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What is the reality of working from home?  What are the benefits of working remotely?  A few months ago I wrote about the benefits, and disadvantages, of telecommuting.  Indeed telecommuting could be a compromise between the fear of working from home on a self employed basis, and the disadvantages of having to go to a work place, such as an office, when you work for an employer.

Recently, though, I have had the opportunity to see with my own eyes what is the reality of working from home when still employed in a corporate environment.  What I witnessed was a real eye opener, and what I have discovered I would like to share with you today.


When The Beast From The East Hit UK

It's fair to say that snow and UK infrastructure do not walk hand in hand
It’s fair to say that snow and UK infrastructure do not walk hand in hand

The UK based of you will remember the wintry weather we had a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, it was the beginning of March, but the whole of UK – like the rest of Europe on the other hand – was being hit by the ‘Beast From The East’, or rather by a wave of snowy conditions that plummeted this country to -0C temperatures.

As per usual when we have snow in UK, or at least in the southern part of the country, roads and public transport come to a stand-still.  It really feels as if this country had never seen snow before.  Schools shut down, and commuters have to add hours to their daily travels to work and back.

The long and short of it is that my husband, who normally commutes to London to work, was allowed to work from home for the whole week.

This was brilliant news!!!  That meant that not only he would be spared the painful journey to and from work, but he would not fall behind schedule with his projects.

This also meant that, should the roads or train runs prevent him from getting to work altogether, he did not have to take time off.

But, the reality of it was quite different.  And I witnessed it immediately from the first day.


The Harsh Reality Of Working Remotely

Click on this picture to find out how to organise your working day at home
Click on this picture to find out how to organise your working day at home

My husband was literally on his laptop, working uninterruptedly from 8am till 7pm for virtually the whole week.  He was either on the phone or on Skype talking to his colleagues or with his boss.  He was on conference call several times.  By his own admission, he was working harder than when he was in the office!

As he explained to me, now he was at home, he felt he had to prove he was not taking it easy.  He worried his bosses may think he may sit in front of the telly soaking up in day tv programs, or (perish the thought!!) he may have taken the dog out for his morning walk.

No, my husband is not the most conscientious of workers.  He likes what he does, but he is no workaholic at all.

Not only that, but I could see there a concerted effort by everybody to declare their transparency in making themselves available for the entire day.

I also realised the logistic need to keep communication flowing through email exchanges, as it would not have been necessary, had the whole team be sitting and working under the same roof.


Are There Any Benefits Of Working From Home?

You may be thinking that a work-at-home situation may only appeal to an older person, who has lost the enthusiasm and the appeal to be part of the more ambitious corporate world.  You may be thinking working from home may be more suited to people with disability, as it may avoid them leaving the more comfortable domestic environment specifically designed in aid of their disabiltiy.

Allow your fears to become irrelevant
Allow your fears to become irrelevant

You may be thinking that working at home is the answer to the problem that many young families face of increasing child care costs.  But when picturing yourself away from the office comradic athmosphere, having to stay at home and trying to do some work whilst at the same time managing child care for crying babies or noisy toddlers, that’s when temptation takes the best of you and you vouch never in a million years  to have a family!!!

Some associate working from home with the following stereotypical images:

  • getting lazier
  • no more work related social life
  • starting neglecting own appearance
  • starting putting on weight
  • becoming progressively unproductive
  • missing out in real regular earnings
  • loosing touch with clients
  • getting depressed
  • in reality, lack of own time

I expect these are only a few of the fears that people perceve when mentioned the opportunity of working from home.  And that is why they’d rather work in an office, or remotely when given the opportunity – so long as it’s only for a time-limited period.


Real Expectations Of Working From Home

In reality what I have outlined above are what people most fear when contemplating working from home.  We are all – or most of us at least are – so used to working for others, that we end up creating the wrong goals for our well being.

When starting working from home, these are the advantages you are to expect to benefit from:

  • being completely independent to manage your own time
  • manage your own workload
  • work at something you are really passionate about
  • set your own targets
  • be able to use your own creativity – even when you think that you are the least creative person in the world!
  • set your own monetary goals
  • use your time to your own advantage
  • work for your own benefit, rather than for an abstract and intangible entity

Wow, these are bold statements, you will tell me.  But they are entirely feasible when you work at home to create your own business.

