How to Start an online business on a part time basis


Simply put, to start an online business on a part-time basis you need some three things: time, perseverance and consistency.

Most of you will know my story by now. I joined Wealthy Affiliate nearly two years ago, with a massive thirst to start an online business on a part-time basis, after searching for feasible, realistic and scam-free avenues.


I am sure many of you can relay to the sense of achievement I virtually straightaway felt once I went Premium after a few days. Because finally I had found a place where I could follow lessons, I was given tasks to perform, deadlines to meet, where I could start building my website(s) from day one and I could be walked through the process of creating my own content step by step.

That was brilliant! And that was easy enough, I thought at the time.

What I didn’t account for was that when I started all this I was on a period of annual leave from my nearly full time 9-5 job – yes, that very job that was paying my bills at the end of the month, and was contributing to put food on the table every day.


Reality Hit Me Hard

The reality hit me hard when I went back to work. My objective by then was to write some three posts or reviews a week, as well as going through the lessons, as well as publishing more blogs on Wealthy Affiliate. Then there was the marketing aspect of the business which needed taking care of: building a presence on social media accounts, creating videos and posting them on YouTube, producing campaigns.


The task soon proved on the verge of the impossible. Which was no surprise. How did I expect to fit into a couple of hours a day at most, what I had started on by working for the whole day?


From The Stars To The Stables

Thumbs Down
By aiming too high, I ended up putting unnecessary pressure on myself to obtain the opposite result to what I was hoping for.

Yep, my dreams and efforts soon came to a stop when I realised I could not keep up with my targets and my objectives. Which meant my online business started taking a turn for the worse.

I started loosing viewers. I started loosing traffic, and with traffic I started loosing authority. My ranking started going down the drain.

The problem is that I started putting too much pressure on myself. And, combined with family issues I had to face and tackle, I virtually came to a stand still. From trying to do too much, I ended up incapable to working at all. And I started loosing sleep, anxious at the thought that I may not be able to make it. I was developing anxiety attacks.


The importance of having my own business

The reality of it was that, where in the past few months, I kept blaming the fact that life event kept taking over my life, in truth it was I that allowed external factors to take over. I needed to regain control, but I also needed to prioritise what was really important to me: my business to succeed.

It was vital that I made time for my business. It was vital that I started working more actively and consistently on my business because I wanted my business to succeed for two reasons.

Ok, the first reason is that I wanted (and still do) financial stability and yes, why not, wealth. As I have often mentioned, if working for an employer, especially in the past, may have meant a secure pay cheque at the end of every month, nowadays it’s no longer so. Working for someone does no longer necessarily mean a job for life, and an assured occupational pension at retirement age. We all witness too regularly how well-established corporations or public sector have to make savings and start delivering redundancy letters to their work force quite unexpectedly.

Writing Is My Creative Voice
Writing Is My Creative Voice

And we have also heard in the news far too often how many pension packages have converted to nothing as a result of ill investments in the stock market!

But the other reason why I needed my business to succeed was fulfillment, being accountable to myself solely and nobody else, the flexibility of working at 11.50pm as I am doing now (because I wanted to have a lazy afternoon today, and guess what? I could and I did!), the urge to build something with my bare hands – or rather, something that was fruit of my own business acumen, intuition and creativity, rather than working on instructions.



There were two things that I needed to address: time and work mode.

The first thing I did was address the issue of time to my family. When I was not at work, it did not mean that I was available at everybody’s whim. I asked that I be left alone, as when I was on the computer or on my tablet, I wasn’t having fun on Twitter or on Instagram, but I was working.

But I also addressed the issue of time with myself. If it was a choice between house works and online work, it had to become less of the first and more of the second.

Finally, with regard to work mode, since the beginning of this year, I have decided to concentrate more on writing regularly.


You Can Start An Online Business On A Part Time Basis

Yes, because along with time, the other secret weapons to a successful part-time online business are perseverance, commitment and consistency.

I don’t know about you, but the number of times I used to get home from work and used to give myself half an hour break before starting putting dinner together, by sitting on the sofa and flicking through the telly programs!

Watching telly all day long
Watching telly, my worst enemy.

At the end of the day, we need to remind ourselves of the reasons we are doing this, and take it from there.

My new regime is to work two hours every evening during my working days. Those days when I don’t work, including weekends, I try to dedicate half a day on my online business. I try to commit to this schedule as much as I possibly can. And when scheduling my ‘life’ on my calendar, I try to account for those two hours a day or for that half day during my non-working days.

I made a pack of consistency with myself on New Year of this year, when I resolve to write a couple of posts or reviews every week, as well as working on the marketing aspect of the business when I am not writing.

