Do You Get Rich Quick With The Brit Method?

Is The Brit Method Scam?

I do not generally believe in get-rich-quick ideas or ways to get-rich-quick. But after starting receiving emails at work about The Brit Method, I had to check this relatively new scheme for myself. My question was: can I get-rich-quick with The Brit Method as it is claimed on their website? I now know the answer and want to share my findings with you.

Name:  The Brit Method


Price:  allegedly FREE

Owner:  Jason Taylor

Rank:  30 out of 100


Why The Brit Method

Firstly please allow me to explain to you how I came about The Brit Method and what has in fact taken me so long to talk to you about it.

I started reading reviews of this program first some twelve months ago, when I wasn’t quite clear yet what this program was all about. The reviews I came across were not all favourable to this scheme, and I had to see for myself what it was all about.Brit Method founder Jason Taylor

So, a few months ago, I started watching the introductory video. As you land on the homepage of The Brit Method website, you do not see written anywhere claims nor indications that The Brit Method will make you rich quick.

Yet the video does just that. It promises you will probably make a lot of money within 30 days. But if you don’t, the owner of the business will give you £10,000.

Even the idea that you may not make tons of money as promised, is sold as a winner: should the system not work, you’ll get a grand out of it, so not bad for trying.

At the same time during the months of October till Christmas, I kept receiving emails from colleagues at work, who invited me to join this program, and who had been asked to their friends and colleagues to invite the program in turn.

This was the turning point, what made me look into the whole process a little bit closer. My way of thinking was this: at the end of the day, if my colleagues and work friends were inviting me to join, surely The Brit Method had to be a good thing.

Yet, these were my findings.


What Is The Brit Method

Having mixed feelings about this method, I had to try this method for myself, and compare against the ongoing reviews, which, I must admit, were mostly negative. But, you know me, I am a little ‘doubting Thomas’ before I totally dismiss new ideas, and I had to see to believe.

The Brit Method is not a mail distribution campaign program. The Brit Method is not a program that helps you make money quick.

The Brit Method is nonetheless than a program which matches you to one of the many binary programs available on the online market.

If you are into binary options, this may be your avenue. But, I feel the need to stress on the ‘may‘.

Because, my friends, the Brit Method does not explain how the method works until you actually push the sign up button. And that’s what raises concerns with me: the massive lack of clarity.


How Does It Work

As you first land on the Brit Method website, you are welcome with an alarm bells ringing video – a video that, by its very format, you cannot pause or start or stop even. So, not the typical format.

But, even if I wanted to disregard this, the other fact that raises my alert antennae is the fact that this video, played by actors by Brit Method own admission, says nothing more than it will make you money by the strength of hundreds of thousands within 29 days (or a month approximately) – if you don’t, Mr Jason Taylor himself will give you £10,000.00 in compensation. All this, the Brit Method claims you will achieve without having to pay a single penny. Yes, the Brit Method allegedly is FREE.

The video goes on and on and on, to the point that after 20 minutes I found myself nodding off. You will say, I might have missed the vital parts of this video whilst I was having a kip. Well, I can assure you I didn’t. The video is a non-stop mechanism that cannot be paused, and which keeps bombarding our brains with the same melody without ever, at no one point whatsoever, explaining what the method entails.

As you then register, you are welcome by another video, which congratulates you on signing up and ensure again how well off you will come out of the whole process. You are then prompted to this:

Brit Method Deposit
Yes, I know, you were promised no money was required, nor any credit/debit card details were needed to make money through this method. But now, all of a sudden, you are asked to make a deposit.

When you click ‘Deposit Later’, you are taken to this trading platform:

Brit Method Trading Platform
But as you click on the red ‘Auto Trading Off’ button, you are then redirected to another window, which promptly reminds you that with no monetary deposit, it’s a no game:

Brit Method Impossible to start trading
In the process of testing this system, I wanted to move along and play the game to its fullest. When I click on the ‘Deposit’ button though, I was taken onto an Olsson Capital platform I had never heard of before. And that’s where you are, again, asked to make a deposit.

And this is where my little experiment stopped. And I shall tell you why.

I browsed about trying to find more about Olsson Capital. It appears that these individuals are binary, forex and crypto brokers not authorized by the FCA (the financial regulatory body in UK), and with mix reviews surrounding their reputation and performance. Some reviews swear by the greatness of Olsson Capital, others could not beg you to stay away more.

The point I am making, and to move on to my initial stance, is that in a space of seconds I found myself from being promised money without me having to pay any money, to me having to deposit a substantial amount of money with no guarantee of the promised returns. Yes, no guarantee, as specifically stated by Olsson disclaimer. Check it out for yourself:

Olsson Capital disclaimer

The whole thing to me stinks of scam.


Pricing – Contradictory Signs

Let me spend a final word on their pricing structure. Right from the onset, there does not seem to be a price structure anywhere, because the introductory video claims no money is required, nor bank or card details are going to be asked of you.

Yet if you scroll down the home page, you are told in the FAQ section that you will be redirected to a broker of Brit Method’s choice where you will be required to make a refundable deposit.

