Best way to drive traffic to your website for free

Social media increase traffic

Building a website is only the beginning of many online businesses. In fact, I would stretch to say that, unless you have your own website where to promote your business from, you have no business. Marketing is as equal a part of your business as it is the actual product that you sell. Once you have populated your website with explosive content and with powerful keywords, you want to start thinking of how to market your website and your product.Driving traffic to your website

So, how do you drive traffic to your website? The answer is through socially engaged marketing. Today I would like to talk about the best way to drive traffic to your website for free.


How to drive traffic to your website for free

First of all I would like to draw your attention to the reason why I want to introduce you to free of charge methods.

There are a lot of online marketing opportunities out there, which promise to increase traffic to your website by the rate of thousands per week versus payment of a fee or a membership monthly payment.

I am not necessarily suggesting that such schemes are all scam. I am part of a few, and I can vouch that some are genuinely legitimate. But, especially as you are at the beginning of your business, you may want to watch the purse and ensure that the outgoing are always lesser in value than your income made from profit growth of your online business. And that is why today I am focusing on FREE TRAFFIC BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES.

As mentioned above, socially engaging marketing is the answer.

Nowadays there are far too many opportunities of extremely good and popular social media platforms for us to miss the chance. Yes, there will always be scaremongers who will mistrust the power of social media. ‘Social media is poison’, or ‘Social media kills human interaction’ is the comment you may hear about the power of social media and its negative impact on communication.

And partly I may not overly disagree with this stance. The reality of the matter is that, in the same way you are cautious opening up to people you do not really know very well, you need to apply the same level of caution when you ‘meet’ people online. In fact, knowing the danger of non-monitored online business, you guard levels should be doubled in terms of security and self-preservation of your personal affairs.Social media increase traffic

But, at the same time, it is through the power of social media that you can spread awareness of your website, and of each of your latest posts and review. Social media platforms are the new ‘word of mouth’.

When online business started flourishing, but the likes of Facebooks or Twitter had not yet been created or discovered, all that an online marketer could do is pray that his or her keywords would hit the top ranking of SEOs as fast as they possibly could. But the marketing campaigns were still very much in the hand of paid for advertising – online again, or even on paper, through billboards or on magazines, etc.

Now, paid for advertising is still going stronger than ever, but we are gifted of such amazing socially engaging tools which we can take advantage of for free to bring them to the attention of potential viewers. So, why miss such golden opportunity?


Most prominent social media platforms

The best way to drive traffic to your website for free is through social media platforms. The most prominent and widely diffused social media platforms, as most of you will know by now, are of course Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and G+.

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The list is not exhaustive, as there are also other not so well knows platforms, but equally effective when it comes to using them for marketing purposes. One of them is the very business oriented LinkedIn.

Each of these platforms work differently for the same purpose: allow people to network, to get to know each other virtually, to ‘hang around with’ and start discussions and hold conversations with. In other words, social networking aims to enable people to socialise beyond geographical boundaries.

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Now, if you have got an account with even only one of the platforms I mentioned earlier, stop reading this for a minute, and start thinking of how many people can view your Facebook post or your latest tweet world-wide. You will soon realise that your account, and communication tools, really have no limit.

Some of these platform do welcome and encourage advertising. So, the likes of Facebook and Twitter welcome your promoting your website by adding your website link to your posts, but they equally approve you posting ‘naked links’ on your account. If for instance you want to sell an item on eBay, you can post the link to your eBay account advertising that particular merchandise directly onto Twitter or Facebook.

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Other platforms, however, do not allow this, but they only allow you to promote your product or merchandise through your website link. And that is why it becomes so important to have a website from which to promote your business altogether.


Engagement is the magic word

When ‘hanging around’ on any social media platform, that is exactly what we do: we hang around. We get to know people, we often become part of groups of other people we share mutual interests with, and we ‘meet’ regularly enough online to share our mutual interests.

For argument’s sake, and to use the same example I have been using regularly throughout this website. I have another website, the one dedicated to my beloved dog Indy. Indy is a Border Terrier, and I just loooove Twitter. When I first joined Twitter, I started looking for hashtags that may relate to other Border Terrier lovers. I eventually came across the #BTPosse (or Border Terrier Posse), who like me own and lover Borders. They in turn follow, and are followed, by other Border and dog lovers. I started following the group, its members and their followers.

