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FLN Countdown

A couple of weeks ago one of my dear Wealthy Affiliate friends messaged me on Facebook, and invited me to join his Finish Line Network team.

I trust my friend implicitly with any business proposition, and accepted blindly. Then I started looking around at the different conflicting reviews about this scheme. But because they were conflicting, I had to find out more about it. So, now I know what it’s all about, I want to you tell you too, everything you want to know about Finish Line Network (or FLN, as they like to go by).


What is FLN

Let us kid ourselves not, FLN is an MLM funnel business model. It ticks all the boxes of the typical MLM scheme: primarily because, from an initial glance it does not seem to have a product to sell.

But watch more carefully and you will see.

You could not be further from the truth if you ended up thinking this business model is scam. Because SCAM IT IS NOT!!!

This program is none other than the non plus ultra (yes, I like to throw a bit of Latin there every so often #lol) than a marketing program aimed to you building a team of sub-levels.

In the process of recruiting members to your team, you earn money in quite an articulated and generous commission scheme, in a passive and recurring manner. But in recruiting members to your team, you also attract leads and traffic to your business, whatever that business may be.

You may be tricked in thinking that the baseline of FLN does not require a website, an online business or any other type of business. Hence, the first criticisms I have come across pick on the false belief that FLN is a scam MLM as does not have, nor does it require, a product.


FLN does have 4 types of products: 4 different softwares, which are going to be made available to members and sub members of each team during the 72 hours following the launch of the program.

But, hang on a minute, did I mention the Launch of The Titans?

What Is The Launch Of The Titans

If you access FLN now, you will find that it has a countdown window showing only 6 days left to the Launch of The Titans. The deadline was originally at the beginning of September, but it has been extended to 19th-20th September (depending on the time zone you live in) by high demand of the already currently existing members.

We are in pre-launch mode. And this is the perfect opportunity for us to join for FREE in order to be part of what is announced to be the biggest marketing event ever witnessed. Do you want to give it a go? Then click in the below picture to find out for yourself what FLN is all about:

But, what’s gonna happen in 7 days time???

First of all, let me delve for a minute in explaining who FLN refers to when mentioning these mythological figures of Titans.

Well it does refer to the founders of this program: Greg Chambers, Chat Stalvey, Doug Wellens and Paul Counts.

I know, I’d never head of these gentlemen before in my life. But upon googling their names and browsing here, there and everywhere, I came across their profiles and their bio. Why don’t you check them out yourself? Let me add the links of the Facebook profiles of some of them, so you can find out more about each of them – just click on each picture to be redirected to their Facebook profiles.









You can easily do the same for Doug Wellens, who you will find on Instagram under #dougwellens.

You can easily understand how with gentlemen are referred to as Titans, to honour and recognize their expertise in the marketing field. These chaps are proper gurus, who know what they are talking about. They have years of experience on their shoulders – even if some of them look very young – and have decided to join forces in order to create a program that is estimated to take over the world of internet marketing.

Given these premises, I don’t see why any of us would want to miss out on such a big event!


The Aftermath Of The Launch

The website has plenty of marketing material:

  • individually tailored unique links, which you can use on Facebook or in your autoresponder email campaigns or even on your Messenger to recruit your affiliates;
  • a user-friendly app, which you can easily download on your Android or Apple mobile devices, and which makes the recruitment process even faster;
  • regular webinars, to which you receive invitations nearly every day, to train you in the marketing journey you are about to take – all aimed to boost your business traffic, and your conversion rate;
  • but mainly, so many different videos, which explain what this program is all about: from the pre-launch stage, to the launch, to the very aftermath.

It is in one of these video that I worked out how the program works. The beauty of FLN is that it walks you step by step through the marketing process of recruiting affiliates and to grow your traffic.

During the pre-launch period, you are supposed to recruit as many affiliates as you possibly can. In the same way as you have joined for FREE, your team of affiliates will also be able to join for FREE. The point is, the bigger the team you build, the more commissions you will receive eventually directly from your affiliates and from their affiliates … and from their affiliates’ affiliates. And so on.

Once we hit Launch Day, FLN will contact you with so that you can lock in your team of recruits and you can confirm you want to be part of the business.

Does this mean you are not going to be able to recruit in future? Absolutely not!!! But what it means is that, if you do your recruiting now, you are ahead of the game.

You will be given 72 hours to lock in your participation. And then what?

Then commission earnings should start coming in. Simple as that.


FLN Commissions & Products

FLN calls their commission scheme their Compensation Plan. The Compensation Plan works based on two types of commissions:

  • Direct commissions derived from your own sales

These are based on a ‘star award inverted pyramid’ structure.

