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I have been a Clickbank affiliate since I started my online business back in 2016, but only now I feel I am adequately equipped to tell you all the truth about Clickbank. So, without further ado, let me reveal to you if making money with Clickbank is really possible.


The Many Functions Of Clickbank

The first thing to be said is that Clickbank is a combination of a marketplace of products and services covering a wide range of niches, along with the Clickbank University, where you are taught to build an online business.

I shall talk about Clickbank University later on. For now, let me concentrate on Clickbank marketplace and its functions.Clickbank Marketplace

Clickbank marketplace is that it is a multi-functional platform, where different people wanting to pursue different activities can find its facilities of benefit.

Clickbank marketplace meets the requirements and needs of its visitors, and is therefore divided into 3 areas:

  • the Vendor section
  • the Buyer section
  • the Affiliate section

As a Vendor, you can use Clickbank to promote your product and to tickle to interest of potential affiliates, who may want to promote it. Or you may be able to sell your product advertised on Clickbank marketplace directly to a buyer.

You can see therefore how versatile this platform becomes, and how it can fulfill multiple interests.

When I first subscribed as an affiliate some 2 years ago, the platform, I must say, was not as functional as I found it recently when I revisited. I am not sure whether the website was redesigned recently, or if memory just fails me.

Maybe, if you are reading this article but you have already been using Clickbank for some time, you might want to shed some light. By all means do leave your comment below. Your contribution will be highly appreciated.

Clickbank marketplace has 24 categories, each divided into sub-categories. For this reason you can easily imagine how successful this platform is with both vendors and affiliate, as it offers products, services and assistance virtually covering anything and everything that could be used as a niche. As far as products and merchandise, it is deemed that Clickbank Marketplace may be second only to Amazon!


Ease Of Use

I have spoken about the fact that when I got back to using Clickbank recently, I found it much more user-friendly than on my first attempt a couple of years ago.

Partly, this may be due to the fact that, 2 years down the line of working and earning online, I am more experienced and understand more easily and quickly how to work with marketplace platforms. Remember, I actively work with Amazon, AWin, not to forget Wealthy Affiliate – to mention the 3 main affiliate programs I regularly work with -, and I feel far more comfortable dealing with affiliate programs and platforms than naturally I was shortly after starting my business.

However, I feel that Clickbank may have self-equipped with helpful articles, which clearly explain how to find the article and business that you want to promote, and how to use the tools made available by the vendor for you to promote the merchandise and services.

Clickbank Self-Help Tool

As I mentioned, you can say that Clickbank is only second to Amazon in reaching out to a worldwide customer base. The difference between Amazon and Clickbank, however, is this:

Amazon reaches out to different parts of the world through different Amazon websites with the extension of each country – if you therefore promote and use merchandise sold by, you will need a plugin for your website, in order for non-UK based visitors to your website to potentially buy a specific product on the Amazon website of their own country and for you not to lose commissions:

Clickbank marketplace displays products from all over the world virtually, but all from the same website – this makes it so much easier for affiliates, who will be sure to get their commission, no matter where the buyer is based.


Who Can Use Clickbank

So long as you are of adult age, no matter how experienced you are with online entrepreneurship, no matter how much money you may or not have; no matter if you are a student wanting to supplement his or her studies, or a part-time worker, or a retiree wanting to secure some additional cash; virtually everybody can join Clickbank.

Unlike with other affiliate networks, Clickbank does not ask for deposit.

Nor does it ask for details of how you intend to promote the chosen products. Unlike other networks, Clickbank will not ask for your website URL, or to create a profile to attract vendors.Clickbank Marketplace

I am using AWin regularly, and of course I know that with AWin it’s a joint effort of both vendor and affiliate to seek and find each other. As an affiliate there, I have vendors sometimes asking me to choose their product for promotion, in the same way as I look for products and services to promote. For this reason, AWin encourages affiliates to create ‘opportunities’ where you actively promote your online work in order to attract potential vendors.

