Is Amazon Associates program worth it?

Amazon Worldwide

 Name:       Amazon

Website: (or adding the extension of your country Amazon website, i.e., etc)

Price:        FREE

Owner:  Jeff Bezos, founder of which was the first enterprise from which other countries websites took off

Rank:       90 out of 100



I have for many years been regular customer of as I have always found it extremely competitive in prices and quality since my son was younger and Father Christmas had to treat him to his first electronic games, to the present days when I use the site for my regular food supplies, toys and accessories for my border terrier Indy.

When I then decided to start my online business in an effort to find ways to earn extra income from home, I realised that Amazon was offering an affiliate program (or associate program, as Amazon likes to call it), which everyone with a selling platform could access.  

I expect it made sense. Amazon could give back a little bit of what I have been giving Amazon in the last few years. And it was no harm joining, as the scheme is free of charge.  But what gave me confidence is pursuing this avenue was the realisation that to this day Amazon is possibly the most successful e-commerce worldwide, with a reputable brand that keeps attractings customers regularly in the same way as it still attracts me.

But, how to make money with amazon associate program?amazon-earnings



Making money with amazon associate program is pretty straightforward.  Amazon Associates works on the affiliate business model, where you promote products or services and you end up earning commissions every time that a sale is generated directly as a result of your promotion.  In other words, based on the old commerce principle of selling and buying, you are the middle man (or woman indeed), you are the ‘shopkeeper’ that agrees to sell a specific brand in your shop.

The difference is that the buyer of the product or services will not have their prices inflated by your commissions.  In the case of Amazon, for instance, whether you order an item using my website Living With A Border Terrier (which I actively use to promote Amazon products specifically catered for dogs) or directly from the Amazon website, you are not going to be charged any different.  However, Amazon will reduce their profit by offering me a small commission for promoting their merchandise.



Naturally, in order to promote Amazon you need to have an online platform, or website so to speak.  Many have specific selling website, or create A-Stores which are designed to sell Amazom items.  Your website however does not have to be created purposely and solely as a selling exercise.  You can have a blog, such as my Living With A Border Terrier one, and promote Amazon items at the same time, which will of course be relevant to the subject tackled in my blog – in my case, dogs and more specifically, any items sold by Amazon that are related to the breed of border terrier.

BEWARE!!  Social media platforms are good advertisers of products and services, and you could be tempted to copy an Amazon Associates link directly on them in the hope to find the exposure that will grant you a few orders.  Most social media however do not approve of ‘naked links’, and will close your account or penalise you, unless you promote your Amazon item as part of your website page or post. 



Once you have your own website and you have set up your first few pages promoting your niche (or interest, or passion), you can apply to one of the Amazon associate programs available.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

Let me first of all clarify on this point.  Amazon was originally founded by Jeff Bezos as, based in the States.  As Amazon became more and more successful, other ‘branches’ were created locally to other countries.  The principle behind this strategy was to be able to retain competitive prices by allowing local suppliers to sell own products to the local consumer through Amazon marketplace, hence saving on delivery and on virtually inexistent export costs.

Amazon currently trades in most European countries, as well as in India, Japan, China, Brazil and Canada.  It is also about to lauch their website in Australia.  For each of these countries, Amazon has a separate website with the country extension, i.e. for Italy. for Canada, for Germany, and so on.  Each website, and each country, will have their own associate program.  When you apply to join an Amazon affiliate program, initially you may want to join the program of your own country, but this does not preclude you from joining the programs of other countries too.  Remember, your website will be visible worldwide, and no matter where you live, you are bound to come across viewers from other countries who will be interested in purchasing through your website, if you promote the product providing your own personalised and trustworthy review and if you capture your audience at their point of buying.

Once you have applied to one of the Amazon affiliate programs, Amazon will review your website to ensure it is a feasible advertising platform for their products, and they will approve your application.  From this moment, whenever you access your associate account, you will be able to copy and paste links of Amazon product directly on your website.  The link will have an ID code that is unique to you, and which enable Amazon to trace back to your website whenever a buyer purchases a product clicking on the Amazon link from your website.

And the game is on!!



Like most affiliate programs, Amazon is second to none of supporting you in your ‘job’ of advertising their products with tools.  On your affiliate program you will find links to any individual product sold on Amazon website.  Hence you are not restricted in promoting specific categories over others.

