, is access to WA Course 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification, where you are given the basic skills to start up your online business and to make the most of your website to create a regular income.


How to build your own website step by step on Wealthy Affiliate

Let me show you a video first, which will outline how easy it is to build a website following Wealthy Affiliate step by step guidelines:


And now, let me talk you through the individual steps that are needed to build your website:

Choose a niche – some believe that some subject are more successful and find a wider audience on the internet than others.  The truth is that, no matter which niche you pick, there will always an audience out there that are willing to find out more about it, and are willing to avail themselves of the services and merchandise that you review.  What is going to make your website successful is how high your posts and reviews are going to be ranked by the search engines out there.

Choose the domain – this is the actual website URL as it is going to be used by search engines, such as the one for this website,  Again, remember that as a Starter member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can only build 2 free websites.  As a Premium member, Wealthy Affiliate enables you to build up to 50 websites.  Yes, you read correctly: it’s 50 websites, 25 for free on SiteRubix, and 25 on WordPress directly by paying a hosting annual fee of approximately $13 to register your own domain.


As you can see from the above picture, as you access SiteRubix through Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to be asked whether you would like to build a free website (whose registration will however always belong to SiteRubix, and whose domain will always show the ‘’ extension), or whether as a Premium member you want to build a website with your own domain from a choice of .com or .net or other extensions.

Choose your website name – if when choosing your domain, you are to an extent limited by what is still available on the net (but believe you me, provided you use your creative streak, the choice is really vast!), when choosing the name for your website, you can call your website something completely different – so long as it is related to the niche you are going to blog about, or else again search engines may penalise your website.

Choose a template – again, depending on whether you are Starter member or Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you are given free access to up to 25 WordPress themes, from which you can then go onto building up to 2 websites – or for Premium members, you can choose for an unlimited number of theme to create up to 25 free website or up to 50 websites!!

Push the button and your website is live!! – and this is the final step.  As you can see, it really does not take long at all to have your own website.

But the website you have just created will be an empty one.  So, if you type your domain on a search bar of any search engine, the website will be there, live and kicking, but it will only have a home page with no content.


Create content for your website

If all the benefits outlined above are not enough to help you decide whether to go with Wealthy Affiliate to build your website, then surely you will see the advantages now.

Because Wealthy Affiliate introduces you and gives you access to Course 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification, which starts setting up the foundations of how to create content for your website for you.

As you can see, Course 1 gives access to 10 lessons very much focused on content and how to find useful keywords and how to build quality content.  Which at the end of the day is going to be what is going to make your website stand out, and what is going to attract visitors and referrals to your affiliate programs – hence earning you a living.  And that is the proof of the pudding!!


Much more as Premium member

But as you know, Wealthy Affiliate is much more than the Starter membership.

Yes, admittedly you have to pay a monthly fee of £49 to become a Premium member, but the perks are unlimited and include:

  • Another 5 Levels of tutorial on the Online Entrepreneur Certification, 10 lessons for each level, for a total of 50 lessons
  • Access to the Bootcamp lessons – a step further and more detailed in your journey to establishing your online business, with a total of an additional 70 lessons
  • Full access to tutorials, training and video training by the WA community
  • Full access to weekly webinars

Full access to the support of the WA community, by being introduced to endless blogs every day which will each offer you tips on plug-ins, on content, on marketing, on social media and on the many other tools available on the internet to support your growth.


Create your website for business versatility

Online affiliate marketing is not the only way to earn working from home.  But in this time and age, setting up an online business is vital to a successful home-based business.

A website will be necessary to your business whether you want to expand your horizons into the realm of affiliate marketing, or whether you want to create an e-store, or whether you want to make the most use of your creativity by publishing an e-book.

No matter which direction you want to take with your business, having a good website with good quality content is paramount in you reaching success.  And a well-built website will adjust to all any and every need of your business acumen, provided you find the right platform for you to build an appealing website.  Because your website is the equivalent of your business card, the one that will introduce you to potential customers.

Success will never come overnight, but a healthy and strong website will contribute to you attracting customers, business and high earnings!!



I hope I gave a useful insight on how straightforward it is to build your own website.  If you have any questions, please leave your comment below and I shall endeavour to respond as soon as possible.  Of if you wish to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate, please click here.

8 thoughts on “Basic steps in creating a website”

    1. Yes to both answers, Kurtis. Not only the training available on WA is fully comprehensive to include inserting videos and pictures, and how to manage plug-ins, but the community is also available to give you answers on virtually any and every aspect of website building and any other issues relating to your online business.
      Again, I cannot reiterate enough that WA is not the only platform that goes to the extent of offering extensive training, but it is the platform that I have been using, and the experience I have had so far has been absolutely second to none. Furthermore, where WA becomes extremely competitive is in the annual figure it charges for the Premium membership, when weighed up against the amount and quality of training facilities and tools it offers. A real bargain for the findings of a jewel!!

  1. You certainly pointed out some good points of the advantages of using WA compared to the other places. So you are saying they will train you from beginning to end?

    1. Yes Ronnie, absolutely. There are members who have been with WA since the beginning, and have been paying the annual Premium membership fee since WA was founded in 2005, because although they may have completed both courses, they are kept up to date with the latest evolving changes in the world of online business.
      I am not saying that once you sign up with WA, you are stuck there for life. The choice remains yours, but WA is the definitely the ideal platform to hold your hand from start to finish!!

  2. Wealthy Affiliate looks like a good opportunity. Do they teach you how to customize your website? I am a complete newbie and have no experience. What about the upsells once u are a member? Do u have to buy products from Wealthy Affiliate and sell them on your website? I am not too fond of upsells.
    I look forward to your answer and just wanted to say that u have a great site here with good information, thanks. 🙂


    1. Thanks for raising those questions, Carl, as I am sure they are questions that pop up in many other viewers’ mind. And the answers are respectively yes and no. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate does walk you step by step in how to make your website your own, not only from the point of view of ownership, but in terms of personalising it and customise it to fulfil your needs as blogger and the requirements of your readers. And no, Wealthy Affiliate does not have upsells. You can join Wealthy Affiliate totally for free, but may want to upgrade to the Premium membership to access more learning material and more information by the wider WA community. However the Premium membership at $49 per month is the only upgrade at cost that you may want to consider getting. Otherwise, Wealthy Affiliate does not condone upsales either.
      I hope this helps you in making your mind up as to whether joining Wealthy Affiliate or not. And, well, I hope you do!

  3. Very impressive and thorough article. I love how you told us the steps and then explained them in detail. It’s very encouraging to know that you run 2 website! How do you have the time to do it??? Sometimes I struggle keeping up with my 1…adding another seems very daunting. But I am fairly new at this and I guess you get better/faster over time? How did you know you were ready for a second? Any attempts at a 3rd in the future?

    I’m glad to connect with you! You seem to have a wealth of information! Thanks!

    1. Thank you for passing by, Kayla. And yes, managing 2 sites is not easy at all. At time in fact I feel it may have been a little premature for me to launch my second website. But at the same time, the more I was learning about online home based business, the more I wanted to share my learning with others, as I truly believe working from home has advantages and potential for earnings that no employed work will never give you access to. Notwithstanding, in my humble opinion, working from home does definitely improve your quality of life in helping solve the eternal problem of finely balancing your work / home life commitments.
      I have a couple of ideas for a third website, but it would be really pushing of me to start it now. There’s still too much learning for me to do, and I’d sooner dedicate a little longer to nurturing my first 2 ‘babies’ before dedicating my efforts to a third one. Keep watching this space, and you’ll find out more!

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