I can make you rich – More Scam?

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Name:        I Can Make You Rich

Best Buy:  Amazon

Price:         approx. £8 Kindle edition

Author:     Paul McKenna

Amazon Rating:  4 out of 5

My Rating:  4.8 out of 5

I Can Make You Rich


‘I can make you rich’. I wish I were in such a delightful position to make you all such a presumptuous promise. But that would mean that not only I would be billionaire, but you would be too. So, who is so bold and brave to make such a weighty declaration? Well, none other than an author, whom you should know already, and who with his book “I can make you rich” claims he can not only change our way of thinking about becoming and remaining rich, but he can actually give us ideas and suggestions on how to effectively become wealthy. Yet another scam? Let’s find out more.


Why Paul McKenna, Why This Book Now

This is not the first time I have availed myself of Paul McKenna’s self-help books. In my previous review of another one of his books 3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny, I mentioned how a few years ago I used his self-hypnotic methods and the relative book to lose weight. And guess what, it did work.

It was only but natural that I may progress in my journey towards affirmation and belief growth by delving in yet another of Mr McKenna’s successful books.

The reality of it is that, since starting this process I have had massive wobbles of questioning whether I can truly become a successful entrepreneur. Don’t get me wrong, I am not encountering any more nor bigger obstacles than anybody else in establishing my online business. But sometimes to believe in yourself a little bit more is half of the battle won.

Although Paul McKenna first published this book in 2007, with a more recent newer edition recently published in 2017, I had not had the opportunity nor the time to read it nor to go through the mind exercises associated with the book itself. Now that I actually have my online business, it only made sense that I should find out if I could do more to broaden my horizon and be open to welcome success.

Who is Paul McKenna
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Now, if you have already read this book and you think it’s a lot of ‘baloney, by all means do say so – leave you comment below, so that I can hear your perspective too.

I hope you will equally leave many comments if you have read the book and you think it actually works and has made changes to your life.

But if, like me, you have not come across Paul McKenna’s enriching program, you might want to keep reading my review.


Believe And Enrich Your Life

McKenna’s premises are that, when looking at the self-made richest people in the world, such as Sir Richard Branson, to mention one but many, we need to snap out from believing that these people have been incredibly lucky, or that they are just ‘better’ than us.

That is one thing that my mind has never been able to stop thinking: such people are just more clever than me, they are a different class altogether, they have something in terms of acumen and luck which I will never have.

Such wrong premise will never get you anywhere.

McKenna believes that partly such view of the more successful people than us may have been drilled in our minds from when we were children. I believe however that even to these days, when talking to family and friends about the richest people of this world, there is hardly anybody who would think along different lines than me.

So, which direction should we take?

McKenna firmly believes that the first step to richness is in starting believing that our mind set needs to be diverted to a different way of thinking.

Firstly and foremostly we must believe that we are not any less likely to become rich than the very richest people in the world. We are not any less worthy, nor is it too late for us to allow it to happen to us too.Birth of a baby

Secondly, our first target in terms of richness is to reach that richness in quality of life and in contentment. In fact in happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, Paul McKenna does not encourage you pretend to be rich, when in fact our bank accounts are well below that red line.

On the contrary, there is a whole chapter in this book which strongly discourage to spend more than what we can afford. It advises not to use credit cards, and to keep our finances well under check. And it goes one step further by moving onto suggesting that we should stop spending and start saving actively.

Paul McKenna believes, though, that until we have reached that internal self-fulfillment and contentment, we will never be prepared to move to the next step of being able to actively work towards becoming rich.

That’s all very good, but how to practically change our mind set?


Tools And Exercises

This book was first published before 3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny. By this time, Paul McKenna had not come across the ‘havening’ technique yet. In fact his prime tool to change our inner way of thinking at this point still heavily relies on hypnotism.

If you have reach I Can Make You Thin by the same author, you will find that many techniques and exercises suggested in this latter book, which was published subsequently to I Can Make You Rich, are introduced for the first time here.

At different stages of the book you are encouraged to make lists of negative perceptions of richness, or of times when you have truly felt the happiest, i.e. for the birth of your child or marriage, or similar accomplished moments of our lives. You are then encouraged to join together your thumb and your middle fingers together as you concentrate on such happy occurrences.

It is deemed that whenever you struggle to believe in yourself, by putting together thumb and middle finger your mind will be taken back to that very moment of supreme happiness in your life.

Other exercises involve tapping with your fingers on main acupuncture points on your face, neck and hand, in order to first become neutral to negative influences about having money, and then to put your mind ‘in the money zone’.Hypnotic trance

But the main tool that Paul McKenna avails from in this book is the hypnotic process he leads you through. In the Kindle version of this book, this is accessible through an internet link. In the paperback version, the book comes with a CD.

The hypnotic session lasts approximately 20 minutes, during which you hear Paul’s voice accompanied by soothing music.

Now, for those of you who have not yet experienced Paul McKenna’s hypnotic techniques, these could not be further from the fictional hypnotic methods adopted in movies, where you see a member of an audience being hypnotized to make the sound and gestures of a chicken on a theater stage.

With Paul’s hypnosis, you are put in a state of trance, during which you are not asleep (although you may end up falling asleep). Having gone through the same technique when I was trying to lose weight, I can only describe it like you are awake, but you are not awake.

The amazing thing about it is that it is only through words mentioned, or whispered, in your ears that you reach such status of mind. Nothing else.

But the main question stands. Does all this work?


The Price

Before I move onto giving my honest opinion about all this, let’s talk about price.

I went straight for Amazon, as I have Amazon Kindle app downloaded on my iPad, and buying the Kindle version made it easier for me. Nevertheless, after due research, I have come to the conclusion that Amazon still remains the best buy if you want to grab this book.