Can you start seeing the power of this? Can you see where this is leading to?

You have probably guessed it. Now, with my Border Terrier related website, whenever I publish a new post or a review of a specific dog related product, I post the link on my Twitter account. That tweet containing the link to my website will be seen by hundreds – in fact possibly thousands – of other Twitters, all joined by the common denominator of loving dogs. And if even one hundred of them only click on my link every day, that will have built traffic to my Border related website.Social engagement

If then some 30 people of the 100 people that visited my link, make a purchase through one of my affiliate links, that will be my daily monetisation achieved!

Now, allow your imagination to fly to immeasurable heights, and imagine you post your website link not only on Twitter, but on Facebook, G+ and Pinterest as well. From each of these platform, you receive the same welcome in the same measure as with Twitter. That is where it is only but fair to say that, as far as growing traffic to your website, the sky is the limit!

But posting website or naked links is not enough. Other social media members may see that all you are doing is trying to promote your site – which in the long run may become a little boring for other Facebookers, Twitters, etc.

When you are introduced to a new friend, you don’t solely talk about your career, surely. You talk about your passions, your likes and your dislikes.

On social networks you want people to get to know the full you. And that is where engaging is equally vital. You want to keep in touch with your newly found friends. You want to be part of their discussions, share pictures (and I share a lot of pictures of my Indy with other Border lovers!!), keep up with the latest news. In other words, do what you would do with friends and family: keep in touch. Be truthfully and sincerely interested in other people worries, rejoice at sharing their good news about some happy event in their life.

On normal circumstances, you would pick up the phone or meet up for a cup of coffee. On social media, log on to your social media account to find out how your followers are doing, and share your good news of a new post at the same time. When people get to know and like your personality, they will be happy to lend their support in the same way as, it is hope, you would do with them.

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And by the way, share your social media link below. I am happy to follow and support your business on your Twitter, Facebook. G+ and Pinterest accounts. Let’s help each other!


16 thoughts on “Best way to drive traffic to your website for free”

  1. Hi Giulia,
    My view regarding the way Google ranks websites relates to the shareable society they are creating.

    I have been working on my new website for about a year now and have uncovered quite an amazing system regarding appearing on the first page of Google search.

    Initially I never shared anyone’s post as I was very inexperienced however I started to share other people’s posts on the Google+ platform after about 6 months. Now and again people reciprocate and share yours. When this happens I type my web post title into Google search and I usually find that Google too has shared the link from the one that shared.

    Although my web posts are way down the rankings with the likes of Google, these shareable links arriving on the first page of search results creates the incentive to keep sharing people’s posts as this is what the Search Engines want you to do and they too return the favour.
    Powerful stuff. I have followed you on all Social Media and shared your link on g+

    1. It is powerful stuff indeed, Simon.  Amazing how following and liking others creates a funnel of traffic in the direction of your own website.  And all thanks to the mighty SEO giants, such as Google. as you say.  It makes you think how harder it must have been in the pre-social media days to establish your online business.  

      But hey, now that we are socialites on the media platforms, why not make the most of it?!

      Thanks for following me, Simon.  I shall look out for you and will follow you back.

  2. Your post is well detailed and has a lot of good information. Your post on traffic is pretty amazing and will be of good help to your readers as they seek to understand all of this good stuff about traffic. Traffic is so important because without it you will not be successful running an online business. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. That’s right Norman.  No traffic, no exposure, no business.  And that is why I wanted to drawn my readers’ attention to best ways to attract traffic.  I believe the creation of social media has made the job of us bloggers much easier, as we can reach out to all ‘corners’ of this planet virtually instantly and at a push of a button.  Not only that, but we can equally become privy to information and knowledge which will broad our horizon.  

      So, as far as I am concerned, when managed sensibly, social media are a gold mine in all manners of speak.

  3. Thanks for this post. Social media is powerful but I’m not sure if it’s enough to share your content and then it spreads virally.