But the main thing to remember is that, like with any other successful business, starting an online business will require an enormous amount of perseverance. Success and earnings will not happen overnight. In a way I in fact suggest that you stop worrying about your earnings – write on your websites for the sake of helping others, do not overburden your creative mind with fear of failure, but find enjoyment in the fact that you can finally share with others the knowledge and experience you have about your niche.


A Day Of Fulfillment

Does this mean I no longer have time for myself? Or that I work seven days a week? Not at all!!

My Glass Is Half Full
Ups and downs are part and parcel of having your own business. My glass at the moment is half full. Make your glass half full too, with time, perseverance and consistency!

For a start, although I have given myself rules, I love to work on my online business. I love to be able to share my true passions by writing about them. To me it’s the best possible hobby anyone can have, as it’s a hobby that brings you money.

But if you adopt this routine, you will find that you are always going to be on top of your workload, with time to spare for whatever else you want or need to do.

I used to think that the day had only 24 hours. Now I can’t help thinking that the day has 24 hours which I am making the very most of.

How about you, how is your part-time online business coming along? What are your expectations? And what are your worst enemy that stop you from progressing? Do you really think you will be able to make a success of your business overnight, or maybe you have succeeded and you would like to share your best tips.  No matter what, drop us a line in the Comment box below.  I shall endeavour to reply to each and every of you as soon as I possibly can 🙂

22 thoughts on “How to Start an online business on a part time basis”

  1. Great post. I think it is important to work at your own pace and not put too much pressure on yourself. It is a great thing to have the freedom to work when and where you want. And I definitely agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the place to go to learn to start and grow your online business.

    1. I am glad you can see my point, Logan. Many people – and I fell for it too, I have to say – it’s not so much that they have the expectation of making money overnight, but when starting a new business, they end up putting pressure on themselves to learn it all at once. The learning process has to be spaced out, as much as the business building process. And that’s why I wanted to talk about my own experiences: so that other wanna-be entrepreneurs will not fall for the same mistake.
      Thank you for your input, Logan, and do come back soon!

  2. Hi Giulia,

    Great article and really does tell a story that many online entrepreneurs like yourself have to contend with. Time is Vital for online success for sure, however, it is NOT A RACE!

    Take your time and enjoy the process and let your own creative juices guide you intuitively in your writing. I never sit down and lay out how I am going to lay out a post. I just do it all from the top of my head and then my internal ideas start kicking in – all very natural.

    I started online nearly 8 months ago, and if anyone if thinking about joining up to Wealthy Affiliate, I’d advise you follow the training to the letter! You won’t go too far wrong then 🙂 .

    For $0 Start Up Costs, you get to start learning about Top Industry Secrets that are sold for Thousands of Dollars Online else where!

    As a member myself, I feel really fortunate to have found WA and has definitely given me back my hope of working for myself instead of some ungrateful ill paying dead end, no hope, no joy, pointless and literally soul destroying jobs – then I die? – PHAK THAT!

    Is it easy? Yes, that is why EVERYONE IS DOING IT! Actually, I am being sarcastic. If it was really easy – everyone would really be doing it. Is it possible. NO! Its MORE than ‘POSSIBLE’ and within everyone’s reach to capitalize on the 3.75 Billion Internet Users (of which 2 Billion are Online right now like me and you) all looking for ‘something’ = why not be the bearer of that ‘something’ and get paid a small fortune for it?

    Thank you very much for an insight to how difficult it can be at times, but also, how rewarding it is when you have your own dot com, of which, I got mine a few days ago and it is BEAUTIFU!! It is going to be a roaring financial success by the end of 2018 all thanks to the training and support within WA! 🙂 !



    1. Philip, your enthusiasm is contagious! Thank you ever so much for your contribution to this forum. You are right, succeeding in business is not a race, especially when you trying to establish it on a part-time basis whilst trying to secure an income from alternative employment.
      Now, people might call us Wealthy Affiliate members bias. But you are right, of all the many avenues available online to learn the trade, Wealthy Affiliate is really the best, and most competitive. Not only for the amount of tools they offer, and the endless learning material available, but also for the fact that, when we say it’s free, that means it is REALLY FREE! Yes, there is an opportunity to grow your membership by one step only, to Premium, but you can realistically create your own website and learning how to set up and market your business completely for free. And your membership will NOT be upgraded after a trial period of one week or one month – you can remain a Starter member for as long as you like, and you upgrade only if you, and nobody else, push that button. As I say, so far I have nowhere else found any better than this!!!

  3. Hi Giulia,

    Great post. I think you summed up what all of us part time business people go through. Overwhelm at the start for sure. I was impatient and wanted income straight away. I wanted to leave my full time job and just blog.