No, let me not scare you off, FLN is NOT A PYRAMID!!! But it rewards based on you starting as a Rising Star, and then growing to a Two Stars after your first 6 sales, and to Three Stars and so on, for every time that you add another 6 sales to your record.

These commissions are paid weekly, and they are initially split into 50/50 profit, but rise to an 80/20 profit in your favour from your 7th sale onward.

  • Bonus pool commissions

These are the commissions derived from your sales, the sales of your affiliates and from the sales of all FLN members, and they are paid monthly. As anybody makes a sale, a small percentage goes into the Bonus Pool, and gets shared according to the Star ranking. If you reach the highest Four Stars, you will get 100% of the pool share of Four Star active members!

Now, let me show you one of the many videos available on FLN, which will explain both how the Compensation Plan works, as well as introducing you to the 4 products this program offers. It lasts approximately 29 minutes. So grab yourself a cup of coffee and why not, a couple of biscuits too – make yourself comfortable, as you want to take this moment all in. It is an investment of your time and money, and it’s only but fair that you understand how it all works before you commit to it.

As an FLN affiliate yourself, you will be required to pay a monthly subscription. This is offered at a very reasonable fee of $47 per month, enabling you to run and manager your sales funnels directly from your mobile devices.

As you could see from the video, there are other product licenses available to purchase, with the annual fee offered at a discounted figure over the matching monthly fee, and of course with the All In bundle saving you even more money.

Admittedly, as you step into the Gold license, the All In bundle or even the Ticket Events and the E-Pod software, the price becomes rather steep. That may be possibly hard money to find, especially if you are still at the very beginning of your home based online entrepreneurial career.

Yet, you can see how you will keep earning commissions on a recurring bases for as long as your downline keep paying their subscription, and so on.

Interested in affiliate marketing? Then check out my #1 recommendation:


My Final Verdict

I can only give you my opinion for the current state of affair of FLN at the present time. Remember, we are still at Pre-Launch time, and at the time of this review being published there are only 6 more days left for you to join Team GiuliaB. Do not delay, click on the button below to be part of my team:

Firstly, let me tell you something.

Although I still have so much to learn about the world of online network and affiliate marketing, if there is one thing I have learned fast enough from day one is NEVER, EVER, EVER to believe in ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes.

Whilst FLN makes no claims nor promises to get you money overnight, it dangles that famous carrot called ‘affiliates’ before the very tip of your nose, intrinsically leading you to believe that you will build up your team of affiliates regularly enough.

In reality, I am not expecting this to happen to anyone. Unless, that is, you actively promote this business model. I am not saying you will be asked to slave behind the screen spamming email lists or social media. But, you will need to remember to work actively at getting affiliates.

This should not be too difficult if you believe in this program and if you use a good amount of creativity. FLN provides you with a full library of marketing tools – plenty of e-books in PDF format on the mobile app – which you can leverage from.

Secondly, as much as we are all invited to purchase all the 4 products in the All In bundle, in reality and at least at the beginning I do not expect many members to spend so much money all at once.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not questioning the validity of FLN products. But I myself plan on starting slowly and on budgeting myself. I want to make money before being able to afford the more costly products.

If we are made to believe that we are going to miss out on more generous commissions by not getting the bundle, I do expect many people will initially get the bundle after all.

If you watched the video, towards the end it is mentioned that one of the perks of FLN is that it is suitable for any pocket, including the ones of us that need to budget their expenses.

This said, this is the very first network marketing I truly believe in. It is simple to follow, and generous in commissions. It would be a real shame not to be part of this event, and I sincerely hope that you will follow me in what promises to be exiting times for us and for our home based online businesses.


2 thoughts on “Everything You Want To Know About Finish Line Network”

  1. Hello Giulia,
    Great article. I appreciate your transparency. Yes, FLN is a new one for me. I did not know about. I will surely have to make some time to check out the video. Keep up the good job and much success with Team Giulia.

    1. Thank you ever so much, Michelle, I shall try 😉
      Yes, keep an eye on FLN. If there is a fault I found about it, is that the videos are quite lengthy, and the webinars are even longer. But, call me a newbie (which as you know, in online business terms I still am), but the amount of stuff I get from so much teaching material is second to none. I am literally in awe!
      What I suggest is that you arm yourself of a good and comfy seat or armchair, nice and warm cup of tea or coffe by your side, and just enjoy the show – making sure at the same time that you take notes, though, as you still want to take in as much info as you possibly can.
      By all means, reach out to me if you need any more info, or if you need help with anything else. Speak to you soon 🙂

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