How To Make Money With Udemy Affiliate Program

Anyone Can Learn Online With Udemy

A few weeks ago I wrote about how to make money with Udemy, by creating Udemy online courses. However, since then, I have discovered another way to make money with Udemy: by joining the Udemy affiliate marketing program.

Let me tell you a little more about it.


What Is The Udemy Affiliate Program

Many online gurus will be aware of the much useful Udemy classes, and stretch their view to think of it as an Udemy academy. I myself have used Udemy to learn about dog training – I absolutely adore dogs, particularly my beloved border terrier Indy, and would like eventually to be able to hold classes myself.

But I am digressing here. So, back to the main subject here.Udemy Affiliate Program Banner

Udemy, true to the general principle of affiliate marketing, has joined many other global enterprises in using an affiliate program to increase marketing opportunities.

Udemy affiliate program works like this. You join the program to advertise Udemy website and its courses. Udemy pays you for any person that purchase a course through your recommendation.

It could not be easier than that really, could it?

The problem, you will ask, is how to advertise Udemy courses. Please, allow me…


Ways To Promote Udemy Affiliate Program

You can join Udemy affiliate program directly from the Udemy website. But Udemy is also in partnership with the affiliate network Awin, which promotes Udemy affiliate program jointly with many other education affiliate programs, amongst their many categories.

Either way, Udemy gives you access to many ‘creative’ tools to promote its services. These primarily include banners, but also your unique links, which you can use to post on social medial platforms as well as on your website.

Udemy Discount Offers
Udemy also makes available to its affiliate exclusive discount coupons and promotions, which the affiliate can transfer to their customers. Discount campaigns will attract more visitors to your website, hence increasing the opportunity of a sale whilst your customer also benefits by purchasing courses at a discounted rate.

The beauty of this program is that you can earn double. You can post your training, and make money whenever somebody purchases your training online from Udemy. But you can also earn as an Udemy affiliate, for attracting people to the Udemy platform and encourage them to purchase the course you have just created.


Do I Need A Website?

You should know how I feel about this issue. In my modest opinion, you should always have a website if you are planning to make money online working from home. Follow this link if you want to learn how to build your own website.

The reason why in my opinion you should always have a website to promote your business is because you can attract visitors to your websites in many more ways than using a simple ‘naked’ link provided by any affiliate program.

Udemy is no stranger to this expectation. Udemy does provide you with unique links to your affiliate account, which you can use only on limited social media accounts – not all social media platforms approve of ‘naked’ links, as they deem them as a way of spamming.

However, you can use that unique link within your blog and a niche related website as part of a review of Udemy’s services, or inserted in pictures.

Udemy’s affiliate program, like the most respected ones, also offers you banners, which you can use within your website.


Who Can Become Affiliate Of Udemy

Well, the answer is an irrefutable one: EVERYONE!!!

All you need is a willingness to promote Udemy’s website.

Now, don’t get me wrong. So many people think becoming an affiliate of any program is just purely a sales exercise. Use the good old selling techniques, and the job is done.

I beg to differ.Udemy Sign Up

I believe being an affiliate entails believing in what you promote. The program(s) you decide to represent must be relevant to your ethos as part of your business.

Don’t forget, we are talking here about working from home, where the prime target is for us to set up our own business.

If my business were to sell shoes, when I started promoting and supporting home baked cakes, it is unlikely that my customer base will see the relevance. It wouldn’t make sense.

In promoting Udemy, you would need to have a business, and a supporting website, where Udemy can fit in as relevant to your business ethos.

Other than that, everybody can start working from home, part-time or on a full time basis. Everybody can set up a business that is relevant to Udemy, and can become an affiliate of the Udemy program. No experience nor reacquired skills are required.


Udemy Commission Rates

So, how much does Udemy pay its affiliates?

Udemy uses LinkShare affiliate network to run its program. That means that, whilst the affiliate program ‘belongs’ and is paid by Udemy, LinkShare and its network partners, such as AWin, manage the program for Udemy, and provide Udemy with publishers who will promote Udemy’s business.

Udemy rewards based on two criteria:

  • Pay Per Clickwhere Udemy pays the affiliate £0.87p per click, on all clicks received by the affiliate’s unique link;
  • Pay Per Salehere Udemy has a baseline commission rate of 15% on all courses sold after the person that made the purchase, landed on Udemy website through your unique link. This rate can increase to 20-30% based on performance, where the lifespan of cookies generated as a result of anyone using your link is 7 days.

The opportunities with Udemy are very well placed, especially when they launch promotional periods, making available to their affiliates discount coupons, which affiliates can cascade to their viewers.


My Verdict

Yes, my verdict is a positive one.

Believe me when I say I am not easily impressionable. Yet, when I first visited Udemy, and discovered the ginormous amount of courses, and the different categories available there, I could not believe my eyes.

No matter what your interest is, if you want to expand your knowledge, go on Udemy and you will find a course to help you with that. Whether is business and management skills you want to learn, or cookery, or crochet, you will find a course there. Let me show you some stats which, frankly, I find absolutely amazing!!! And quite truthful at the same time.