    I have social media accounts on all platforms you mentioned and I barely have any followers or engagement. On Twitter I noticed I only get automated “robots” asking me to follow them. When I choose to follow people most don’t follow back. I guess the reason can be that I don’t post things besides my sharing my content.

    I’m wondering if it’s worth doing social media trainings. What do you think about these programs? Can they help?

    1. You are right Vanessa, I had to train as well to learn how to best leverage the huge marketing possibilities offered by social platforms – and I still have tons to learn. My understanding is that we shouldn’t use social media purely to market our business, but also to wholeheartedly interact with groups and people we share interests with. In one of my next posts I shall also probably review auto-tweets systems. I particularly use one which enables you to program up to 5 tweets to be posted on a schedule for free. And that equally helps gain traffic.
      But social media is not the only way to get traffic, although it covers most of it. Watch this space and all shall be revealed!!…

  4. This post was in depth and had tons of great information. I never thought about sharing other on social media. I have been working on my website for about a year and have been struggling to get up there in google. Now I have some new tips, thank you so much.

    1. Yes Emily, please try the social media avenue to promote your website and encourage traffic. I have checked your website out, and frankly and as a dog lover, it looks fantastic and has many useful tips too. It would be a shame for other dog lovers like me to miss out on them.
      Good luck, and let me know how you get on 🙂

  5. This is an excellent article to grow your followers. I followed your facebook, google plus and pinterest. How to get the attractive font like yours? Do you use a specific editor pluggin? Or you use specific font and size. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Melani, my font comes with the WP theme I have chosen for my website. If you have come across my site before, you will notice that it has had a make-over for added functionality. I am glad you are enjoying the new face lift. And of course, thank you ever so much for following me on my social accounts!

  6. Hello friend,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this great and helpful information on how I can drive traffic to my website for free, especially using the social media. I know that in some way the social media is a good place where I can get some free traffic to my website, but there are also some things I didn’t know, but you have opened my eye through this article to learn just how I can do that. And thank you for that. I really appreciate it.

    For instance, I never knew I can post naked links on social website like Facebook, all I knew was to post my website link there so that I can get some traffic.

    Also, you have helped to know that,l I don’t just have to be posting my links on social platforms, since that will make me look so boring to my followers, but rather, I need to try to be doing somethings like taking part in engagement in discussions, sharing pictures and other things, since people who go there are there purposely for that.

    I want to say thank you so much for sharing this great article with me.

    1. Stephen, I am so please to hear that I could be of help.  Just one word of advice on naked links.  The audience out there, and search engines, do prefer when you post links to your website rather than naked links.  That is why most social media platforms will restrict you on that – it is often seen as spam.  So, even on those platforms that allow naked links, always do remember to use them in moderation.

      Thanks again, and I hope you will keep passing by to check on my future posts.

  7. Hi Giulia, thank you for this awesome information. I have yet to get started with any social media campaigns, but this post of yours has given me some ideas on where to start. For now, I have been taking the SEO approach. Do you think that getting social media traffic will make my posts rank better within the search engines?

    1. Jacob, for personal experience I would say absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt.  I have experience traffic increase myself, and noticed the difference in uptake by organic visitors only once I started marketing my websites on social media platforms.  The benefit of using social media to market your business and your website is that you can actually skillfully target a niche based audience, but equally managing to reach out to a very wide scale of viewers.  And that’s what impresses SEO and ultimately makes you business successful.

      I am so please to hear you found my article of help, and I hope you will keep sticking around!

  8. Hello there Giulia,
    Thanks for such a great article. Yes, it is all about the social marketing network and engaging with other people on a social level – ONLINE! Our world has seen some great technological changes and we can yield the benefit when it comes to our online business. You have some great suggestions and I will indeed follow you ‘where you network’.
    Much success.

    1. Thank you for your loyalty and your friendship, Michelle. I caught myself thinking of all the discoveries and technological innovations introduced since I was born, let’s say, a few decades ago. So much has been discovered in medical and veterinary science. But so much has been invented since Sir Berners-Lee brought to life the World Wide Web. The online world has opened communication and broken any barrier. As you say, it would be an absolute shame not to take advantage and honour such a great creation 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, Michelle, and hope to catch up with you soon again!

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