In joining Clickbank you don’t have to do anything of the sort.

And this, I guess, adds to the success of Clickbank.


Costs Involved

Simply, there aren’t any.

To go back to AWin, if you remember from the review I published a while ago, I mentioned that AWin demands a refundable £5 deposit.

Again, this is certainly not the case with Clickbank.

Clickbank does not need a deposit to secure the loyalty of the affiliate. Clickbank makes money when the vendors sell their merchandise on Clickbank marketplace, as Clickbank charges the vendor a small fee.

On the other hand, it is to be said that another reason for its success is that, unlike Amazon, Clickbank offers generous commissions to its affiliates, ranging between 50-70%. We are a good step away from the 7-10% offered by Amazon, depending on product!!!


Clickbank University

But Clickbank has another side to its business: the training program.

Before I move onto telling you a little bit more about this, let me clarify that I have not joined, nor do I intend to, the Clickbank University training program. I have trained, and successfully implemented, the Wealthy Affiliate teachings. I do not need to spend more money to learn what I have already learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

This does not mean that Clickbank University is not as good. However, when it comes to its training program, in my humble opinion Clickbank does lose marks.

Clickbank University program offer 2 types of training:

  1. an 8-week training for potential affiliate marketers;
  2. a 12-week training for vendors.
    Clickbank University

The training for potential affiliate marketing aspiring students is however rather basic, and not as detailed as what, I have found, Wealthy Affiliate offers instead.

Where Clickbank University puts all its emphasis is on the program for vendors. Here’s where Clickbank offers a far stronger and more solid training, for those of us who want to have a go at creating their own digital product to sell on Clickbank marketplace.

I reserve to talk about the Clickbank University program more in details in one of my next articles, where I am also going to talk more in depth about the tools offered by Clickbank University to make your learning experience more hands on.

What however leaves me much perplex is on the costs involved.

Why Am I Ranking Clickbank University Lower Than Clickbank Marketplace

You know from other programs that adopt this same technique (such as The Brit Method, which I recently reviewed), I do not trust programs that are introduced by an endless video which does not really explain much in details about how it all works.

Unfortunately for Clickbank, the founders Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan have decided to use this very tool, a video, to introduce their training programs. Only, after so much talking (albeit pleasant talking, I must say) about how Clickbank will help you develop your skills as a digital marketer, Adam and Justin keep forgetting to mention costs.

And that’s where Clickbank University lets itself down.

Because yes, ladies and gentlemen, Clickbank University has upsells!!!

I know, are you as horrified as me?!?!?!

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of upselling, Clickbank charges $47 per month to join the University and to access the courses. However it then charges an additional upsell of $594 to unlock training tools. And that’s in addition to the £47/ month that you will keep paying for as long as you remain a member.

Upselling is not something that I warm up to, I am afraid.


My Conclusion

I am not in the least suggesting that Clickbank is somewhat some form of scam. People have been making money – and some people make tons of money to these days – through Clickbank Marketplace. On this aspect, Clickbank has remained at the forefront of the affiliate network environment since its creation in 2013.

However I believe Clickbank lost its strength (but not its credibility, mind), when they wanted to introduce training, which is primarily focused on how to create a digital product and on how to sell it on Clickbank marketplace.

I feel Clickbank University is a valid training tool if you aspire to be a vendor and have creative ideas to move forward. However Clickbank University fails to deliver on pure online marketing to apply to any type of product or service outside of the vendor’s own one.

In this, I believe my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate to give a much stronger and detailed training to make us truly successful online marketing experts.

When I then compare the 2 training platforms based on costs versus training content, I truly believe that Wealthy Affiliate comes up trumps.