What would be the point of working from home, if you still had to wake up at crack o’ dawn to drag yourself out of the house to go to work with very little motivation, other than a salary at the end of the month?

My motto is: aim high if you want to reach high. 


Go Self-Employed

Ok, I agree, working remotely is a middle ground solution, which I would have embraced wholly if I had been given the opportunity when my son was younger and I had to negotiate working life with child care and family life.

Click this picture to find out how to become an online entrepreneur
Click this picture to find out how to become an online entrepreneur

The same could be said if you were given the opportunity to work remotely, whilst caring for an older relative.

Yet, it has been proven to me that, when working remotely, you life is barely made easier.  You may avoid commuting.  But you are still trapped in the constrictions and obligations and limitation of your 9 to 5 job.  In fact it appears that employees find themselves having to be more accountable when working remotely than when physically at work.

The absolute freedom and flexibility of approach to your work, I believe you can only achieve when you build your own business at home.

It’s the only and one opportunity to enable us to work towards and achieve the expectations and goals I mentioned above.

The reason why I call those expectations realistic is because they are perfectly achievable when you are self-employed, working from home for your own business.

Nothing better than being your own boss, right?!?!?!

By this, I certainly do not mean you should drop the certainty of a secure salary at the end of the month.  We all have financial obligations in a way or another: rent or mortgage to pay, student loans, credit cards, children fees (nursery or university), holidays or travels to visit family.  The list can really be endless.

And the transition from being a employee to becoming a home based entrepreneur is not going to happen overnight.  It is going to be the fruit of hard work and determination.

The ultimate goal achievable is never going to be a negotiation middle ground position of working from home, but still having your boss ‘breathing on your neck’ for you to meet those deadlines, or being limited by the constrictions of a 9-5 (or 9-7!!) Monday-Friday work pattern.

What we can achieve as a self-employed home based entrepreneurs is the ABSOLUTE FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY that puts us really in charge of our own destiny!


My #1 Choice

Am I being a little vague here?  Please allow me to explain.

You all should know my story by now.  After so much searching for a successful way to start off my own online business, two years ago I came across an online learning platform, where not only I found out how to build my own website as a starting poing to launch and support my business, but I also I am referring to is the non-plus-ultra of home based business and learning platform for a proven successful formula for passive income.

Become Your Own Boss, with Wealthy Affiliate!
Become Your Own Boss, with Wealthy Affiliate!


Click on the above picture to find out more about how it works.  I promise you, you will never look back!!!

And of course, do leave your comment below, if you have any good or bad experience of remote working.  Tell us whether you are regularly allowed to work from home, and how it has changed your quality of life.  Or, indeed, do let us us know if you are a home based entrepreneur and whether this has been the right career choice for you.  I shall reply to each and every of you as soon as I possibly can 🙂

18 thoughts on “The Reality Of Working Remotely”

  1. As someone that has been fortunate to be able to work from home for a couple of decades, I appreciate that you did not sugar coat the issue. It worked out great for me, but I was fortunate enough to have an office and my wife stayed home with our kids.
    I recently joined WA and have found a number of people promoting it. I hope it is as good as you and others say.
    Thanks again for being honest about the home situation.

    1. Regarding WA, well, all you have to do is try it out for yourself. I am sure you will have found out by now that WA is free to join anyway, so really if it doesn’t work out for you, you will have nothing to loose. It would be grand if you could come back to let me know how you are enjoying WA – for somewhat reason, I really believe you are going to find the WA journey fun and successful.
      Hearing that you have been working from home for the last 20 years or so leads me to believe that it does work – you are the proof of it. Yes, I agree, you must create your own space, and encourage your family to respect your working time, even if you sit in the room next door. At the end of the day, they would not dream to calling upon your services if you were working from another building altogether, would they? I do try to be as honest as I possibly can with my posts, but all negatives considering, I still believe that working from home is the ultimate in terms of career and financial freedom and in improving your quality of life beyond the unimaginable.
      Thank you, for taking your time to read my post, and for leaving your testimony 🙂

  2. Lots of great information in your article. I agree that working remotely is still better than going in to the office, fighting traffic and all of that stuff. I retired last year so now I am with WA for a few months and it is clearly the only affiliate marketing training site I would recommend as well. They have awesome step-by-step training and 24 hour support with all the other members.
    Thanks for a great post!