Brit Method FAQ
Now, whilst I am not disputed that Olsson Capital would refund your deposit if you forward your request (or would they), Brit Method contradicts itself in guarantee no money is required, when it evidently is if you want to make any earnings from the system.


Any Advantages?

Being the eternal optimist, and in spite of really not promising premises when it comes to ethical business practice, I still stopped thinking for a minute, in an effort to find some positive to this whole Brit Method experience.

Did I find any? Well, I’m afraid to say that no, I didn’t find that many.

Maybe one day, if I have some £300 to spare (or to waste, shall I say), I may go ahead and deposit the money on the Olsson Capital platform. But I feel the actual Brit Method does not offer anything for the privilege of automatically diverting to one of the many financial trading platforms available online – furthermore, one that is not that secure, for all that matters.


My Humble Verdict – Mostly A Scam

I am always careful calling out the ‘S’ word lightly. And I have been careful not to use the same word too often in this review. At the end of the day, it is true that I did not complete my little taster session with Brit Method for fear. Yes, for fear of loosing money out.

But this in itself should tell that the whole platform, the way it is presented, with hardly any explanation and with no expertise shown other than the ability to redirect us to a trading platform not of our choice; the way it insists on the fact that no money is required to join the scheme when it clearly is; the whole package, I am afraid to say, strongly smells of SCAM.

Since starting typing out this review earlier this week, I have dug deeper, to find out that Brit Method is actually nothing originally copyright safe, as there are other very same schemes called in the nick name of the country the target their audience for.

The Brit Method one page website itself shows testimonials from an Aussie Method, which happens to mirror the Brit Method in absolutely everything.

Aussie Method testiminials

I would like to leave you with one final thought, which ultimately has bothered me through the whole process of better understanding how the Brit Method works.

If joining the Brit Method is free, and there is no upselling, as the deposit we pay goes to one of their recommended trading platform, namely Olsson Capital, how does Mr Jason Taylor make his money?

Name: The Brit Method


Price: allegedly FREE

Owner: Jason Taylor

Rank: 30 out of 100

Unfortunately I am not on my own to voice concerns around the credibility, authenticity and honesty of Brit Method. All you have to do is google for Brit Method to come across the most negative reviews I have come across about an online scam in a long time.

Yet, you may be one of the few people to prove me wrong. And you are most welcome to do so. As ever, leave your comment below, to share your experience, however bad or good. I shall endeavour to reply to each and every of you.


My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online

This is my third year since starting working online. I still have so much to learn, and I am doing it whilst sharing my findings with you.

Yes, I now have a thriving online business, which gives me a steady income through affiliate marketing. But three years ago, I was in the same position as you: I didn’t know how to make money online.

I didn’t know how to build my own website, nor did I know I could make money by blogging about stuff that I am love to talk to others about.

This ignorance and huge gap in my knowledge and abilities left me prey to scams such as the Brit Method.

Do not chuck your money away.

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6 thoughts on “Do You Get Rich Quick With The Brit Method?”

  1. Thank you so much for getting this type of information out there. I’ve been scammed so many times I’m embarrassed to even mention it. Saved me a lot of trouble. Thanks again!

    1. Wendi, you are most welcome! I got done royally, as they say, and only managed to get out of it by threatening to report them to the authorities. It worked, as I got my money back. I was lucky. It was a long time ago, I think some 7-8 years ago. That’s when I first started looking on ways to make money online working from home, but I learned my lesson then. The lesson taught me to keep my eyes peeled much more wider and to scrutinise things much more in details.
      That’s why I hate to think that others may have to be done as I did.
      This is the first of a few more reviews that I intend to post in the next few months to alert my readers to scams, or possible ones. I hope you will come back to this site to find out more 🙂

  2. Hello Giulia,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with the Brit Method. It really sounds to be a tempting offer at first sight, but with a deeper look into it, it is not something to recommend.
    I have myself experienced a similar situation. I started a program last year and I didn’t get to know how to earn the money until after having paid the initial fee. After that, I got to know a tiny bit more, but not the whole truth. I did quit within the month and I did receive a refund. That was at least fair enough.
    A bit later I found Wealthy Affiliate and I’m so happy about that because from start I got to know how the online marketing business works and there are no high fees to pay in advance. You can be a free member or choose to pay a monthly fee and quit whenever you want. I was totally new to this kind of business and now I’m learning to build my own online business and I have even earned my first commissions.

    Kind regards,

    1. Congratulations on your first sale, Pernilla. I do sympathise with you, as I too a few years ago was near-victim of a scam program. I was lucky as, like you, I managed to get my money refunded. But you are right when you mention Wealthy Affiliate, of which I too am a member. No need to worry about being conned short of your money with Wealthy Affiliate, as you do not need to pay anything there – not unless you decide to opt for the Premium membership. Regardless, however, indeed you can build your online business for FREE on the Starter membership.
      I hope you will look out for my next article, as I am planning to delve a little deeper in further benefits that come from being part of the Wealthy Affiliate community. For now, thank you ever so much for your contribution 🙂

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