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When writing online blogs, the strength of your written piece is given by its content as well as by powerful keywords – if you have missed it, have a look at my page on How To Write With Keywords to find out more.  In my quest to learn how to write blogs that would reach to the top of the main SEO rankings , when I started my online business some 18 months ago, finding out a strong keyword was my worst nightmare.  I have since then used several systems and research platforms.  Amongst others, I came across Jaaxy, and wanted to find out more about it.  Several reviews have questioned: is Jaaxy a scam?  Today, I would like to unveil the truth about what Jaaxy is all about.

Name:       Jaaxy

Website:   www.jaaxy.com

Price:       Trial version FREE, Pro $49 per month, Enterprise $99 per month

Owners:  Kyle & Carson (same owners of Wealthy Affiliate)

Rank:       95 out of 100

Jaaxy, the best SEO research tool

What prompted Kyle and Carson, the founders and co-owners of Jaaxy, to choose such funny word to name a keyword research tool, for the life of me I do not know.  But after testing Jaaxy on the ’30 FREE’ trial, what I know for sure is that Jaaxy is the best SEO research tool available on the market.

If you have ever tried other platforms, the most painful thing about ‘playing about’ with keywords is the fact that you have  to manually find a strong one, or a set of keywords in a sentence, also called ‘long tail’, whilst at the same time interpret the statistical data that those systems are dishing out to you.

You ought to be a pro to be able to interpret all those data!!!  Quite off putting if you ask me.  If I am trying to set up an online business whilst learning how to do so along the way, but then find a platform that only speak professional jargon, how on earth am I ever going to learn?!?!?!  Those platforms are not designed to be user friendly, but, if you ask me, rather elitist.

Jaaxy is not like that.

The greatness of Jaaxy stands in the fact that it presents to you monthly searches and traffic against potential competition in an extremely user friendly way.  Let me show you in the below picture:

Jaaxy keyword search results
Jaaxy keyword competition results are no longer incomprehensible jargon.


What can you do with Jaaxy

Here’s what Jaaxy offers us:

  • Keyword search
  • Alphabet soup
  • Saved list facility
  • History search
  • Analytical search
  • Brainstorming
  • Site ranking

Yes, as well as searching for keywords, Jaaxy enables us to save our most successful keywords in brainstorming lists which we can then get back to for our future blogs.  You can also search keywords by your individual search history or by SEO or competition analysis.

But let me tell you a little bit more about a couple of functions that make Jaaxy unique: the alphabet soup and the site ranking.

Alphabet soup:

With this feature Jaaxy asks you to type in the search bar a word, or a group or 2 or 3 words at most, and comes up with a suggestion of sentences you can use your chosen 2 or 3 words in.  You can then check out through the Search function, how strong the sentences proposed are going to be, based on monthly traffic and search figures versus competition.

Normally, you would do the ‘alphabet soup’ search manually by going on Google and trying out all the different sentence options by inserting each letter of the alphabet to see which sentence Google proposes to you.  Jaaxy does all this for you.

Site ranking:

This facility is something that truly is unique for a keyword search tool.  Again, there are specialised online platforms which, for a fee, will tell you how your site is ranking.  But these sites are not keyword search tools.  They merely give you a ranking classification.  Jaaxy offers this as part of an overall package encompassing all the different functions.

Jaaxy site ranking
Find out on Jaaxy your site or competitor sites rank on the 3 may SEOs


In the picture above, you can see how this very review is currently ranking on the three main SEO platforms.  5th on Google first page, just a little achievement which I go quite proud of 🙂

Three different memberships

OK, let’s cut to the chase.  Jaaxy offers a FREE trial which enables you to test drive the platform by allowing you 30 searches at no cost.  On the 30 Free version, you can make up to 30 searches of any nature for free; these can be keyword searches, alphabet soup searches or even site rank searches, but each of them count for one of the 30.

But Jaaxy, like all good websites, does build maintenance costs in the background, by those guys who compile the list of unlimited keywords used in the most prominent SEO search bars, such as the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo.  So, in order to keep Jaaxy alive, Kyle and Carson have put together another two levels of memberships, which for a monthly fee offer their members additional benefits.  So, here’s the breakdown of what you can get from Jaaxy:

Jaaxy price structure
Here’s how much more you can get when you upgrade to Pro membership

I am currently on the Pro membership, where all the options that I could use for free have now become unlimited or enhanced:

Jaaxy Pro Upgrade

As you can see, the Pro option comes at $49 per month.  But if you want to take advantage of the yearly subscription for a total of $499, you will save a further $89 per year – yes, you heard, $89 PER YEAR!!!