    1. Curtis, I am glad to hear you are WA user too. It’s nice to actually hear others share my really positive vibes about WA – it’s now two years since I joined WA and started my online business, and I don’t regret a single moment of it!
      As you may be aware, I am still working on a part time basis at my 9 to 5 job, and I’m sure I’d be absolutely elated if my boss allowed me to work from home. Yet, I would still be constricted to certain rules and lack of flexibility, which I thoroughly enjoy when I work on my online business. My life is incomparably better those days I work at my own business, from the comfort of my home, from those days when I am in the office.
      But, as a recent retiree, I am sure you know what I am talking about. Congratulation on your retirement, Curtis! I hope you succeed in your future endeavours. And thanks for passing by 🙂

  3. I want to have a passive income since the prices go up all the time but the salaries don’t go up all the time. I wonder how many hours are required for passive income? Are 4 hours enough for building an online business?

    1. I shall be honest, Furkan, while you are at the baby steps of setting up your business, you may need to work all the hours that you can. That does not mean that you have to work full time on it – however, the more hours you put in your business, the sooner it will affirm its reputable brand. I am still working part time at my 9 to 5 job. As a result, I have not seen good results as quickly as hoped. I am putting as many hours as I can into this – on average a couple of hours every evening, and some three hours on Saturday and Sunday. Yet some days I don’t work on my online business at all. But, I can say for a fact, after two years I am now monetizing consistently. My target is to grow my earnings to double my current salary by my business’ third birthday.
      I hope I haven’t put you off from really considering setting up your own business. My life when I work at my own online business does not stand comparison to when I work for my employer. I do love my 9 to 5 job, but I hate not having the flexibility and the freedom I experience when I work for myself.

  4. I admit I too have these fears. I have worked from home only a handful of times, and now have a toddler running around demanding attention. It is at those time when she runs into my work space that remind me why I am trying so hard to succeed. I take the corporate approach to break times as best I can. Work for a couple of hours then find something else to do for 10-15 minutes. In this matter I dissolve myself of the guilt that I somehow “slacked off”.

    1. Corey, I find your approach the most successful. I no longer have a toddler in the house, but I do exactly the same. And that’s is the freedom and flexibility that I so much talk about. Does that mean we work less than people who have their head down on their computer 9-5? Absolutely not! If at all, I believe we work more and better, as in those couple of hours we find the motivation and the energy boost we need to be more proactive and efficient in our job. Plus, I’d like to think that, like me, you will do a job that you are really passionate about.
      Thank you ever so much for finding time to read my post, Corey, and I hope you will come back to share more of your experience as working from home mum.

  5. Your article is spot on!I to work from home and it has it stresses but the overall satisfaction exceeds those stressors. What I do from home is blogging. I blog about all kinds of things from cat condos to hobby farming. I was able to quit my regular job awhile back and I couldn’t be happier I would have never been able to do it without the help of Wealthy affiliate. Great Article!

    1. I am pleased to hear you are a fellow WAer too. Like you, I am a blogger too, and my online business is getting stronger by the minute. I am not able to quit my 9 to 5 job yet, but since joining WA two years ago to start my online business, I have been able to reduce my hours, to dedicate more time to my blogging job. And, like you, I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! Don’t get me wrong, and I am sure you will agree with me: it’s not an easy ride. Initially you need to put the hours and the sweat like with any other job. But once you start establishing as a reputable business (or a reputable blogger, in our case), financial freedom is second to none, and working from home without corporate nor public service ties? Just heaven!
      Thank you ever so much for your kind words, Sean, and thank you for passing by. By all means, do come back to share more of your experience with me and with my readers 🙂