Not only that.  Amazon has banners and widgets that you can add anywhere on your website.  It also has an extensive training program where you are guided hand in hand through the process of building your own A-store, or in personalise any of the promoting tools offered to you, to cater and meet the needs of the niche that your website is centred on.

Personally, being a novice at all of this, I found most useful the user-friendly approach of any of their technical aspects.  I also have to mention that, especially at the beginning, I contacted their customer services by email, and got a detailed and easy to understand response within a few hours.  That, to me, is a selling point in an affiliate program, which makes it worth applying for.



Joining any of the Amazon Associates programs will cost you nothing – yes, Amazon Associate programs are FREE OF CHARGE!!!  

The only restriction to this perk is that, if you do not make a sale within 180 days, your account is closed.  But this does not preclude you being able to apply again, using the same website or any new ones.


Millions of items are dispatched from Amazon warehouses every day
Millions of items are dispatched from Amazon warehouses every day

On the positive side, although Amazon imposes a time limit of 180 days within which to make a sale, it is almost guaranteed that you will make a sale – and no matter how big or small the sale is, this will stop the countdown to account closing time.  And the guarantee comes from the excellent reputation Amazon holds for many decades now, and worldwide.

As a lazy shopper myself, but as an Amazon shopaholic, I can guarantee that slashed down prices like Amazon offers, no other online retailer does.  And the benefit of having your shopping delivered to your front door in addition, is another factor that contribute to Amazon having one of the biggest customer base worldwide.

It is Amazon reputation, combined with smashing and unique reviews on your website, that will guarantee you multiple sales within the 3 month time limit, to enable Amazon to keep your account open.

Not only that, but the viewer clicking on your unique Amazon link on your website will guarantee you a commission even if they end up purchasing any other product on Amazon website than the one you recommended – so long as the sale is completed within 24 hours from accessing the Amazon website through your link.  And this gives your possibility of a sale additional flexibility and better chances.

The negative of Amazon associate program is that the commission rate is not one of the highest.  Where other affiliate programs offer in the region of 15-20%, with some stretching to a generous 25% (such as Wealthy Affiliate), Amazon varies between a ridiculous 1% on home entertainment to 3% for most other products including home and improvement, to finally reaching a meager 10% for jewellery.

With Amazon, it is just the case of quantity of sales over quality, if you want to convert your advertising efforts into potential real earner.



In spite of the low commission rate, and in spite of the time limit of 3 months to make a sale in order not to have your account shut down, I do believe Amazon Associate programs are worth the effort.  And that, again, is in virtue of the fact that thanks to Amazon established and reputable position as one of the best online retailers worldwide, you will make successful sales.

Now, because of the positive experience I have as an Amazon associate on my other website Living With A Border Terrier, I feel confident in recommending this program whether you are a novice to affiliate marketing or whether you are affirmed blogger of your niche.  So, what are you waiting for?  Sign up with Amazon Associates and start making money!!!


Name:       Amazon

Website: (or adding the extension of your country Amazon website, i.e., etc)

Price:        FREE

Rank:       90 out of 100


Do share with me your experience with Amazon, or any suggestion to become a better and more successful affiliate.  Leave your comment below.  And thanks for reading!!!




22 thoughts on “Is Amazon Associates program worth it?”

  1. Hi Guilia,

    I have heard about this amazon affiliate program a year ago, but I did not bother to know more about it because of the low commission rate. However, if I could promote a product where there could be a lot of buyers, I am pretty sure those commissions will pile up and turn into hundreds of dollars.

    I am pretty sure that products for dogs is great. There’s a lot of dog lovers and they are willing to spend money in order to upkeep their pet.

    I will visit your website again to learn more about ways to make money online from home.


    1. I can assure you Larry that, if you are a dog lover and would like to share your passion for dogs in one of your websites, dog products purchased through Amazon can be a real money spinner for Amazon affiliates. Give it a though, and let me know if you need any help.
      Thanks for your interest. Giulia

  2. Hi, I am one of amazon associates and I really want to know can I add second site to same amazon associate program or should I open a new associate account?

