How to increase traffic on your website

Never give in to the Writer's Block!

I believe having a website in this time and age is paramount to building your own business.  But a website sitting on the ethernet will be no use if nobody sees it and if nobody reads its content, i.e. what business you are proposing or what your opinion is on this product or that service.  It is vital to the success of your business that your website attract visitors.  Today I would like to talk to you about how to increase traffic on your website and how to optimize your content with search engines.


How do the search engines work

All SEOs work based on different formulas or algorithms, which scan each piece of work published on the website based on different values.  Google, for argument’ sake, which is also renowned for being the most authoritative search engine on the online market, is deemed however to be rather feeble with its algorithms, which, experts say, change often and regularly.  And that is why it is often very difficult – but definitely never impossible! – to hit page 1 of Google.

How do the search engines work?

Other major SEOs like Bing and Yahoo work based on the same principle of using unique formulae, but they all base their calculation on the searches imputed by visitors to their search bar.  So, if your preferred search bar is Google Chrome, and you set up your laptop to use Chrome as default search engine, Google will take into account which keyword you use every time that you do a search on its search bar.   But there are other values that help search engines rank your content.

So, what are the essential parameters most authoritative SEOs go by in ranking your website and your content? Let me tell you.


Engaging content

I have already mentioned when talking about content and the importance of keywords that good and heart felt content is more valuable than the use of a thousand keywords.  SEOs will value continent which is relevant to your niche, content that is unique and is well written.

But SEOs will also look favourably to content that is engaging and invites viewers to take action.  You want to create content rich in:

  • Pictures – 4 or 5 pictures over a 1500 word post, some even with links or internal links;
  • Internal links – these are links to other pages, reviews or posts within your website.  SEOs prefer that you use internal links to other parts of your website over using external links;
  • Comments – when writing, encourage your readers to leave their comments and views in the comment box underneath. Search engines again reward your ranking if they pick up on activities that your readers may have taken up as a result of reading your content;
  • Banners – again, add banners or ‘call for action’ buttons that will invite visitors to click or push to read another article or to link to another page or review;
  • Purchases – and finally, when your website starts generating some direct sales of merchandise you sell, or through affiliate links to other sites of which you are an affiliate, that is the ultimate ‘cherry on top of the cake’ as far as search engines go!


What are you trying to deliver? – Your reader’s perspective

Stop for a minute being the author of your writing, and put the judging hat on as if you were visitor of your own website.  Ask yourself the question: what would make me search for the specific niche I am in fact writing about, if I were to browse the internet? Why would I search for that niche? What would my expectations be of finding what in my website, if I were the visitor?What are your expectations as reader?

It is important that what you write answers questions and fulfils expectations of visitors.

So, really, if for instance you were to write advice and product reviews to keep your hair healthy, try thinking what you would expect from your website, if you came across your own website.  It would be advice for all types of hair, or the difference between natural products and more chemical based ones; and how about if you have thinner hair, or long or short? And how about cost of the products? Can they be found easily worldwide or only in specific countries?

The variants are endless, if you think of it.  But whatever you think to write, try to cover all angles from the perspective of your reader.   If your content is relevant to your reader, you will get more hits on your posts and pages.  And more hits are going to push your website up in ranking, are going to generate more traffic, and are going to generate more sales or commissions from the affiliate products you may be advertising – hence monetization.  It is a circle, just not a vicious one, but rather a winning one!


Make your content legible

To an extent, yes, I am also referring to the dreaded spelling mistakes.  I know, most people are not overly bothered to read a piece of writing with spelling mistakes.   I am a bit of a stickler for them – which however doesn’t mean I don’t make spelling mistakes, because I do.   In fact, if you find any spelling or typo mistakes anywhere in this website, by all means do let me know by leaving me a comment below or on the relevant page or post.Make your content legible

But, when I refer to content being legible, I’m thinking mostly to how fluent it is to the eye to read.

I’ve already mentioned how important it is to add pictures.  Equally, videos definitely have great impact with visitors.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find that a message delivered to me through a powerful picture or a video sticks in my mind more than a hundred words.  It’s how our brain is build naturally.

Equally, if you break your article with headings and other word processing tricks, such as separation lines under your title, the page your visitor is about to read will appear more pleasing to the eye, and more manageable to approach.

For the same reason, you might also want to keep your paragraphs short and sweet.  I know, I’m not the best example to follow on this – the fact that I like to ‘chat’ is not an acceptable excuse.  My favourite motto is ‘Don’t do as I do, do as I say‘.

Magic keywords

And finally, last but by far not least, do not forget to use your keywords wisely.  Read my page on keywords if you are still unclear on what keywords are and why they are so important.