This said, and with such an impressive collection of factual figures to back up my stance, I do believe joining Udemy affiliate program is a successful move.

In doing so, you must be prepared to actively promote Udemy learning platform. But this should be made easier if you actually promote some of your training you would already have published on Udemy – though this is not a requirement.

The point I am making is that attracting people to Udemy should be made easier for affiliates, given the vast array of courses which suit absolutely anybody’s learning skills.

The fact that Udemy also offers two different ways to earn from its affiliate program makes it even more appetising for potential affiliates.

So, do have a go. Join Udemy affiliate program today, build a campaign and let me know, in a few weeks maybe, how you are faring regarding earning potentials. Or you may want to leave your comment now, to share your experience as Udemy affiliate, with your views and/or recommendations.

By all means, if you struggle with the idea of starting an online business based on building your own website, check out my #1 recommendation here:






22 thoughts on “How To Make Money With Udemy Affiliate Program”

  1. While I have heard of Udemy, I had not thought of using them to earn money. I am relatively new to affiliate marketing but can already guess at how this can be implemented into my niche. Thank you for a timely article.

    1. I am glad you could find my review of help, Corey, especially as sometimes – and especially when we are at the beginning of our online ventures – it can be rather difficult to find the right affiliate program that will nicely match the niche we are writing about. It would be interesting to find out how successful Udemy affiliate programs proves to be for you.
      Let me know if I can be of any help in assisting you establish your online brand using Udemy, and by all means do get back to this forum to tell us of your progress 🙂

  2. Hello Giulia,
    Thanks for this article. I did not know that Udemy had an affiliate program at all. I am aware of Udemy and have even taken a few of their courses, but did not know this part. I love the fact that it is easy to use, in terms of simply uploading banners et al to your website and then letting ‘traffic’ and marketing do the rest.
    I like the payment schedule as well. Have you actively received a decent commission form the program?
    I will head right on over to Udemy and see what it is all about. Thanks for sharing. All the best.

    1. Hi Michelle, and thanks for stopping by to read my review. I am so glad to hear that it help you discover a different side to Udemy. You ask if I have started making good earnings with Udemy so far. I have not been marketing Udemy and its courses long enough, but yes, so far it seems to convert quite nicely thanks to the its popularity with people able to find all types of courses there.
      My aim would be, in a very long term, to post a course on dog training – but that will be only once I have learned enough myself. And then, I would like to market my own course using affiliate links.
      If you are thinking of becoming a Udemy affiliate, do come back to let us know how you are getting on 🙂

  3. Hello Giulia, wow, I have been really interested in Udemy and did not know they also had an affiliate program. So enjoyed reading this. Many thanks. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Thank you ever so much for your kind words, Ariel. I’m really pleased that you could find out more about Udemy and its many way to learn from it courses, and to monetise as a working from home idea through publishing courses and supporting the platform by being an affiliate. I hope you will give one or more of these avenues a go and will come back to let us know how you got on.
      For now, all the very best, Ariel, and wish you much success 🙂

    1. Ooooh I am ever so glad to hear I gave you ideas to pursue this avenue. I hope you are successful, but do come back to let us know how you got on, Dianne, it would be absolutely great to exchange experiences 🙂

  4. Excellent article Giulia. We absolutely agree. You can find pretty much any niche you are looking for. They have a vast array of training courses that will give you the knowledge you need for that subject.

    We really like your idea of selling your own courses with Udemy. The affiliate program is another way of making money online while promoting your own niche. That is a great idea. Why not make a few coins in the niche of your choice.

    Naturally you will need to have your own website and hosting set up in order to make this happen. Looks like your choice for doing so is a great program. We took that course many years ago and it is awesome.

    They have the tools you need and a great community. We have many niches that we are involved in. So it takes many websites to make this happen. Wealthy Affiliate has you covered. We are getting ready to offer Udemy ourselves.

    That is how we discovered your website. So you helped us with that decision. Thanks for the information and we hope you start you dog training. Again, Great post and good advice.

    1. Ken, I’m so pleased that you found this review of mine, and I thank you for your contribution. Your testimony is what I needed for my readers to see how versatile Udemy is, from the point of view of the learner, to the one of the teacher wanting to publish there, to the one of the affiliate marketer, who can equally monetise from it.

      I’m still working on my doggie training skills, but I shall definitely let you know once I’ve put my course together on Udemy 🙂

  5. Hey GuiliaB, I read your Udemy article and I can say that you piqued my curiosity. I have heard about Udemy for a long time now and I was sure what to expect of them but they look a good company to join their affiliate program.

    Question, how much money have you made on their affiliate program? I want to also say that your article will help dozens of people because everyone usually goes with amazon’s affiliate program but don’t explore others, this would help them out tremendously.

    I’ve heard of Awin’s website as well, but not to a reputable degree. Good work!

