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Clickbank or Wealthy Affiliate University? This is the all important question if you consider starting a home based online business but you know how to go about it. In a way Clickbank and Wealthy Affiliate universities have walked hand in hand since their beginning started more or less at the same time, back in 2012. But, especially after my latest article where I introduced Clickbank, you may want to find out more, so as to be able to make that all important decision as to whether to go for Clickbank or Wealthy Affiliate University.


Clickbank University – Its Philosophy

Be as creative as you like on Clickbank marketplace
Be as creative as you like on Clickbank marketplace

As I set fingers to keyboard to write this review, it was my intention to compare these two learning platform like for like. Unfortunately I have soon come to the realization that this is quite impossible, as the starting point for both learning environments is different in itself.

As mentioned in my last post, Clickbank very much focuses on selling products. It is undeniable how established its Marketplace has become for long before the launch if its teaching program, and how it has helped so many to make money (and I mean, lots of money) by selling own merchandise on the Clickbank Marketplace.

It will come as no surprise, therefore, that the actual University by default concentrates on teaching people how to create a product and how to launch it through the Clickbank marketplace.

However, it is deemed that Clickbank may fall short of the mark when trying to give you the actual foundations on affiliate marketing.


Wealthy Affiliate Approach

I should call Wealthy Affiliate University an all-rounder training platform.

Wealthy Affiliate encourages to promote its affiliate program. But it also teaches the very foundation of online affiliate marketing.

The beauty of Wealthy Affiliate University program is that it does not concentrate its teaching solely on promoting the sale of merchandise and / or products and services. Its approach is to actually teach us to create and launch a web based business that may be focused on any niche, totally unrelated to the actual platform.

In this respect, I see Wealthy Affiliate far less restrictive than Clickbank. Unlike Clickbank, whose training is on how to market your goods on its marketplace or any other marketplace environment, Wealthy Affiliate teaches to create an online business, from choosing a niche, to creating a website, to how to market it. It goes to the core of online business and covers all angles 360 degrees.

I have put together a little comparative table for you. If you are a Clickbank University (CBU) student already and do not think the information reflected on the below table is inaccurate, by all means do get in touch: leave your comment below.


Learning Resources

I have already spoken at length about the learning tools offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

On the other hand, I have to be honest here, I am not member of the Clickbank University, so I can only base my judgment on the extensive research I have made on its teaching facilities.

You may wonder: ‘How on earth can she talk about something that she doesn’t know about?!?!?!’. The reality of it is that I cannot afford, nor do I want to afford, the expense of joining Clickbank University – which is not little money, I am pre-warning you. But I shall talk about costs involved a little later on.

Rest to say that, really, the table I inserted talks for itself.

Don’t get me wrong, Clickbank does offer valid teaching tools, such as:

  • 8-week training for affiliates
  • 12-week training for vendors (you can see how much more dedicated to the vending part of the business the CBU training focuses on)
  • weekly webinars
  • members-only Facebook support group
  • Clicckbank Builder 2.0 video on how to easily create a website (at additional cost)
  • CBU Toolkit – a redirection to other affiliate programs which you have to purchase to access

However when compared with Wealthy Affiliate University, what screams at you is the difference in quality and quantity of resources made available, both to starters or premium members.


Price Structures

Again, let’s do a bit of comparison here.

Wealthy Affiliate Costs

You join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter member for FREE. And you can feasibly create and move forward your online business remaining a Starter member. That’s how I started of course, as I have always been reluctant to pay for something that I was really not familiar with.

Wealthy Affiliate proposes a non-compulsory upgrade to Premium membership, at a cost of $49/month, or $359/year (discounted to $299 if you purchase during the Black Friday period). And this is what you get when you upgrade:

WA Premium Membership
Click on this picture to find out what you get with the WA Premium Membership

It has to be noticed that, no matter how much more and more WA adds in terms of tools and resources for its members, the Premium membership fee does not change, ever. No upsells, no funnel schemes.

For the Premium fee you get:

  • 50 lessons to obtain the Onlien Entrepreneur Certificate
  • 70 lessons to go through the Bootcamp
  • weekly webinars
  • daily classes (spread over 12 categories)
  • earn credits and MONEY by adding your own training
  • FREE access to SiteRubix platform, from where you can create up to 50 WorldPress based websites and create your own content writing
  • the support of WA expert advisers and of the WA community 24/7 through live chat
  • joining WA affiliate program, through which you can make money, real money.

And the list goes on.

Clickbank Costs

From the onset, it appears quite clearly that you cannot join CBU for free.

Clickbank charges $47 per month.

OK, that’s $2 per month cheaper than WA. But you need to see what you get for that figure.

For this monthly fee, you get access to weekly webinars, which however do not seem to be structured and topic focused.

Unlike WA, CBU does not offer support, by getting in touch directly with the owners and founders, nor with advisers or expert members, nor through live chat.

Instead, CBU refers you for support to their Facebook support group, which however is only reserved to members.

As mentioned, CBU does offer more learning resources. But, you have to pay more.

Clickbank offers the Clickbank Builder 2.0 software, which teaches you how to create a professional website, landing pages or selling pages. However it charges an upsell one-off lifetime fee of $594.

Likewise, for other training support, Clickbank will refer you to other affiliate programs and software, which you will have purchase separately if you want to learn more.

So, as you can see, CBU does not offer access to WordPress website builder, nor any other tools such as Jaaxy. What CBU offers for the initial fee of $47/month is extremely limited.


My Humble Verdict

Let’s not beat it round the bush, at a first glance you may be thinking that Wealthy Affiliate is more expensive. And it probably is.

But you also need to weigh up your knowledge, and your starting point regarding building a home-based online business, versus what each university gives you.

If your aim is purely to promote your own product, training course or digital service, then Clickbank is absolutely for you. Because CBU’s specialty is to help you in building selling websites. That is, as opposed to blogging websites, such as this one or my other website talking about dogs, of course.

Clickbank will help you – though not hand-in-hand or step-by-step – to creating a selling platform from which to promote a specific product. And as I am sure you have noticed, such websites are quite limited in their approach – although some of this type of websites really do have a lot of good writing material.

Clickbank Sign Up page

Wealthy Affiliate University offers training which encompasses and embraces the whole online business. So, whether you are still wet round your ears or have little experience, or indeed you have been working online for a few years but want to update and upgrade your knowledge, and regardless of the type of niche or indeed online business you want to set up, WA will have a lesson or a course that will meet your requirements and your skill set.

Is CBU scam? NO, IT’S NOT.

And CBU should definitely be your choice if you want to create a product.

But if you want to build a professional online business and want to become an affiliate marketer, then what are you waiting for, join Wealthy Affiliate today!!!

Join me on Wealthy Affiliate today

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