  6. I have been a coach, consultant, and writer for years, with a home office, so yes, I’m spoiled. Being able to set my hours, choose my clients, and avoid gridlocked traffic is wonderful! However, it does take discipline. Yes, there are the stereotypes of those who work from home being seen as lazier, less productive, and less professionally dressed than those who go to an office. For me, it’s nice to have the option of wearing suits, business casual attire, jeans, or sweats while I work depending on what the day holds and the face-to-face client meetings I might have that day. I plan to stay spoiled and work from home. You mentioned Wealthy Affiliate. I have also been involved with their program since last year and have seen firsthand the great businesses people can build using the step by step training provided. It’s a perfect way for someone to transition from driving to an office to creating the work they love and can do from the comfort of their home.

    1. The freedom of organising your own day, Coleen, to wear what you want depending on what the day has on hold for you; the perk of being able to avoid traffic, to organise your work load and your days; to me for these reasons only, if not also for the generous financial rewards, working from home as an entrepreneur merits consideration.
      Like you, I am ever so grateful to WA, without whose teachings I would have been unable to set up my own online business working towards the ultimate goal of being able to ditch my part time 9 to 5 job to dedicate my days entirely to online business.
      Who know, maybe one day. In the meantime, I shall keep blogging, in the hope that visitors, such as yourself, will keep visiting my website.
      Thank you so much for your intervention 🙂

  7. You have covered a lot of ground here about the realities of becoming self employed. I know what it is like to make that decision. I was made redundant 4 times in my working life and on the last one i went self employed. it has it’s good and bad moments but i know that i will eventually reach my goal, be my own boss, work from home and live a better life.

    1. Oooh Andrew, I am sorry you had to go through redundancy so many times. For personal experience, I think it’s one of the most soul destroying experiences people have to go through, one that destroys any shred of confidence you may have built. But, I am glad that you are coming out the other side, and slow but sure you are winning.
      Yes, granted, as you mention it takes time to become successful and in affirming your brand. At times I have thought I should have gone self-employed when I was made redundant. No matter when you do it, you must always take into account that success (whether that’s building a reputable name to your business, hence increasing your client base, and becoming financially well off) takes time to come. And that’s another difference from employed work, where you start working and get paid at the end of the first month and thereafter for as long as you are employed, even if you are still learning the trade.
      But I don’t need to tell you all that. I hope you reach full potential for a successful business, Andrew, and that you can reach the wanted and desired quality of life 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you will come back to share more of your experiences!

  8. Hi, this is an interesting and inspiring article.

    I guess your husband did a good job when working at home.

    I can talk about my experience and I work a lot at home. It is a totally different ambiance.

    I get up at five in the morning, eat some small lunch at 9.AM and at twelve noon I have done more than if I would have worked in a company for a whole day.

    I never touch social media or email until 12.00. After lunch, I am a bit tired but have the freedom to have a nice two-hour rest.

    I can only recommend working from home and if possible as a self-employed.

    1. My routine when I work from home is slightly different, Stefan. Like you, I find my most productive hours are early morning, but afternoon too. I wake up early to do some housework, drive my son to school, come back and do some work till my dog is ready for his walk – that may be anything between 10-11am. We have a healthy walk of around an hour, come back and have a spot of lunch. I then have a rest or watch some telly, and then work another couple of hours. I go on social media for a couple of hours after dinner.
      Now, do compare my leisure days when I work at home to those days when I go to work to my 9 to 5 job. I will wake up early, do some work, get ready, drive my son to school and be at work for 8.30am. As a customer advisor, I serve and talk to customers from 9 till 5 continuously, with the exception of 10 minutes break in the morning, and my 45 minutes break, when I go home to feed my dog. At 5pm I go home, take the dog for his walk, go home and prepare dinner. By the time I put myself at work at 8pm, I am brain dead.
      My quality of like when working at home has no comparison, in so far that it’s so far better that my family say I am a different person – a better one.
      Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Stefan. It will help my readers better understand why I am such a strong advocate of home based self-employed work.

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