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A while back I was approached by one of my dear WA friends, who asked me if I wanted to join CTFO business opportunity. If in the past I may have accepted the offer blindly, or not aware enough of the pros and cons of this proposition, now I had to make my research to find out more about it. My main question was this: is CTFO a scam?

I have now been an independent associate of CTFO for over two months, and can therefore tell you more about CTFO with a little bit more of authority, knowledge and experience. So, today I present to you my unique take.

Name: CTFO

Price: Completely FREE

Founder: brothers Stuart and Steve Finger

My Rating: 95 out of 100 – as near perfection as I have come across


What Is CTFO

In not too many words, CTFO (acronym for Change The Future Outcome) is an MLM company selling CBD based products.

Working together with the big CTFO family

The company was founded and put together by the Finger brothers a few years ago and targeted the wellness market. They eventually decided to join forces with another group of very experienced and successful network marketing gurus to design a sound and fool proof business plan, where all associates may become successful and, why not, make money in bucketfuls.

However, CTFO focus is not on money making. CTFO vision is – quote – ‘to empower people in business, health and serving others; demonstrating the Good News with quality, integrity and generosity’.

And CTFO has achieved that by recognising the wellness brought by the latest natural solution: CBD.

So, before I get into the fine combed details of how CTFO works, and why you should not hesitate in joining it, let me tell you a little bit more about CBD.


Why CBD? What Is CBD?

I am most passionately against the use and the dealing of cannabis, or as it is better known, ‘weed’.Hemp plant

Unless medically prescribed, the use of cannabis is classed as a minor crime. Equally, dealing or selling cannabis is illegal in most countries around the globe.

Personally, I do support the criminalisation of ‘weed’ for two main reasons.

Firstly, it has an addictive effect and causes dangerously psychotic episodes, which affect users’ mental health (and in this it’s no different from any other class A illegal drug).

But, on a more personal level, having lived for many years next to neighbours, who use weed regularly, I find weed an utter nuisance for people like me and my family, who have to breathe the acrid smell of weed in my house – such smell is so strong and persistent, to linger in your rooms for up to half an hour after somebody has smoked weed in the proximity of your property.

I am not going into the politics as to whether legalising weed could solve these issues.

On the other hand, I am here to tell you that CBD IS NOT THE ILLEGAL DRUG KNOWN AS WEED.

Let me show you a video, below, to tell you why CBD is different from weed and why it is good for you:

You may be thinking that CBD is the current trend in health care and wellbeing. And as such you may be tempted to believe that, like with all fashionable crazes, it’s a bubble soon destined to burst.

I am sorry, my friends, but I totally disagree!

These are only a few of the ailments CBD can help manage:

  • pain, including high levels of pain caused by fybromyalgia
  • seizures
  • ill effects of cancer treatment
  • weight control
  • skin conditions, such as eczema
  • aging process
  • PMS and menopause symptoms
  • symptoms of PTSD
  • symptoms of ADHD

and many more conditions.

CBD is nowadays recognised internationally as having anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, and as such it is as particularly indicated to slow down the aging process, and combat pain derived by inflammation of the bones, such as arthritis.

The problem is that a barrier is still to be broken amongst those people, who mistake CBD with the marijuana derived from the same plant, which on the other hand contains the THC chemical compound classed as illegal drug.


CTFO Mission

This is where the mission of CTFO, and its core values, generate from.

I hope you can read through the two pictures above. If not, by clicking on each of them you will be redirected to the actual CTFO website, where you can find out more about CTFO mission statement and its value.

CTFO is a company that cares to reinstate well-being and remove suffering. It also cares to make sure that anybody joining its business scheme will be successful in an honest and ethical manner, by dealing with a high quality and all natural product, yet retailed at very affordable prices.

But CTFO also cares for its teams of associates by offering a compensation plan with high returns for the individual, therefore by acting with maximum integrity and trustworthiness.


CTFO Compensation Plan

Ok, admittedly there are so many MLM companies claiming you can earn astronomical figures if you join their business plan. ‘Can’ is the key word there. In an ideal world, we all can become millionaires, provided we fulfill certain conditions.

The conditions are normally the fact that we have to invest in the company first, in order to potentially making some money out of it. And normally the earnings are only a percentage of what you monthly payments are. Which means, you will only start falling in the profit zone by selling the product to the mass.

This is achievable, in principle and in time. But in the meantime, you are still required to make monthly or yearly payments.


