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In previous articles I have made recommendations for on pay-per-click platforms, such as Inbox Pounds or InboxDollars, and Swagbuck, where you can earn extra money by executing different web based activities, including surveys. Today, however, I would like to tell you more about where you cat find best cash paid surveys and you can truly get rewarded for taking them regularly. That’s YouGov of course!

Name: YouGov

Price: FREE

Founders: Stephan Shakespeare & Nadhim Zahawi

Ranking: 85 out of 100

What’s YouGov

Yes, if you’ve never heard of it before, or you’ve never had the time to visit its website, you are only but within your rights to ask what the noise is all about.

YouGov, as defined in Wikipedia, is an online based market research and data analytics company, with headquarters in UK, but operating internationally.

This the posh version.

More in layman terms, YouGov is none other than a website offering SOLELY surveys and rewarding you for taking them regularly. And that’s the part of YouGov where you can supplement your earnings.

But YouGov is actually more than that. It is also a community where you can freely exchange opinion or vent your views on a range of different topics, from politics to social issues, to food, sports personalities, you name it.


How YouGov Works

You can easily imagine that YouGov can afford to reward you in cash, in cash draws, because it makes its money through marketing companies that want to test a wide range demographic of the population on certain topics.

Virtually everybody over the age of 18 can enroll and take part. And this is an extremely and non-time consuming exercise.

Likewise, and quite similarly to other similar websites, once you have registered, you can then take short surveys, which will help YouGov build your profile and suss out your likes and dislikes.

However, you do not need to complete your profile in order to start taking your first surveys, where you will be awarded a regular 50 points per survey.

At the same time, you are regularly invited to take polls on topics of national interest, or on more mundane issues, and to exchange views with the rest of the YouGov community of which you are member.


How Do You Get Paid

YouGov pays you solely in cash. It has a point scheme where you have to build a minimum of 5000 to earn £50.

OK, I can hear you saying ‘What, 500 surveys for a meager £50?!?! She must be screwed in her head!!!’.

But hey, remember, I never made claims that YouGov was a lucrative and money making machine. In fact, and like all survey related paying platforms, YouGov is only aimed to supplement a steady income, or as part of a diversified way of making money online.

However, YouGov gives you the option to use your points towards monthly cash prize draws, and you need far less than the 5000. I suppose that’s a little something that YouGov wanted to add to spice up the game a little.


A Little Helper

YouGov does NOT have an affiliate program. Yet it has a referral scheme. And that’s your lifeline to building your points more quickly.

So, let me tell you how the YouGov referral program works.

YouGov gives you a unique link and invites you to share it by email or on the few social media platforms, which like ‘naked’ links. New comers joining after clicking on your link will earn you 200 points per new member, after they complete six surveys.

Not bad, huh!!!

Now, you will wonder what’s the difference between this referral scheme and a proper affiliate program.

It is in the fact that affiliate programs pay you in cash, and they are normally regulated by a commission system. YouGov is much more simplistic, and possibly for this reason much easier to stick to.

All you have to do is being socially active online and that’s when YouGov becomes truly remunerative for you.


What’s So Special About YouGov

I won’t beat it round the bush. I find YouGov absolutely grand!!!

But let me be a little more specific and tell you why.

1. You Are Not Thrown Out Of Surveys

Have you ever noticed how often you go to fill in a survey and find that, half-way through, you are told you do not meet the required demographic? I hate when that happens, and that’s why often enough on pay-per-click websites I refrain from completing surveys. I see that as a waste of my valuable time.

YouGov does NOT do that!!!

YouGov sends you surveys which, they know, are for you. In fact, I can tell you that, in the couple of months I have been there, I have never been thrown out once.

2. Short And Sweet Surveys

Surveys you are invited to take are quite short, and are never estimated to last longer than 10-15 minutes at most. However, that depends on how long you take to answer questions. If you don’t ponder over your question too long, it really does not take too long.