Amazon Kindle
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There are other cheaper versions available, but I believe they are second-hand if paperback, or they miss the CD or online link for the all important link to the hypnotic session.

Amazon provides this book solely in Kindle version at this price:

  • Amazon Kindle version: £7.99

However it also offer access to second-hand or new paperback or hardcover versions through its marketplace sellers. The price here may be cheaper, or not, but normally with marketplace sellers you then have to pay hefty delivery charges.

If you don’t mind ebooks, I strongly recommend the Amazon Kindle version.


What I Like About This Book

There is a lot, really a lot, that I love about this book.

Firstly, Paul McKenna’s writing style. He writes very simplistically. I have never had the pleasure, nor the privilege, of meeting him in person – I read that in order to attend one of his hypnotic workshops, you have to be prepared to pay a lot of money, but then that’s the price you pay when things do work.

But I am diverting here.

Moving back to Paul McKenna’s writing style, I have never met him personally, but I imagine his way of writing not to be much different from the way he talks: easy going and understandable by virtually everyone. I guess his background in radio broadcasting may have helped him in this.

I am also joining the many positive reviews on Amazon, and elsewhere, in saying that, unlike other self-help books, in this book Paul gives us practical exercises to do, where, I can assure you, you end up seeing the difference to your way of thinking almost immediately.

Some reviews, positive as they may be, claim the title of this book is a play on words, as you do not end up becoming rich, but your mind becomes enriched emotionally and, why not, spiritually. Paul’s aim is to help us become rich in whatever it is that enriches us: from a happier state of mind, to then transferring that happier mind onset to practical approach of opportunities.

Without wanting to give away too much, however, the second part of the book also focuses on self-help for physically making money.

Now, many think that you cannot help others and make money at the same time. People thinking like this start from the premises that charity and a profitable business do not go hand in hand.

Well, Paul’s view is this:

“Money is one of the rewards you get for adding value to the lives of others”

But, hold on a minute, isn’t this the same foundation we find when joining Wealthy Affiliate? Oh yes it is, my friends. And that’s why I love this book: it reaffirms my very true belief that you CAN make money and help others at the same time.

Which brings me back to the very reason of this website: helping you in laying the path to a successful, and profitable, home based business.


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The only negative criticisms I have found about this book relate to the paperback version, and sometimes to the online downloadable version, where readers claim not to have received the CD with the hypnotic session, or they have not been sent the relative link.

Now, remember, throughout the book, from the very first few pages, you are regularly reminded that the whole program works only in conjunction to you listening to the hypnotic session regularly.Help

On the Kindle version, ok, initially the link was not clear to find. I started thinking that I should have received a separate email with the link to the hypnotic session. But the link never arrived.

However, as I started searching in the book, I found the link is actually present at the beginning of the book. The link works perfectly, and it actually takes you to a separate website where you find all the different hypnotic sessions for each of Paul McKenna’s books.

Possibly, a way to improve this is could be for Amazon to alert to where to find the actual link when they describe the book, so as to make clearer to potential buyers of the book.


Did It Work For Me?

After all this, do I think this book works? or is it one of the usual scams, aimed to ‘nick’ a tenner out of you in exchange of false promises?

You may think that some people are easier targets than others. You may be thinking that some are more skeptical than others to the powers of hypnosis. As they say, in order to quit smoking, or to lose weight, the premise is that you must truly want these things to happen to you.

Then again, surely we all want to become richer, in mind and in body. I believe once you are richer, more money can help you help others in so many ways: charity, or helping your family and friends.Rich



After completing the book a week ago, I am still listening to the interactive audio link nearly every day – mostly in the evening, before falling asleep.

I am not a millionaire yet. But I can see changes in me. I am more focused on my work, both online and on my part-time employed job. I am more productive, and my mind works on precise targets and on a business plan, rather than wandering aimlessly.

I have gone back becoming more ‘sociable’, by marketing my work actively again. To sum it up, I am happier in my works and more focused towards my achievements.

There are still harder and darker days than others. But I do remember to touch my middle finger with my thumb and, amazingly enough, the memory of my happier time brings me a spiritual calm and positivity, which I used to struggle to find before.

As far as I am concerned, this gentleman, Mr McKenna, really knows what he is talking about. And I shall be eternally grateful to him for helping me become a better me and a better online entrepreneur.


Name:           I Can Make You Rich

Best Buy:    Amazon

Price:           approx. £8 Kindle edition

Author:       Paul McKenna

Amazon Rating:  4 out of 5

My Rating:  4.8 out of 5

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2 thoughts on “I can make you rich – More Scam?”

  1. Great to hear that you’re starting to see results so quickly after reading this type of book. I often find that these types of self help or financial advice books can take months or even years to truly pay off in any way shape or form.

    While I certainly wouldn’t expect to get rich overnight (anything other than winning the lottery is unlikely to make this happen) it is great to hear that it is having positive impact on your focus and work ethic.

    Would you say this is worth reading before his other books with the havening technique, or should I read those first?

    1. It’s difficult to say, Craig. Having read both books, I would probably advise that you go for this one first. At the end of the day, Paul MacKenna discovered the haevening technique as a progression from hypnosis, and it’s only but fair that we follow the same path. Not only that, but I found hypnosis very successful when I tried to loose weight – it actually did work. And this book is working too! I am nowhere near Richard Branson financially, but yes, I am happier in a more focused way towards affirming my entrepreneurial efforts.
      Thanks for your interest, Craig, and do let me know how you get on with the books and if they help you in the same way as they have helped me. Cheers 🙂

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