You may have had a different experience altogether.  Or you may have had to quit Clickbank, due to lack of earnings, or to unaffordable costs.  Either way, it would be grand if you could leave your comment, to share your experience.  I shall reply to each and every of you as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks for reading 🙂


18 thoughts on “The Truth About Clickbank”

  1. I have often thought about ClickBank, but I am like you, I think they lost some of their luster by offering ClickBank University. It almost makes it feel a little bit like a scam. Your review is very thorough, and you are straight up honest, which I really appreciate.

    Can you tell me a little more about Wealthy Affiliate? I am interested in some online training, but it’s hard to find a good platform. Is there a free trial or anything like that?

    1. Hi Steve, and thanks for stopping by. I can see what you mean regarding Clickbank, and their upselling technique. Wealthy Affiliate is different. It does offer a free trial. In fact it does more than that: you can start an online business and learn the basics of online affiliate marketing skills all FOR FREE!
      I wrote my Wealthy Affiliate review a while back, but if you access it now, you will find it adequately up to date with Wealthy Affiliate latest updates (and in the last 12 months they have really upped their antes!).
      By all means, Steve, check Wealthy Affiliate out, and if you have any other questions, do feel free to contact me directly by email on .

  2. Hi Guilia, I haven`t tried clickbank, yet. It is one of my plan. But having read your article, it gave me an idea of what i am getting into. I have heard good reviews about it, especially better commission. So, can one only join the Clickbank Marketplace without joining their training programs (University)?
    Thanks for sharing this article. It`s a great review!

    1. Absolutely, Hanna. That’s exactly what I have done. I have learned all I know about online marketing through Wealthy Affiliate, and did not fancy subscribing to yet another teaching platform and having to pay yet more fees. So, yes, I am only linked to Clickbank marketplace of merchandise and digital services, for which, if I chose to review and propose to my visitors, I shall get a small commission on purchase. The advantage of reviewing items from the Clickbank marketplace is that commissions are normally quite generous.
      You might want to give it a try, and then maybe come back to this forum to tell us how you got on. In the meantime good luck with you endeavours with Clickbank 🙂

  3. This is good information here Giulia!
    I have studied Click Bank a little in the past, but I did not know what it was all about.
    Your review here has given me a lot more information. I was thinking about joining them to try it out, but now I am having second thoughts. Sounds as if Wealthy Affiliate has the better training platform and maybe save you a little money or a lot of time. Thank You, hope to talk soon!

    1. Don’t get me wrong, Wayne, Clickbank has a long history of success and great reputation when it comes to its marketplace opportunities. If you are an affiliate marketer and run short of ideas for reviews and recommendations, Clickbank is the place to be, as you will find programs to review to fit in any possible niche. But when it comes to its teaching platform, I have to agree with you: I find Wealthy Affiliate much more comprehensive and far cheaper.
      You might want to try the Marketplace, mind you. I found it a bit confusing at first. Now that I am a more mature affiliate marketer, the Marketplace makes much more sense to me. Do give it a go and let us know how you got on 🙂

  4. The thing i do like with Clickbank is that their Affiliate links are readily available to do a promotions, unlike JVzoo, where you have to request the links first and you may not be approved. as for the CBU, they do have weekly webinars to complement the training. webinars are time consuming so that’s another disadvantage right there.

    1. I agree. It appears that Clickbank is far more geared to encourage people to join their marketplace as affiliates, than other affiliate networks or marketplaces. Very much like Amazon, Clickbank adopst a ‘no questions asked’policy. I am also a member of AWin, which however does ask questions, and where they have a tool where the advertiser (the ones selling the product) makes a lot of banners available, but otherwise you have to build your own link. It has its advantages, as you can adopt flexibility to choose certain pages from the advertiser’s website which you like to link up to (like a sign up page, for instance, rather than the technical specs page).
      Clickbank may not give you such flexibility all the times – it very much depends on the links that the vendor provides. But on a positive, it is extremely fast to access.
      Thank you for reading my review, and I hope you will come back for more tips on how to make money working from home 🙂

  5. Hi,
    I have found Clickbank a great resource with many wonderful products for promotion in my niche. I really like the ease of use of the Marketplace.
    I , too, have trained with Wealthy Affiliate and count it very high in quality of training as well as the other website resources found there.
    Thank you for this review.

