Get a real bargain with Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2016 deal


In my page on the benefits of affiliate marketing as best homes based income, and in my subsequent post on the competitive advantage affiliate marketing offers through Wealthy Affiliate learning platform, I have already outlined the features that this great learning community has to offer.

The most appealing and immediately striking feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the FREE OF CHARGE Starter membership.  With the Starter membership, you get access to a whirlpool of benefits, including:

#1 The Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1) – You will be introduced access to 10 lessons which will guide you step by step through the building of your website based your passion, your niche, a subject that you really feel strong about, hence you will love to share your knowledge about it with others.  The lessons will encourage to work along, by completing tasks that are designed to enrich your website with content.  You will finally be guided through the marketing process of your online business, trying to attract traffic by ‘spreading the word’ about your website and individual blogs on social media, which in turn will attract potential customers.

#2 Two FREE websites – Starter members get access to the Worldpress website builder function, where they can build up to two website completely free of charge.

#3 Unlimited training – With access to 1000s of blogs from other members, here you can learn the ropes of online business and more insights on affiliate marketing, and you can come across business opportunities and creative tips on how to make your online business more profitable for you.

#4 Access to WA affiliate program – WA program pays some of the highest rates of commission, and you generate a revenue every time that a new member signs up to the Premium membership through individual referral links and banners that you can share on your websites and through your social media accounts.

So, why go Premium???

Premium membership gives you more, much more!! Just have a look at the below chart and be the judge of it:

Yes, admittedly if you want to become Premium member, you are asked to join a paying scheme, which works as follows:

Monthly = $49 per month ($1.56 per day) or
Yearly = $359 per year ($0.98 per day!)

It might sound like big bucks to pay $359 upfront, but by paying yearly you end up saving a whopping $229 other the monthly payments!


Now, I am a relative newbie, having joined Wealthy Affiliate only 8 months ago. As you will know from My Story, I have many failed attempts at finding legitimate and successful ways to make an income from home online.  When I landed at Wealthy Affiliate, I was totally clueless at where to start from, let alone taking my basic progress to the next level and turning a ‘for fun’ blogging activity into a profitable business.

Joining WA for free was what appealed to me the most about this platform – I had been components before, and was not prepared to loose any more money.  At the same time, joining for free gave me the opportunity to realise immediately that WA was no scam.  Lessons were invaluable and ‘hand on’.  The community was real, a giving  and caring one, and equally as knowledgeable as the lessons and tutorials you were offered by their gurus, the founders Kyle and Carson and the longer standing other members, now become successful entrepreneurs.

The decision to become a WA Premium member was only the natural step in my development.  And now that I have been on the Premium membership for so many months, I feel strong in the belief that the Starter pack is in fact more suited to people that already have a basic knowledge of website building and online marketing.  For newbies like me, the Premium pack has proved to be of much more value and assistance as it gives you access to more learning opportunities.


What has the Premium membership got to offer

Lets get to the Mitty gritty of the business.  If the Starter pack is already so generous in spite of being free of charge, why should you pay a monthly, or even a yearly fee?  Because the Premium membership offers you:

#1 Direct contact with Kyle and Carson with their personal mentoring.

#2 Up to 50 websites free of charge, by using the WA owned hosting platform Siterubix, still using WordPress website builder tools – this also gives you access to 24/7 technical support, should you get stuck in any way.

#3 Full access to all the 6 Levels of the Online Entrepreneur Certification – that is a total of 60 lessons, with assigned tasks which are aimed to encourage you to populate your website with vital content as well as to market your website and content in order to attract visitors’ traffic for potential monetisation.

#4 Unlimited access to keyword searches – There are many keyword search tools on the internet, but they all require a monthly payment.  WA includs this tool in the membership at no extra cost, and gather data from all the major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, enabling you to pick up the most attractive and searched for terms that are relevant to your niche for an UNLIMITED number of times!

#5 Weekly interactive VIDEO Classes – broadcast live, Jay’s ‘webinars’ offers valuable insight on specific topics every week, with video lessons lasting between 60-90 minutes.  If you are unable to connect live, due to work commitments or different time zone, or if you want to watch the webinars again, these are readily available for a useful replay.

And the list goes on!  As mentioned in my previous WA review, I may be deemed bias for being a WA member. But, as I have read recently, there is no better and most sincere review that the one from somebody who has had first hand experience of the whole learning process. And I can guarantee, I would not have just spent €299 if I did not believe in the successful formula of Wealthy Affiliate.

My Black Friday year Premium payment


So, what are you waiting for?  Join Wealthy Affiliate, become a Premium member and, for this weekend only, pay the yearly discounted fee of $299!  This offer is now live and only lasts till Monday 28th November 2016 – a further discount of $289 over monthly payment.  CLICK HERE FOR AN OFFER TRULY NOT TO BE MISSED!!!



By all means, do let us know if you have taken that ‘leap of faith’ this weekend and you have gone Yearly Premium.  Or indeed do do share with us your experience as an established Premium member.  Leave a message below.  Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Get a real bargain with Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2016 deal”

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. The premium access is truly one of the best things anyone can buy ! This Black Friday deal is a steal!

    Thanks for sharing !

    1. You are welcome Justin. Like you, I think this year Wealthy Affiliate have surclassed themselves by proposing such an unbeatable bargain. Certainly not to be missed.

  2. Having researched various training platforms, I have to say that WealthyAffiliate offers the best value for your money. Not only is the content and training material superb, but the community of members is arguably the platform’s most valuable asset. Whether you have a question, need some feedback, or just want to meet people in the same niche, WA’s community is at your service. I have been a Premium Member for 3 months now and I have had a wonderful experience so far!

    1. You are a valuable testimonial to my review Kenan, as I have just purchased into the annual Premium membership taking advantage of the Black Friday deal, and I cannot fault my experience of Wealthy Affiliate so far even if I wanted to. At the cost of sounding boringly repetitive, I keep saying: the learning platform and the community are just second to none!!

  3. The Black Friday Deal sounds so exciting! I too have tried many online and offline businesses and I feel like WA is home…it’s where I’m going to find my success. So this Black Friday price just seals the deal! I’m definitely going to invest because I know with all the great things that are being offered, my future self will thank me.

    1. Well guess what Lindsey, I did treat myself to the WA Black Friday deal – a little pre Crimble present, which by this time next year will have saved me $289. Not bad at all!!
      Thanks for reading my blog Lindsey, much appreciated.

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