3. User Friendly Site

I like the user-friendly layout of this website. Bright decisive colours, big letters and easy to navigate, I like the fact that it only delivers surveys. You might find other websites offering more than one online activities are slower to upload their screens and pages. On YouGov you navigate through the different screens really quickly.

But what I love most about YouGov is that I can access my surveys through their app.

Now, I have read reviews about the app, and found discording opinions. Some people love it, some others hate it. My experience so far has been brilliant. The app works perfectly on my iPad, and the connection has never broken once, even when I was in the middle of filling in a survey. I can access my profile and any my connection with other members not any more difficult than by going on their actual website.

And I could download the same app on my phone too, if it weren’t for the fact that I tend to prefer my tablet as, naturally, it has a bigger screen.

4. Survey Frequency

So far I keep receiving at least one survey per day. You can see how fairly quickly I get to build up my 5000 points towards my cash reward then!

5. Surveys Are Fun

No, I am not a sad specimen. On the other hand, surveys on YouGov are indeed quite fun, as again they are presented to you in a fun way, with buttons, graphics, videos etc, which tickle the interactive aspect of you delivering your answers.

But surveys on YouGov are also fun because the content is really varied.

All surveys I have completed on other sites before coming across YouGov have mostly one individual topic. Whereas, on YouGov you can be asked questions in different topics within the same survey. No risk for you to get bored answering questions on the same thing over and over.


YouGov Shaded Political Colours

Yet, there is still negativity regarding YouGov. It appears that, for once, people may not be so worried about the pay scheme being too low. People fear YouGov may be more directly linked to political parties. Let me explain.

It appears that both founders Mr Shakespeare and Mr Zahawi have had strong connection with UK Conservative Party, with a party career which has culminated for Mr Zahawi being elected MP for Stratford-Upon-Avon in the 2010 parliamentary elections.

This may be seen as a deterrent for some people, who see the website proposing more politically profiled surveys and fear poll results may be ‘bent’ to favour such party.

YouGov explains that this is definitely not the case.

They do explain that, yes they can be hired by political parties to run a higher number of polls, especially as UK approaches meaningful elections, such as in fact parliamentary elections.

But on the other hand YouGov rushes to further clarify that the company is completely unlinked to any specific political current, as their clients have diverse business background, which can virtually involve any aspect of social and every day life where consumer opinion is sought after for marketing purposes.


I Love YouGov

As mentioned, personally I love this website!!

I first joined it a few years ago, when I was trying many different avenues to make money without really knowing what I was doing. I didn’t quite see that I could make a living out of surveys, and I abandoned ship.

In the meantime, as with all things, YouGov have improved the looks of their website, making more user-friendly. And possibly they may have revised the policy to become less focused on collecting political views, and more on socio-economical aspects of society as well as on more mundane topics. They have become more ‘fun’ and less scarily serious.

The other aspect, which I haven’t spoken much about, is the actual community.

That is another novelty I found on the ‘new’ YouGov when I started taking surveys again recently. And I like it.

For lack of time, I tend not to take part in exchanges of opinion in different matters as I would like. But what I find interesting is to see what other people think about different topics and why. Sometimes you find good reasoning behind people’s choices, which you would not have thought of yourself, had you not come across that specific opinion.

Ultimately, although I now am fully aware that with surveys you can only extra money, never a full income, I unusually find taking surveys on YouGov quite entertaining.

Not to forget the main reason I love YouGov: the fact that, when they invite you to take a survey, they always allow you to complete it and award you points, without wasting your time saying you don’t match the required demographics after all.

For all these reason, I believe YouGov is the one and only place you can find the best cash paid surveys online. I highly recommend it!


Name: YouGov

Price: FREE

Founders: Stephan Shakespeare & Nadhim Zahawi

Ranking: 85 out of 100

Naturally, you may have tried YouGov and did not quite like it as I do. Leave your comment below and tell us why. Likewise, you are thinking of giving it a go but are not sure about it. Leave your comment below and ask as many questions as you like. I shall answer back to all of you as soon as I possibly can 🙂


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