    1. you have to be careful there, RJ, because yes, you are comparing affiliate programs, but each specialising in different categories of services. As you know Amazon support its platform selling merchandise. If you check my review of Amazon, you will find that my rating is fairly good but I do mention their very low commission rates. AWin is an affiliate network, so it puts you in touch with different affiliate programs – again, I believe it is not too bad at all, but you have to be careful with the payout terms, which are different from advertiser to advertiser, and are outside of AWin’s control.

      Finally Udemy uses AWin to manage its affiliate program, as well as running it independently. I expect their decision to also join AWin is in an attempt to increase the affiliates supporting their learning platform. I haven’t actively campaigned on Udemy courses for long, but the beginning earnings are quite promising, and that’s thanks to the fact that Udemy appeals to many for catering for the learning needs of many.

      I shall definitely be more specific when I am able to give more substantial percentage. So, keep an eye on this website for further updates 🙂

  6. Thanks for this great review about udemy. I really like the fact that you basically can get paid twice with their program. Once through there affiliate program, and secondly by creating trainings.

    Have you personally used udemy and got paid for doing so?

    Also which way do you think is better way to make money? Through their affiliate program, or by creating training?

    1. I have only recently starting marketing Udemy, Michael, but I’m already seeing some positive results. I have not yet used it for learning, but my long term goal would be to publish a video training on dog training. 

       I believe that both affiliate program and teaching publishing are effective ways to make good money. But, as with any other monetising avenue, I believe you are not to expect to make money overnight, as you need to actively work on marketing campaigns.

      Thank you for your questions, Michael. I hope you’ll keep in touch to tell us whether you have tried any of the Udemy training, and whether you are being successful with their affiliate program 🙂

  7. Hello,

    This seems like a really nice way to make money, easy and possible then definitely an honest one, but I have a question on what I should sell, is it better to promote one course or can I just promote many for more money what would you suggest.
    Considering I have knowledge in programming so maybe I could complement that with my website.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Dave.  If you intend to publish a course on Udemy, you can then promote your own course through your website. On the other hand, you can use Udemy in the same way as you use a YouTube video published by others – so long as it fits with your niche, why not promote one or more courses which you think are good and you approve of. I suggest however, always to make ethical choices, not random ones for the sake of making money purely. Your audience will ‘sniff’ that and this may prove counterproductive.

      I hope I’ve been of help, Dave, and I hope you will come back to tell us how you are getting on with Udemy 🙂

  8. I’m looking for more ways to make money online, the more income streams the better for me, so I came across your Udemy review. How’s it been working for you?

    So basically we just promote the courses on Udemy? I’m also thinking it might be good to create a course or two as well as making money as a Udemy affiliate. Thanks for the ideas here. I know it’s a pretty respected platform.

    1. I’m still in the process of experimenting with promoting Udemy’s courses, Darren, but so far so good. The winning card of Udemy is that it caters for the learning needs of nearly everybody and at different degrees. And that’s what makes Udemy so popular. 

      At the moment I am launching campaigns about Udemy as a learning platform, but I’m also looking into promoting niche related courses published on Udemy.

      I hope you will come back to this forum to tell us about your successes with Udemy and with publishing your course on Udemy. If you let me know, I shall be more than happy to support you by marketing it 🙂

  9. Hi excellent article!!

    I’m in the process of picking an affiliate program for learning purposes.

    I have three doubts maybe you can help me with:

    – You mentioned that there’s two ways of monetizing, do you pick one or they stack on each other? Paying for leads and for sales?

    – The commission rate of 15% doesn’t seem to high, and it’s only a 7 day cookie. Most of the courses are always on sale for $10, so you would earn only $1.5 per sale?

    – How does it compare to coursers affiliate program?

    Thank you very much!!

    1. Hi Diego, and thanks for your comment. Regarding your questions, let me help you clarify.
      With Udemy you can monetize in 2 ways: you can publish courses, or you can promote an actual course (or your own, even!), or you can do both things. So, publishing and promoting your course does not exclude you becoming an affiliate of Udemy and promoting the website, and vice versa.
      Regarding the commission rate, yes, other affiliate programs are more profitable, but not in this field of business, i.e. education. The average course is priced at $10, but this does not mean that you may not be able to price your course at a higher figure. You may want to compare ongoing prices for similar courses to the one you are publishing. You want to sell, but remain competitive at the same time.
      I am not sure about your last question. I do have a lot of favourite affiliate programs, but my absolute favourite is Wealthy Affiliate. I hope you will click on the link and have a read. Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned everything about how to make money online working from home, and I find the program the most generous and the most supportive on the market.
      I hope you will give Wealthy Affiliate, or Udemy, a try and let me know how you get on!

  10. Great article really helpful, thanks!
    Question, is it just one off commission per customer buying a course? or is there a repeat commission if someone register through my referral link and register and buy courses on going after more than 7 days?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Will, apologies for the late reply, but thank you for asking a question on a point which, I am sure, many more readers may be wondering about. Commissions are calculated per sale, i.e. by the number of times that your training is purchased. So, if you only find one customer, you will only receive commissions once. But if your training is purchased 8 times, you will receive commissions for the 8 sales. Not bad, right?
      I hope this helps and I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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