    1. They do say, Annie, that the beauty of CB is in its ease of use. You add up to the number of other affiliates that seem to find CB easy to access, to use, and a success story when it comes to high commission rates and great conversion levels. But, I hear you also when you mention Wealthy Affiliate as a high quality training platform. I agree. It appears that the general feel for CB University is not a good one as much as for CB Marketplace, which is a real shame.
      Thank you for stopping by, Annie, and I hope to hear from you soon again with more tips from your experience as an online entrepreneur 🙂

  6. I have been a CB affiliate for some time now and have to agree that the system is nice and simple.
    However I have found a couple of things that I don’t like.
    First off when I started back in 2007 I promoted a product which as it turned out had something that Google didn’t like, something way beyond my control as the website had nothing to do with me (oh and BTW it wasn’t a gambling, sexual or any other bad subject – it was about dogs eating their own poop; a fairly common problem).
    As a result Google slapped me (and a million or so others) and I have been banned for life from doing PPC on Google. No way of ever lifting the ban for something I had no idea about and to be honest I feel CB should have vetted the vendor.
    Secondly I have had vendors move on from CB with no forwarding address – so there you are promoting a product in CB that no longer exists!
    I have never heard of AWin – could be worth looking at.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Wow, your experience sounds scary to say the least!! I must admit, I have not yet come across such unfortunate episodes on Clickbank, nor on AWin (by the way, check out my AWin review to find out more about this affiliate network). AWin is far more regulated, and you can tell this by the way they ask you to join: you need to tell AWin and their potential vendors how you intend to promote their products. The other downside of AWin is that they have very long payout terms.
      I suppose in this respect, as you mention, CB is much easier to access. But at the same time, the lesser regulated environment may lead to unpleasant circumstances as the ones you came across. I sincerely hope I am not hit as hard as you were, Lawurence, but I am truly grateful that you shared your experience with us. As home based entrepreneur, we must all support each other and keep each other informed. Thank you ever so much 🙂

  7. Hello Giulia,
    I know that I have heard both sides of the coin about clickbank. Some people are making fabulous money with it, others are not getting as they want. It seems to be with any program we need to first really give it the time to understand how it works, yes?
    And yes WA is a fabulous place to begin our online journey.
    in peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. I suppose the first and main ingredient to starting making money online is tons of patience and perseverance. So, like with all other endeavours and online programs, Clickbank requires time and effort. The way I see it, Ariel, is like the role of a parent. We nurture our online business, as we do our own children since they are babies. Parenting takes a lot of effort, but through years you see a little ‘sprog’ grown into accomplished and mature men and women, beautiful human beings. And we are soooo proud of our children, aren’t we! I see my business with the same maternal eyes: I nurture it until it will bloom into an accomplished, successful and beautiful affair 🙂
      Thank you for your input and I hope to hear from you soon again!

  8. Excellent review of Clickbank Giulia, I have ‘dabbled’ in clickbank in the past, but did not get ‘into’ it enough to make it user-friendly to me…it takes me a while to adapt to new platforms and as I got Amazon going pretty well for me, I kinda put clickbank aside.
    Now after reading your article, I have a new drive to go and have another go at it.
    Thanks for the encouragement =)
    All the best – Orion

    1. You are most welcome Orion. I am planning to do the same as you, as I too have started browsing through the many affiliate programs they have there, and found a couple that tickle my interest. You might want to check my latest post comparing the University program of Clickbank against Wealthy Affiliate University, where I have trained and learned the online trade. I think Clickbank Marketplace is actually more valuable than I initially thought. I am not so sure of its validity as a training platform. I shall let you make up your mind.
      Thanks for stopping by, and I sincerely hope you’ll visit again 🙂

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