Is binary option trading safe?

I have held back from writing about binary options trading as one of the ways to earn an income at home until I found out more about it.  I have not chanced trading in binary options as yet, and that is why I needed to research more about this alternative way to earn working from home, but before talking to you more about it, my aim was to establish this: is binary options trading a good idea, and can you make money online by trading binary options?


What is binary options trading?

The name in itself gives it away.  Binary is referred to the fact that you are asked to choose on one of two options.  In the world of binary options you put a bet as to whether the value of certain assets, such as gold, or stocks or markets, will go up or down within a certain time frame.  If your prediction is correct, you will win the bet and will earn a pre-set commission.  However if you loose the bet, or rather your prediction is incorrect, you will loose the money you have invested in the bet.

Put in such terms, binary trading sounds no more no less than a pure and simple betting system – nothing brainy, more so made easier as the choice is only between one of two options, as opposed to the many chances put to you by a more sophisticated probability system.  But at the end of the day, it founds its concept on a gambling system, and as such may have no security attached to it when it comes to guaranteed earnings.  For this reason, many do not trust, or will even consider binary trading as a legit way of earning from home.

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Who can trade in binary options

Binary trading is done mostly online nowadays.  Therefore, provided you have a computer or laptop or even a tablet and a wi-fi connection, no matter where you are, you can trade in binary options.  Everybody is deemed suitable to trade.

However, you must have a minimum capital available to invest immediately.

Also, it is deemed that in order to be successful at trading in binary options, you must have done research on the ongoing trade in the value of the asset you are betting for.  So, if for instance you would like to predict which direction the value of gold is going to take within the next 24 hours, you may have done your research beforehand, also looking at recent political events in the main countries that produce and export gold and which may affect economic trends in those countries that import and resell gold for retail.  In other words, for you to become a successful binary options trader, you must have good nose for a hunch.

So, is binary options trading a scam?

Given the risky nature of this business, not many of us take lightly to such a way of earning.  In first instance, and unlike many other ways to earn whilst home based, this type of business requires an initial capital to invest.

You will be saying the same applies when you purchase stock to resell, or when you purchase a domain to build a website.  However the risk with binary options trading is seen as much higher as you do not handle physical goods, nor do you receive an immediate service in return for your investment.

However the ill reputation binary options trading has gained is due to the many fake broker companies readily available on the market.


What gives bad reputation to binary options trading

Unfortunately in the past binary trading was primarily available through broker companies that were not legit or did not pay commissions as per original agreement.  These companies were pure and utter scam – cowboys who chanced their luck on beginners to make themselves rich at the expenses of the many of us who were trying to invest their hard earned money for a chance of an extra income.

Thankfully the binary trading market has been regulated much more tightly all over the world in recent years.  Nowadays there are many reputable brokers out there, who not only offer you the opportunity to trade free of charge initially for you to get used to the system and to make yourself comfortable and learn how trading works. But many brokers these days also allow you to put your prediction with a reduced investment, unlike in the past where you could only trade, and risk to loose, higher amounts of money.


A couple of tricks up your sleeve, or three…

Now, I am no expert in this field at all.  In fact, as mentioned, I have always been sceptical about the whole affair, nor have I felt comfortable talking about binary options trading as a good way to earn from home until I have satisfied my doubts by researching.  And in the course of my research, I have come across a couple of tips or three from the expert as to how to make binary options trading less risky for you.

#1.  Do not bid more than you can afford

There is no denying that brokerage platforms are in the business to make a profit, not certainly to play even.  Another aspect of this business therefore is to bear in mind that, at the end of the day, you are dealing with a sales business where it will be in their interest to ‘encourage’ to place your bid for as high money as they can possibly squeeze from you.

Like in gambling, you must be absolutely level headed about binary options trading.  Never trade for more than you can afford.  In fact, best secret is always to go for less than for more.  Yes, admittedly by bidding for less you may miss out on the highest earnings.  But you will also miss out on the highest loss, should your prediction not be accurate on the day.

#2.  Play safe

Again, and as mentioned before, find a platform that will allow you to bid for little amounts of money.  Commissions on binary options platforms are really appealing, with winning in the region of 70-80% increase over your bet.  So, to put it plainly, if you started bidding for as little as a tenner and got your prediction right, you could see your winning nearly double up at as much as £17-18.  But remember that if you loose, you will loose a much higher percentage of 100%!  For this reason…

#3  Know when to stop!!!

It is vital that, like when gambling for fun in a casino, you know when it is a good time to stop.  So, if you are on a relatively healthy winning, just stop – do not chance your luck one too many times.  Or again, if you are really tempted, just keep bidding that one more time for a small figure.

A lot of brokers put a payout limit to your withdrawal of funds from the trading platform.  Try looking for a relatively high one, but never leave too much deposit on your platform’s account.  The more money you leave there, the more tempting it may be for you to keep bidding.  And also, it is your money at the end of the day, and by leaving it in the pockets of your broker, you will enable them to earn in interest rather than if your money sat in your bank account!!

#4.  Research, research, research

And this last tip is applicable yes, to current news of political and financial nature that could possibly have an impact on the value of the commodity you are about to bid on.  But it also apply to the platform you choose to use for your trading.  Try to go for what appears to be a reputable one.  Before you commit your money to them, however small a figure it may be, google reviews on that company and find as much information as possible about how reputable and reliable in their payments they are.


My verdict

Do not go for binary options trading if you do not feel absolutely comfortable with the idea of ‘gambling’ however little amount of money, whether that may be for ethical or religious believes, or simply due to financial hardship.

