My Review of IQ Options Affiliate Program

Granted, I am well overdue publishing my review of IQ Options. I first mentioned IQ Options as one of the best and most trustworthy trading platforms when I introduced the concept of binary options trading as another revenue alternative when working from home.

Today, however, I would like to talk to you about IQ Options as one of the best binary options affiliate programs currently available on the market, if not the very best binary options affiliate program. So, without further ado, let me present to you my IQ Options affiliate review!!


Name: IQ Option Affiliate Program


Price: FREE

Founder: DMITRIY ZARETSKIY (also current CEO)

Rank: 85 OUT OF 100

IQption affiliate program

First Off, The Legalities

First of all, let me clarify to you a vital point of IQ Options, linked to the nature of this website. So, let me deal with the all important legalities, and get them over and done with.

As with any of my reviews and articles, I find it paramount to research as best as I can, in order to give you factual information as best as I can. Naturally enough, and more so given the very delicate nature of binary option trading, I more so wanted to be sure of what I was going to talk to you with regard to IQ Options.IQ Options Legalities

I contacted IQ Options and was in touch with them quite a few times, to find out what makes this platform so successful, but also as to what I was and not allowed to talk about.

No, don’t get me wrong. IQ Options does not have a secret codicil that members sign up to closely keep locked away.

On the contrary, IQ Options are quite clear and open about their terms and conditions, and make every effort in ensuring their platform users are aware.

It turns out that, as per terms and conditions of IQ Options, it is prohibited to advertise trading on IQ Option as a work from home revenue or as a way to make money and achieve financial freedom.

You can understand why they put a halt to this. Binary options trading is a risk business, and a business that requires a minimum capital to start off with. Online trading also requires a back-up capital, should you lose that initial deposit.

Hence the reason why IQ Options cannot condone and encourage the use of their trading platform as a means to start up a home based business, which may preclude you not having that back up capital to sustain potential losses.


My Passion For Affiliate Programs

By now, you should know how passionate I am about affiliate marketing.

I am writing this review on a Bank Holiday Monday, which is non-working day in UK. And I am having my whole family telling me how sad I am to spend my day off doing work instead of taking it easy.

But affiliate marketing for me is a passion, not a job. However, it is a passion that brings in an income!

You can see, therefore, how I do like to join partnership with good affiliate programs. In fact, dare I say, with some of the best.

I believe IQ Options offers an affiliate program that is none the second to the high reputation of this company for its trading platform facilities.

With IQ Options, not only you can earn an income using its trading area, but you can make money by becoming its affiliate too.


What Do You Promote With IQ Options Affiliate Program

By being an IQ Option affiliate, you will promote and encourage visitors to your website to join the trading platform. In other words, you will attract potential traders to use the IQ Options program.

IQ Options advises to use your own website as the best media to do so, but posting on social media and using paid for campaigns, such as Bing Ads or Google Adsense, or with video trainings.


The Sub-Affiliate Program

IQ Option also has a Sub-Affiliate Program for those people who do not promote the trading business, but the actual affiliate program. For these affiliates, the commission payment plan will be slightly different, but equally extremely competitive.IQ Sub-Affiliate Scheme

Marketing Tools

IQ Options values its affiliates as much as its traders. This is easily demonstrated when you compare the amount of promotional tools available on their dashboard.

As you register as an affiliate – whether direct affiliate, or sub-affiliate – your new account will prompt you to go through the legally required verification process. You will be asked to complete your profile, choose a method of payment, and go through the usual steps required by similar financial / affiliate related websites.

However, once you access your own dashboard, you are presented with a host of promotional material, which ranges from banners, to unique links for promoting the different financial activities available on IQ (such as binary trading, crypto trading, etc.).

You are also assigned to your own personal manager (a person, NOT a robot!!!) who will guide you through possible unclear steps and clarify any doubts you may have about increasing traffic improving the quality of your traffic, how to increase your conversion rate, and any other questions that you cannot find in the already detailed FAQ section.

IQ Options are quite clear in not making available additional promotional offers to their affiliates, as they claim they already offer a commission plan that is far more competitive than other financial affiliate programs currently available.

So, let’s find out how truly competitive they are.


Let’s Cut To The Chase – Commission Plan

Let’s admit it, this is probably the bit that we are all most interested in.

There are two types of commission schemes, depending on whether you are an affiliate of the actual trading platform, or whether you are a sub-affiliate.

  • For affiliates recruiting traders, this is how it works:

IQ Options Affiliate Commission Plan

The levels available stretch to 8, where if you reach the top 10 affiliates, IQ are prepared to negotiate ad hoc rates.

  • For sub-affiliates, the commission rates work like this:

IQ Option Sub-Affiliate Commission

OK, this is not as generous as being an affiliate, but you can taste the market waters by becoming a sub-affiliate to start off with, to then increase your potentials by starting promoting the actual trading side of this business.

I haven’t had the chance and opportunity to compare these rates with similar programs, but at first glance they indeed look as generous as IQ claims!

Payments are made via 6 different payment websites, including WebMoney and Yandex. If you reach your Level 5 in sales revenue, you can ask to be paid by bank transfer.

Payments are processed twice a month.


How Do I Feel About It

Let me tell you what I think about this affiliate program, and why I rated it only 85 out of 100.

Thumbs Up

There is much to be positive about this affiliate program. For starter you can’t deny the fact that the commission rate is truly good and generous.Thumbs Up

Believe me, when it comes to promotional material, the layout of the dashboard, the list of easy to read FAQs, and the personal assistance lent by your manager (mine responded within 24 hours every time I contacted her), this program is very good.

As mentioned, I can even understand how I may have been restricted from promote the actual trading platform. As I said in my article on binary trading, trading in stocks or shares and forex, or even in binary options, is risky after all. For nothing else, the UK governing body for binary options has transferred to the Gambling Commission from September 2017, rather than the Financila Conduct Authority.

What I Do Not Like

I don’t like the fact that PayPal is not included as secure payment method for affiliates. Nor that bank transfer is solely reserved to high earners.

And ultimately, unless you are an expert yourself in binary options and in commodity trading, I feel this field of business affiliate might prove harder than expected in sealing sales.IQption affiliate program banner

This is not necessarily a direct result of IQ affiliate program, mind you. In fact, I still believe that amongst the so many affiliate programs available online, this is probably one of the safest ones.

However, I do believe that, in order to work in such a high field of expertise, you must implement a stronger marketing campaign.

Am I trying to say this affiliate program is not worth the effort? NOT AT ALL!!

With the appropriate approach, this field can be very rewarding.

So, let me know how you feel about joining this program. You may already be an IQ affiliate, in which case it would be brilliant to hear your testimony as to how successful you have been so far. Or you may have concerns about the rate of success. Either way, do drop a line in the below comment area. I shall reply to all of you as soon as I possibly can.


Name: IQ Option Affiliate Program


Price: FREE

Founder: DMITRIY ZARETSKIY (also current CEO)

Rank: 85 OUT OF 100



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