    1. I’m ever so sorry to say, Furkan, that it doesn’t look like you can. But, once you have entered your main ‘Amazon’ website, Amazon creates a set of links and banners with your unique identifying code, which you can easily use on all your other sites.
      I hope this help, but let me know if you get stuck again.
      Thank you. Giulia

  3. As beginner in the internet world and in web design I found this page to be extremely helpful. I am excited to join up with amazon for future business opportunities and appreciate the detailed information. For someone that is only planning to promote one product, on an informational website that us geared toward service, would you still recommend it?

    1. I’m glad you found my page helpful Holly, thank you. And in answer to your question, I would do a bit of research: can Amazon offer you ‘ramification’ products or services of that very same items? Another way to use advertising of that one product in multiple ways could also be by you inserting the different links from each localised Amazon site. So, you would have the one in one page, the banner on the sidebar, the on the next post, so on and so forth.
      Let me know how you get on Holly, and good luck with your search!

  4. Hello Guilia
    Very informative post about the Affiliate program which amazon offers. I myself have been an affiliate for amazon promoting a wide variety of physical products ranging from basketball shoes to juicers and I got to say that I’m quite impressed by the affiliate business.
    The negative factor is that the commissions are not as generous as those of other platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Yes, unfortunately I must agree with you Hans when you refer to the difference in commissions between the low rate offered by Amazon, and on the opposite end of the pay scale, the extremely generous percentage offered by Wealthy Affiliate. I am not sure it is a trend reflected in most affiliate programs asking you to promote physical objects rather than services. That will be something for me to delve a little deeper after doing a bit of research. Watch this space.

  5. Hey Giulia! Amazing article! I read your article and really enjoyed it. I just wanted to thank you for this informative article!
    I was looking for some new information about amazon associates and your article gave it to me very well; there is useful information that I really didn’t know about before. I’ll definitely give it a try.
    Now I’m going to read some more articles on your website and I’m following you to see your next interesting articles )


    1. I’m glad you found my article of interest and of use, Ali. And yes please, keep following my website, as I’ve got more posts ‘cooking in the oven’!!
      Thank you.

  6. Love the content but can you share a video on how to register amazon?
    I got stuck on the 2nd page and ask a lot of question to fill in, it be great if you have a tutorial video for me to lrean how to register with amazon affiliate.
    Thank you.

    1. Very good question Kate. At the moment I am still trying to establish myself, both through the UK website where I have received commissions with a few orders since September, and through other countries’ sites, where at the moment I am getting clicks but no purchase conversion yet. It is all a matter of reviewing consistently, and of attracting as much traffic to your website as possible, which you have to be consistent in trying to gather through social media primarily.
      I hope this helps.

  7. Amazon associates program is a good way to monetize your blog, it has lots of quality products that you can promote and earn a commission from.

    Unfortunately, I can find good products to promote on my blog, what do you suggest? my blog ‘s niche is making money online, I don’t want to promote ebooks.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post!

    1. You could advise softwares, Anis, or training courses for affiliate marketing, or books even – paper based ones, I mean. And you could widen your reviewing in to the field of electronics also. Let me know how you get on.

        1. I think they are. If for argument sake, you promoted any tablet, it could be deemed useful – as it is – to work from home online as a quick access to your social media or even to work on your websites, hence to work towards making money from home. Affiliate training courses are another great solution, and even a course on how to become an Amazon associate!
          Good luck with it all!! Giulia

  8. I’ve been trying different affiliate marketing platforms and found that Amazon is the most successful in sales and also easiest to use for my niche. I’m not an expert and I’m still am learning a lot on the subject. I think that Amazon has already gained a reputation and is, therefore trusted by customers when it comes to giving credit card information. Adding links in a specific blog post is also easy. Thanks, good info for beginners.

  9. Hi Guilia,
    I always wondered how the Amazon Affiliate program really worked. Thank you for explaining it in such detail. I had no idea you had a time limit in which to produce your first sale! After reading this article, i think this is something I can take on.

    Thanks for the info!

    1. No problem at all Alicia. The time limit is something that I discovered myself, and not through the associate pages of Amazon – possibly they do not explain it that clearly? But even one order, no matter how small, will break the time limit, preventing Amazon from closing your account for a further 3 months. So, not a major issue as such, which I hope will not put you off from giving it a go. Thank you.

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