Jaaxy Lite for Wealthy Affiliate Premium members

I have mentioned that Kyle and Carson, founders of Jaaxy, are the same winning couple that also own Wealthy Affiliate.  As such, it only made sense that in the long run they would make it easier for Wealthy Affiliate member to access Jaaxy than for external users.

Jaaxy integrated into WA
Wealthy Affiliate members can now access Jaaxy instead of the WA keyword search tool.

So, here’s the ground breaking novelty.

As of mid December last year, Wealthy Affiliate members can access Jaaxy directly from the Wealthy Affiliate platform, searching for competitive keywords in the same way as they would have been able to do using the now obsolete Wealthy Affiliate keyword search tool.

But there’s more.

Jaaxy wanted to reward Wealthy Affiliate Premium members, who pay a monthly or yearly fee to Wealthy Affiliate, by creating an additional free Jaaxy membership: Jaaxy Lite.

Jaaxy Lite
Jaaxy Lite is the new middle membership only available to WA Premium members.

As you can see from the above chart, Jaaxy Lite offers the advantage of unlimited searches and much higher allowance for Site Rank searches, but all for FREE.

Now, you tell me, as an active blogger, how can anyone resist this offer?  You sign up to Wealthy Affiliate to learn the online business and to become an online entrepreneur, and gain access to a free keyword search tool which also offers you SiteRanking tracking!

I challenge you to finding me a better keyword tool than this, and to leave your comment below if you do.  I surely will be interested in your findings 🙂

Jaaxy, learning and training tools

The beauty of Jaaxy is that, unlike with other platforms, it does teach you and explains to you how to get by on the platform.

Jaaxy has an extensive library of useful videos which walk you through the various tabs and functions.  I believe this to be the best way to teach newbies, or near newbies like me, how to get yourself acquainted with a new system at a time when you really do not know what you are doing – or not much.  At the same time as explaining, Kyle, the PR guru of the co-owners, does also talk you through more in details on what keywords or alphabet soup are, and how best they should be used to the advantage of your website.

In addition, both Kyle and Carson and their team of keywords experts keep posting regular blogs on the website which keep us up to date with the latest trends in the world of keyword search and use, as well as on how to best benefit from the many different uses we can make of Jaaxy.

It really feels to me that Jaaxy wants us to take the best advantage of the tool, given the fact that we are paying customers after all.

Jaaxy affiliate program – spread the word

If you have learned anything about me by now, you will have noticed my soft spot for affiliate programs.  That is my line of work as an online entrepreneur.  Therefore I could not overlook the brilliant, and generous, affiliate program offered by Jaaxy.

Very similar to the Wealthy Affiliate program (not a coincidence, given that the founders are the same winning couple Kyle and Carson), the Jaaxy one offers the following commissions:

Jaaxy affiliate program
Jaaxy has one of the most generous affiliate programs I have ever come across/

But with Jaaxy you do not have to be a Pro or Enterprise member.  You can promote Jaaxy whilst being on your 30 Free trial yourself, and for any 30 Free referral you get, you will be rewarded with an additional 10 free searches.

And you can advertise Jaaxy literally everywhere.  Not only on your niche related website, but also on your Twitter or Facebook accounts.  Or you can create a blog talking about the true beauty of Jaaxy on any niche related forum and then link your blog on other major social media account, such as G+ or Pinterest.

As I often mention, affiliate marketing is the winning card when it comes to online business.  And Jaaxy is a winning card when it comes to commissions and rewards.

Is Jaaxy a scam? – My verdict

As its Premium member, I have free access to Jaaxy directly from the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  And, as a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I have access to the middle membership Jaaxy Lite.  I use Jaaxy every day, as it is most comprehensive and accurate in its search for successful and competitive keywords and alphabet soup sentences.

So, why did I also subscribe to Jaaxy Pro?

For a start, Jaaxy offers a more broken down analysis of your search result – all again user friendly presented.  But the reason why I am with Jaaxy is because, whether you are a 30 Free member or a Pro member, Jaaxy offers a more comprehensive package – one that with other platforms you are not offered all at once under the same umbrella, and certainly not for as little as $19 a month!!!

All very good, but, like with all other keyword search tools, how do we know that Jaaxy does not make up the outcome of those searches.  In other words, is Jaaxy a scam?

Absolutely NOT!!

The genuine value of Jaaxy can be compared to a good restaurant.  A successful restaurant is the one where its returning customers recommend it to friends and family for the good food it serves and its varied but always high standard menu.