SEOs value keywords, as these are the very words used by visitors browsing on the search bar when searching for information on specific, or even more general, niches.   That is why it is so important that those very same keywords are picked up at strategic points of your page or post.

  • Firstly, it is advisable that you use keywords in your title.
  • Use keywords also in the first couple of paragraphs of your post, as well as in the first couple of headings if you can.
  • Finally, don’t forget to use the same keywords in the snippet and in the meta title and description.

I often see the same question being asked over and over: how many keywords should you use in your content?  And should every post you write have different keywords?

My advice is never to over saturate your post with keywords.  Ideally try not to use more than five powerful keywords, and always make sure they fit in within the context and make your writing grammatically correct.

Likewise, probably you will naturally have keywords that differ from each other for each post you publish, purely as the keywords are going to be specific to the subject you are writing or the service you are reviewing.  Nevertheless, if you find that a keywords has proved particularly successful in your past articles as it has attracted a lot of traffic, that means there is a lot of interest for that particular subject out there.  And then, if you can use the same keywords in such a way that it fits in nicely within the context of your new article, I don’t see why you should not use it again!


Never give in to writer’s block

When reading all of the above, you may be tempted to think: I SHALL NEVER MANAGE TO MAKE MY WEBSITE SUCCESSFUL.  WRONG!!!

I will never  tire to remind anybody that truly if I could do it, so can anybody else out there.  When I first started my online business just over a year ago, I had no idea of what I was doing, nor what I needed to do to make it all work.Never give in to the Writer's Block!

I didn’t learn overnight.  And never believe those who try to persuade you of the contrary.  Because it takes a lot of practice in writing, and dedication in marketing your content and your website.  Writing is the delivery tool for your ideas and for your passion.  Never be afraid to use this precious tool, as the more you write, the better you will get at it, the more traffic your will attract.

Have you ever been prey to ‘writer’s block’?  That is the one obstacle that we always encounter every so often.  You wake up one morning and do not know what to write anymore.  You have run out of ideas.

Or at least that is what you believe.  Start reading and researching, and avail yourself of the power of SEOs by browsing the internet.  That same ranking that you work to beat, will be of endless help in refilling your creative vein of renewed energy and inspiration.

Surely you must have come across it yourselves.  Do drop me a line below to share your experience of how you beat the block.

My personal advice is never stop writing.  Never give in to that nasty beast called Writer’s Block!


8 thoughts on “How to increase traffic on your website”

  1. Hiya, what a nicely designed blog.

    I hope it’s OK to quickly mention something about keywords. Most new bloggers, eShop owners, etc, that I’ve trained over the years haven’t gotta clue what the term actually means as they need to learn the most basic principals behind what us lot online already know.

    I usually tell people something silly but more memorable, ie, that I would type a search for “I want a REALLY FLAT CAT ‘coz my old one’s dead and I need a CAT RESCUE CENTRE for a NEW CAT” – outta that I just tell them Google is stupid and only recognises the WORDS that are KEY to the sentence – REALLY FLAT CAT, CAT RESCUE CENTRE & NEW CAT are the obvious keywords.

    It seems to help a few folk I’ve explained this too so hope it may help your visitors.

    All the very best – Andre

    1. That’s an excellent suggestion, Andre. I try not to focus too much on keywords, as my belief is that the actual quality of content is equally important to the big Google vetting agents. But I might have to talk more in details in future about keywords, by bringing practical examples such as yours. Thank you!

  2. Hello , your post is really great and well detailed. lots of great information that will help your readers know how to go about running a successful website, in this day and time with the help of the internet we can reach so many people globally and let them know what we are about and what we have to offer. Thanks again.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Norman. We are so blessed in this time and age to have available such a powerful tool as is the internet, that it would be a shame not to take advantage of its versatility and of how fast it can reach to the 4 corners of this planet!

  3. This is a Cool website. I have a website myself and I still learned a few things from your blog.

    1. Michael, I’m so pleased I can be of help. I hope you’ll keep following me and my blog. I’ve got much more to bring to the table, so to speak. So, watch this space! 😉

  4. Hi again Giulia.
    Having an online business, this subject is not foreign to me. But like you said, it’s about learning over time. So I thought I’d pop in again and get another perspective. (From you and your commenters)
    All the best!

    1. Thank you ever so much, CT. I hope you found this page interesting and helpful. You are right, developing a business, and certainly an online one, is a constant learning curve. And that due to the endless amount of material available on the market, but also due to the fact that online marketing and entrepreneurship is an ongoing development project in itself. If you decide to build an online business and to attract traffic, you need to keep up with the newest ‘inventions’ nearly on a monthly basis. And you must be prepared to embrace novelty. But, I am sure, as a fellow online entrepreneur, I am not telling you anything that you don’t already know here.
      Thanks for popping back, and speak to you soon, I hope 🙂

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