    I had a realisation that I had to be patient and just be consistent. Worry about writing good content that people will enjoy and not worry about money. It is working now. I am committed to 1,000 words a day. That might be comments like this, starting a blog post, writing a post on Quora or whatever, but a 1,000 words a day. I am noe more consistent with my blog posts and the money is slowly coming in.

    Thanks for a wonderful post,


    1. Yes, you are right Kev, the main focus should be writing from the heart above anything else, especially when the part-time business you are trying to establish is a blog. For me it wasn’t so much being worried about monetising, but rather wanting to learn it all too soon. The balance I have stricken has finally led me to a more consistent approach to my writing, with the consequence that my business is ‘happier’ too 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by, Kev. I hope you will be back for more working from home ideas!

  4. Hi Giulia,
    Very good post, I really liked reading how you struggled, before figuring out how to better get your online business going. It is good to read of success, however, sharing that the struggle is real is very important also. It creates a much more realistic picture of how hard it can be to get your business going well and reach your goals. Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Riley, you are most welcome. I hope I am not giving the impression of wanting to put people off from starting their own online business. Because, is it hard work? Yes, but do I regret starting and do I want to hang up the gloves? Not at all. My concern, more realistically, is that people may start an online business thinking they will make money much sooner than in real life. And that is why I strongly advise that, whilst you already have a source of income, you do NOT give it up until your business, with time, becomes fully established.
      I am glad you enjoyed my post, and I sincerely hope you will visit again.

  5. Just like one has to find their niche when promoting goods. One has to also find a plan of attack that will allow all aspects of one’s life to be proficient. And that means to a perfect realistic schedule

    1. Yes, you are definitely right, Maurice. In reality different individual may need to prioritise different needs. For those lacking in confidence, it may have to be raising your target bar very high, so they can believe they can get there. For me, with my biggest limitation being not knowing my limitations (#lol but it’s true), wanting to reach too high and too soon was my downside, where I ended up pushing myself beyond my limits and becoming anxious about not being able to do it all. To me, a realistic schedule is now working much better, and more productively.
      Thank you for your input, Maurice, and please, do keep in touch 🙂

  6. This article really hits home with me.
    As a fellow online business owner it is very easy to put added pressure on yourself, like you mentioned. Finding a balance in our lives and save time for the business which will ultimately make your life easier rather than harder is difficult but very doable. I love the ” pact of consistency” you mentioned. Staying consistent and keeping your site flowing is a huge must in this game.

    Great Job on this.

    Thanks for the information


    1. Yes, I never thought of that as a ‘pact of consistency’. And I love the idea, Todd. You are right, consistent delivery of content is very much a game winner in this business, as regular visitors may perceive the lack of regular content as a lack of commitment. If we don’t show an interest in nurturing our websites and business, why should potential visitors show an interest themselves? I know I may sound a little wacky, but I firmly believe that visitors can sense our truest intentions in our content, and our honesty, and if we are in the online business with the sole aim to make money or because we genuinely want to share our knowledge and experience with others. I like to think I fall within this latter category and it would break my heart to think that my readers think otherwise.
      Thank you ever so much for passing by, and hope to hear from you again soon 🙂

  7. Hello and thanks for sharing, This business requires time just like any other business so it is good to pace one’s self and not to overdo it because we have other responsibilities and because of this-this can affect our business. Therefore it is good to have a plan so that everything can progress much smoother and in time that business will take off. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are very welcome! Yes, you are right Norman, having a plan and pace yourself is the absolute key to a healthy mind and, therefore, to a successful business. I learned it, never too soon, that you need a serenity of mind to approach a business and turn it to a successful enterprise.

    1. Thank you ever so much. And as you enjoyed my article so much, I just hope you will be back on this site to read more about working from home ideas 🙂

  8. Hello Guilia!

    You’ve written about so many pain points for me in this article. I’ve been working online since January 2017 to pay my bills. When working from home, the boundaries of family versus business versus personal time can become very blurred if you’re not careful. I’ve had times where my balance got quite tipped, and when the balance is off, it becomes stressful. I’ve also had times where I was so focused on paying my bills that I took freelance contracts for much less than my skills and experience are worth. The balance you’ve described is what I aspire to maintain continually: commitment to my family, my community thru my work, and myself. Great article!

    1. Yes Tiffany, I can relay even to well with trying to hit that fine balance and the right equilibrium to enable us to produce optimum work. When working from home the one thing you cannot afford is complacency. But then, complacency is not a thing you want to get into, as I believe it’s just the destroyer of personal fulfilment and ambition. I guess we are to keep trying to juggle work with family and with ‘me’ times 🙂
      Thank you ever so much for your valuable contribution, and I hope you will come back for more working from home ideas 🙂

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