I can safely say that Jaaxy is 100% tried and tested, ranking regularly on page one of the likes of Google when searching for keyword search tools online for a number of years since it was founded in 2012.  And I would say, this is the proof of the pudding.  It is the level of customers recurrently using Jaaxy that makes this platform so successful, hence helps it rank top.  If Jaaxy customers are happy to keep paying to use its facilities, surely that speaks for itself in confirming Jaaxy reputable success as THE BEST SEO SEARCH TOOL.

Name:       Jaaxy

Website:   www.jaaxy.com

Price:       Trial version FREE, Pro $19 per month, Enterprise $49 per month

Owners:  Kyle & Carson (same owners of Wealthy Affiliate)

Rank:       95 out of 100


Do you want to build a reputable and successful online business, but do not know where to start from?  Learn with Wealthy Affiliate University.  Find out how to join here:


14 thoughts on “Jaaxy – the best SEO research tool”

  1. Jaxxy definitely sounds like it will make keyword research more productive for me too. Sometimes I struggle for hours trying to find that one special golden keyword.

    How long have you been using Jaxxy yourself Giulia? Have you also reviewed other keyword programs. Do you use the keyword tool from Google Adsense at all. The Adsense tool is what I have been using.

    1. The only ones I use regularly are Jaaxy and the one keyword tool from the Wealthy Affiliate platform, where I am member.  I am planning to review other tools for sake of comparison though.  I like to thing that my readers will be put before as many options as possible for an informed decision.  

  2. Hello GiuliaB,

    Great post on Jaaxy, I think you did a great job on explaining what it has to offer and how it can benefit any marketer in terms of SEO. I agree that it is the #1 keyword tool and that it is very user friendly. The only thing I would suggest is that you read over your post again and fix little mistakes in grammar. Other than that, I think you did a great job.


  3. Hi Giulia,
    Great Post!Thank you so much for putting up the in-depth review about Jaaxy.
    I was looking into Jaxxy and I’m glad I ran into your review. SEO start with proper keywords research, but I always get confused with these stuff. I just sign up for the Jaxxy Free trial. I don’t know how to do it the right way. Do you have any step by step video tutorial about it?
    I’ll bookmark your site and come back for more tips.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my review, Maud, and that you intend to come back. Jaaxy actually has an extensive collection of video training that will explain to you what to do next and how to navigate on the website – and the videos, under the ‘Training’ tab on the grey top bar, are accessible on your trial account. I learnt from the Jaaxy videos as well. I hope this help, but let me know if you need further directions, so I can contact you directly.

    1. As mentioned, Laura, till recently I only used the free keyword tool available to Wealthy Affiliate Premium members. But now I found Jaaxy, I can see its versatility. That tool is an amazing toy to play keyword search with!! ☺️😊

  4. Thanks for a very complete and detailed review. Over the years I have tried a few ways of doing key word research and have not really been happy with any of the free ones. They are clunky to use, and making sense of the data in a meaningful way is hard.

    I like the pricing of Jaaxy.

    Have you any thoughts on Long Tail Keyword Pro, it’s another tool I considered, but pricey I think. The pro plan is $67 per month.

    1. I should definitely look into the tool you suggest, Nick. But frankly, for the privilege of paying $67, I can get the same performance on long tail keywords from Jaaxy, for virtually free.
      I’m glad you found Jaaxy price structure competitive. I suggest you give Jaaxy a go more in depth. Play with it, so to speak – you’ll find more help than meet the eye when it comes to the all-inclusive world of keywords!

  5. Hi, thank’s for the great review. I have tried Jaxxy for free some time ago but used up my 30 free searches. Now I see this I remember how nice it was working with Jaaxy. I now think I will get the pro version.
    I went on working without a keyword tool due to all the programs are quite costly and the free ones don’t help a lot. But now I think I will have to upgrade my tools a bit.

    1. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed working on Jaaxy and found it of help towards your online content. But, bear in mind, if you are a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, you can can get the free Lite membership on Jaaxy too!!

  6. Jaaxy is a one-stop-shop for anything keyword and ranking related. No other keyword search tool comes close. I’ve been using Jaaxy for over a year now and with the updates from Wealthy Affiliate, this tool becomes even more valuable.

    Great review article, Giulia!

    1. Thank you ever so much, Sue, I am glad you can see the use of Jaaxy as much as me. I couldn’t agree more when you say that Jaaxy is the #1 choice for keyword search tool. There are so many other tools available online, and we could all be tempted by the glamour of empty promises. The proof of the pudding with Jaaxy, I expect, is the fact that so many people have tried and tested it and they come back with massively positive feedback. In my opinion, positive feedback speaks for itself when it comes to reassurance 🙂

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