Can You Really Make Money With Online Surveys

Put Money In Your Piggy Bank With Online Surveys

When I first started considering whether I could earn money working from home (and this was over two years ago, already!!!), my first instinct was to look for ways of earning online. And hey presto, you start googling and you are presented with the easiest option: surveys. Now, two years down the line, and after building so much experience in survey taking, I can finally answer the question that most of you will want to ask: can you really make money with online surveys?

Online Survey Providers

There are many online survey providers out there. They introduce themselves as pay-per-click websites, which offer an array of online activities, which – they claim – you can earn from.

Their selling point is that you can earn by completing activities, which you already execute every day whenever you go on your tablet or on your computer.

We all regularly check our inbox daily. And some of us even reach out to our smart phones many times during the day to check on our social media feeds.

Well, the pay-per-click companies have picked on this and designed programs where you are rewarded for every time you open an email they send you, or every time you browse the internet using their search bar, or every time you play games online via their platform.

As ever and as with every online or offline business proposition, some of these schemes are not quite reliable. They are normally the ones that promise you unrealistic earnings. But some are honest ways of puffing up your pocket with a few extra bucks.

My recommendations so far have been:


How Taking Surveys Works

Taking surveys could not be easier. As you register on any pay-per-click website, you will be invited to create your profile.

By answering simple questions, you will be detailing your preferences on a range of every day activities and hobbies. The website will build a ‘picture’ of you and of your likes, dislikes and daily habits. They will use your profile, then, to decide which surveys are going to be best suited to you and to your demographics.

But, as I mentioned, these websites are not only about surveys, but about many more activities.

For instance, InboxPounds keeps sending me daily emails about a range of interests and topics – not necessarily topics that I may be interested into, but NEVER emails with illicit content or which contain nudity.

The point is that, by opening these emails – which redirect me to a link from which I access the relevant website – I then get rewarded. It does not matter if most of the emails I receive are to do with bet websites – I don’t bet. But I open those emails, as the websites they redirect me are legal, and I am not required to browse them for minutes on end, but just to open them, in order to be rewarded.

And of course, sometimes you can get invited to try out specific offers for free for a period of time. The platform you are using and you are registered on will reward you for this.

So, as you can see, the surveys and the other activities you are proposed are not much time-consuming at all, and are extremely easy to do.

But … there is a catch…


Can You Earn Taking Surveys?

At this point you might be thinking that yes, you are in for a massive earner here.

Come on, let’s admit it, we’ve all fallen prey, at some point or other of our lives, to the appealing thought of making bucks with little or no effort and in a short time span.

Well, let me burst that bubble before you even start going down that train of thought.


So, why bother? you will ask.

Personally I bother because every couple of months I do get my little £20-30 check from the various platforms I am registered with, which will go to add up to my monthly pocket money.

Still not buying it? Let me tell you a little more.

OK, first of all, let me remind you that, when I talk about monetary reward, these websites reward you with:

  • 1 cent or 1 penny per opened email most of the times;
  • for surveys, the pay scale is in the region of 30-50pence/cents per completed survey;
  • for taking offers, rewards raise to £1-2 (or dollars) per offer.

You may be thinking this is still not worth the effort.

However, think for a moment how long it takes you to open an email: seconds.

On the other hand, think for a moment about the effort you have to put into registering for an offer: a few minutes. But what you have to add to this activity is the effort to remember to unsubscribe before the ‘free offer’ period expires, in order for the advertising company not to start charging you for a product or service which you don’t want, but which you subscribed to in order to earn those couple of bucks.

Yes, I know, I’m not selling the pay-per-click idea very well yet, am I?!?!?!

So, let me tell you more specifically how to operate with these platforms.


Be Selective And Put Money In Your Pocket

The way I work my way around pay-per-click websites is this.

  • I am registered with a few websites – not with one of them only.
  • Every day I give myself around 30 minutes of my time to dedicate to the activities proposed.
  • Every time I have to browse the internet, I do it from one of the pay-per-click websites.

This means that every month in turn you will have one of the websites sending you their pay cheque for activities rendered over a period of times.

However, being registered on more than one platform does not necessarily mean that you must sign up on as many websites as you randomly come across. If you did so, you would soon realise that they could potentially take up far more of your day than you’d like.

The other reason for being selective with choosing what to sign up for is due to the fact that, even with such reduced payouts to their sign-ups, some of these pay-to-click websites are scam after all.

My suggestion is that your do your homework and check up on reviews from current and/or past users, to find out whether the website you are about to start working with does genuinely pay out its due.


The Truth Revealed

You may be wondering how these pay-per-click websites make their money. Do they have small profits themselves, if they can only afford to pay so little to their sign-ups?

Truth be told, I believe pay-per-click websites do make a lot of money: through advertising.

Some of these websites are tapestried with banners from other websites, which invite you to join in to their schemes. Naturally these companies pay a fee for the privilege. I myself on many occasions have been asked if I wanted to ‘hire’ advertising space and time on pay-per-click websites against payment of a fee. Sometimes those fees are more reasonable, other times they are on the extortionate side. But it is undeniable that they create a profit for the hosting website.

But another source of income is given by the actual scheme whose link you access, or whose survey you complete. Again, let me explain.

When I am invited to complete a survey, the pay-per-click website that proposes the survey to me charges a fee to the business that has created the survey and wants it published. The pay-per-click website charges for providing the demographics who will take the survey.

Likewise, if I get paid for opening an email which diverts me to a link, I contribute to increasing traffic to that website. The website owner will pay a fee to the pay-per-click website, which in turn will provide the traffic.


I Am NOT Against Pay-Per-Click Websites

I have mentioned this in previous articles. In principle I am not against taking surveys at all.

When you are an online entrepreneur, often your income is given by a combination of activities, and especially when you are at the beginning it is a multitude of drops that makes a sea of earnings.

Furthermore, I am not one for discouraging small earnings. All successful businesses started as small entities.

But, you must be careful to choose carefully.

Some survey taking websites are not all they seem to be – there are a lot of scam schemes out there!!!

Others may be genuine in paying out what is due to you. But they do not send as many surveys your ways as they initially lead you to believe.

Others, yet, do send you surveys, allow you to start them, and then kick you out of them half-way through, telling you that you don’t meet the required demographic.

I will never tire to remind that:


Find out more about diversifying in the world of online entrepreneurship:

I hope has shown you how to make money from home in your spare time. If you have any tips on this, I would love to hear from you. Leave your message in Comment space below, where you can also ask questions and clarifications on the subject. And by all means, share this articles on social media – use the buttons on your left-hand side to spread the word!.

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2 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money With Online Surveys”

  1. Hello Giulia,
    Thanks for this article. It certainly cleared up a few points for me and gave me a few ideas. You are right, we probably won’t get rich over time doing surveys, but it sure is nice when we get an ‘unexpected’ check in the mail – no matter what the amount. It will be good to buy a cup of tea or coffee – payment for a few minutes of work.
    You know, everything is perspective and our individual ‘big picture’. Once again, thnx for sharing your thoughts.
    Much success,

    1. Thank you ever so much for your input, Michelle. I am glad you get my gist. It is nice to get an unexpected cheque in the post, and sometimes that cheque may be big enough for a nice new pair of shoes, or for an extra visit to the hairdresser. Nothing compared to a proper salary, but still nice to get 🙂
      Thanks again. I surely hope you’ll come back soon!

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