However, if you are ready to chance your luck, go for a platform that will allow you to be as cautious as you wish – for a platform where you are in control of the game, not them!

Truth be told, have I ever tried trading in binary options?  Never!  In fact, I have never traded in stock and shares markets either.  Would I ever do it?  Now I have come across IQ Options, yes I shall, given the fact that you can start trading for as small as £10!

I shall discuss the merits of IQ Options more in details in my separate review.  Rest to say that IQ Options is one of the reputable platforms I was referring to, giving you the options to trade in real time with no deposit, for you to familiarise with the system.  They use commodities with high commission percentage, therefore making your taking the risk on your deposit worthwhile.  Unfortunately they have a payout threshold of £1000, but this practice is not uncommon in financially related industries, and if you start making a substantial profit, and are prepared to bid higher figures, you can reach that payout fairly quickly.


Another chance for affiliate marketing

Admittedly, my field of expertise when it comes to making an income from home, is through affiliate marketing.  And that is the other reason why I like IQ Options.

If you believe IQ Options is a true way to make money online through binary options trading, and if you would like to give others the opportunity to earn as much as you have just done, click on the above banner and find out the high earning potentials through promoting IQ Options as the place to be when it comes to legit binary options trading!


I am sure there are many of you out there who have had a go at binary options trading and lost money, and many others who in fact are still trading successfully.  As I am still very much a newbie in the subject, I would like to find out more.  Please leave your comment below and let me know what you think of it. 

14 thoughts on “Is binary option trading safe?”

  1. Thank you for your awesome post and clarifying a few more things on the Binary trading. I did some research a bit ago on a character that like you mentioned gives this a bad name! He certainly did that and in a few countries. Knowing that there ARE Legitimate ones has me feeling a bit better. As anything on the Internet, we have both good and bad and sometimes the bad apples really spoil it for the good guys. Thanks again.

    1. Yes, that’s definitely the case Merry. And yes, this type of business is indeed riskier than most, when it comes to investing your money in a venture to make an earning from home. But, there are reputable and legitimate platforms out there. It’s just a matter of keeping looking hard, and on reading reviews.

  2. Wow great article about binary options. I am into options aswell (not binary options though). I never really was sure if I could trust binary option brokers before. But your post really gave me a better understanding of the subject. So thanks for that!

    1. Im glad I could be of service Los. And yes, you are right, there are a lot of dodgers out there, and you can never be too careful. Like with everything, especially as you are trying out different ways to make a living from home, I think the secret may be in starting slow but sure.

  3. Hi, Giulia, today a definitely learned something new I never knew about binary before but you explained so well in this blog that I went trough till the end also I find the video explains very well what is all about it thank you for this great information Renato.

    1. You are most welcome Renato. I’m glad to hear you got the gist of this form of trading. And by all means, do let us know if you going to give it a try!

  4. I agree with you, binary options just seem like gambling. You may as well just take your money and bet on red or black on the roulette table, it would be easier and has the same odds. That said, people are just hungry for simplicity in investment, and eager to make money easily/instantly. That’s why binary options continue to be popular, I think. thanks for the informative article and recommendation!

    1. Funnily enough Penny, since writing my post I have started trading on the IQ Option demo account – I thought I should give it a go before writing more about it. And what struck me is the simplicity of the system. But, so far I’ve not done very well at all. So, I might hold onto my money for a little longer!

  5. This is not the first time I hear about binary options trading. In fact, I have done some research about it. I have to admit it’s tempting but it’s not for me. I’m not comfortable with gambling and that’s basically what it is. Nonetheless, you’ve provided your readers with good tips to follow if they decide to give this a try.
    Very well organized article.

    1. Thanks Chris. And yes, you are right, it’s a form of earning which, if you don’t feel comfortable with it, you must not try. Many people, including myself, have doubts about it.
      Since writing my post, I have started trading on a dem account, and I must admit, the results are not encouraging enough for me to use my own money on it. Some people just don’t have that hunch, and I fear I may be one of them! 🤣

  6. Like you I have to look more into binary trading options. However, I do think it deserves study. I know a lot about Forex and I know there are a lot of software that will send you binary signals indicating when to place a trade or indicating a change in a trend.

    I wrote, a review on a new affiliate program out called Forex Entourage and I am almost sure they are offering a binary signal software. Now whether this is the same as Binary trading, I don’t know. However, I love the financial industry.

    Although it is very volatile, with enough training and practice, you could make a lot of money. When it comes to binaries, the one thing I know is it is all about timing. If anyone wanted to get into trading, I always direct them to the Forex. I learned what I know using this site called The more and more you study anything in that industry, you will come across more information about Binary stuff … options, trading, and signals.

    I will be checking back to see what more you find out.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Shonna, your advice is really useful. And I suspect it won’t harm to give it a try, by bidding for really small figures. This way, yes your earnings may be lower when you win, but your losses may be also reduced, hence less damaging.
      And yes, please do keep in touch. The more information we can share, the less risky the game becomes.

      1. I believe that’s what makes cryptocurrency trading so popular and so more appealing than binary option trading. With the latter you need to have a deeper knowledge and understanding of economics and of trading market trends and the socio-political forces that guide them internationally. Cryptocurrency is almost a ‘cartoon’ currency system. It almost feels as if it were fake currencies. But the beauty of it is that you give it a go, and with time end up earning a bit – and sometimes a big bit – of money. Check out my take on cryptocurrency here if you want.

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