This means that you don’t need to pay a penny to join the scheme, nor do you need to make any purchase of the product. But every week you will be paid 20% on any sales made by your direct customers or through your associates’ sales.

Now, believe me when I say I have come across many online marketing programs, quite a few of which tried and tested. I can fairly certainly say that, so far, the only other program I have come across, which pays as generously as this is Wealthy Affiliate, where Starter members are paid £11.75 per month for each monthly paying referral they get.

But, the ‘piece de resistance’ of this compensation plan (and that’s where my knowledge of French starts and ends) is in the fact that CTFO pays commission to 100% of its value.

This means that CTFO profits derives solely from the sales of CBD or non-CBD products. CTFO does not retain any of the commissions. Nor does it make money from the enrollment process of associates.CTFO pays commissions weekly

This is where CTFO stands out from the crowd of other network marketing enterprises, who normally do sell a product (hence they are deemed ‘legit’), but they also charge a membership. Remember what I said about MLM companies, and how you can never be too careful when choosing who to go with?

This means that, as an associate, you too will only make money from the sales of your sub-team referrals. Because nobody joining CTFO will ever be charged a penny for the privilege.

Now, if you have 20 minutes of your time to spare, have a look at the CTFO compensation plan video. Surely, you will want to hear it from the horse’s mouth how it all works, before taking the all important step to join into your new business venture!


Who Can Join CTFO

I am extremely mindful that there are so many people out there who, like me a couple of years ago, do want to start making money working from home. Like me all those months ago, they have heard online possibilities are endless, but they don’t know where to start from.

And that is why I try to go for programs, where no previous experience is required.

CTFO is not different from other programs in this respect.

Everybody with a joint account, hence provided you are 18 years of age (I am not sure they would accept to pay commission to student bank accounts), can become an independent associate.

You do NOT need any previous experience in online marketing.

Nor do you need to know how to build a website to promote your CBD business. Because CTFO gives you your own unique website, which you can refer potential customers to, so they can make their purchases.


CTFO Tools And Training

If all this were not enough to prove how committed CTFO is to us associates, its business partners, CTFO has more to offer.

As you sign in, you are given access to your own back office website, where you can find an array of PDF and video documents, which will support you with any enquiries you may have, or which you can use to answer any question your direct customers or sub-team members may have.

The back office website is also where you are going to find all necessary information about each and every product available to buy from your main website. There you will find the labels of each product, as well as the ingredients and the mode of use.

CTFO offers weekly webinars

But what has blown me away so far is the fact that at least a couple of phone call webinars from either one of the management board of the company or from guest speakers, teaching us how to best promote the company and CBD.

As a self-taught entrepreneur, I value such golden opportunities to learn more and more. And, if I can hardly meet the live webinar due to time zone difference, I can always go back to my back office to listen to the webinar again on recorded mode.

Finally, I have to say this, once again the support other associates and your enroller give you are second to none. Again, the community spirit of wanting to help each other out is unparalleled – just like with Wealthy Affiliate. You are contacted regularly – normally with an email a day – from your enroller, or from a team leader, or even directly from CTFO with promotional material and with ideas on how to best market your business.

You are given your own business to run, but you never feel abandoned to your own devices. Which means, if you are already experienced in online marketing, you’ll know what works best for you; but if you are a newbie and not quite sure how to move forward, CTFO will guide you step by step through the various motions and give you innovative ideas to promote your business.


Is CTFO A Scam?

I agree, it is ever so difficult to find an ethical program in a sea of sharks. And that’s why, where I can, I like to try out a program before reviewing it for you.

I have now tested this program long enough to say, without a shadow of the doubt, that CTFO IS NOT A SCAM.

CTFO is thumbs up for me

Let me be clear. If you expect to start making money from CTFO, you are wrong.

But this is the actual principle of integrity of all honestly committed online ventures. If you come across a business proposition promising to make you money overnight, steer clear, because that is certainly a con.

Like with all self-employed home-based ventures, you need to allow time for the brand you promote becomes an online authority.

In this case, the advantage, however, is that you represent a brand which is already highly reputable and recommended. So, even if sales and commission are not going to happen overnight, it should not take you too long before seeing the first earnings.

And if initially you may have to work a little harder to affirm your CBD business, soon enough you will find that, through repeat orders by your customers or by your sub-team customers, you will start earning a passive income while you sleep!

I truly highly recommend you join CTFO. It is genuinely an amazing place to be and to do business with. These are the people you want in your business life!


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