Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2017. It’s a deal!!!

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Google ‘wealthy affiliate’ in your search engine bar and, granted, you come across not tens, but hundreds reviews of Wealthy Affiliate.  Boring or what?!?!?!  And likewise, particularly this week, you will be bored to the tip of your hair to hear about Black Friday deals here, Black Friday deals there.  So much noise for, really, not much in savings and the media blow out of proportion.

But, bear with me for the next five minutes of your life to find out the best Black Friday deal ever!  Yes, you guessed, it’s this year again, the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special!!!


What is Wealthy Affiliate

For those who are not yet clear as to what Wealthy Affiliate is, check out my latest review on what is Whealthy Affiliate and the endless number of excellent quality user and teaching tools Wealthy Affiliate offers.

If you are reading this article, it’s either out of curiosity, and that’s good.  Or it is because you are seriously thinking about setting up your own online business which would enable you to work from home – or from wherever you like, but a business that you can call your own, where you only have one boss: you and only you.

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That’s what I searched for months and years for.  With little joy, I have to say, as I kept coming across that easly and quick money deals which even too well did I know to steer clear of, as what they promise – it’s renowned – does not sum up to reality really.  Such quick and easy money ventures many people call scam – I haven’t wanted to try any, due to the massive amount of negative reviews.  And to be honest, I haven’t got money nor time to waste in stuff I do not believe wholeheartedly.

Which brings me nicely to Wealthy Affiliate.  My search for an online platform where I could learn the trade of online entrepreneur, and which could actually physically start off my business, stopped when I came across Wealthy Affiliate nearly two years ago.

  • Do you want lessons?  Wealthy Affiliate gives you them, aplenty.
  • Do you want tutorials and video tutorials?  Wealthy Affiliate gives you them, the more the merrier.
  • Do you want 24/7 support and your questions answered promptly?  Wealthy Affiliate gives you the 24/7 support of Site Support as well as the support of the WA Community, made of other members who have already been in the trade for longer than you and therefore have gained the experience and can guide you in what is advisable to follow as well as what you may want to ditch as a waste of your resources.
  • Do you want to start off your online business?  Wealthy Affiliate offers you Siterubix platform to build up to TWO FREE WEBSITES from a choice of 50 themes,.
  • Do you want all of the above for free?  Wealthy Affiliate gives you, for free, all this and more!!!


What is Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special

But Wealthy Affiliate is not only what I have mentioned earlier.  Wealthy Affiliate is more, far more.

Become a WA Premium member this Black Friday
Find out how much you can get from being a Premium member at WA

Become a Premium member and you will have access to more lessons and to an additional 70 lessons of the Bootcamp.

Become a Premium member and you will be able to build up to 50 websites from a choice of limitless themes using WordPress platform.

Become a Premium member and you’ll get weekly live interactive classes.

Become a Premium member and you’ll be able to gain authority as a WA blogger and to earn revenue by creating training.

Become a Premium member and you can access 1000’s of industry modules directly from the WA community.


So, what’s so special about Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday?

As a Premium member, you can pay $49 a month, or a yearly fee of $359 – a discount of $20 per month.

Now, get ready.  Because the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special consists of this:

Yes, you got it right, with Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special you get to pay only £299 – that is not only $60 discount over the yearly fee, but once again, in 2017 Wealthy Affiliate offers the opportunity to save a whopping $24 per month over the regular monthly fee of $49.

Tell me, have you ever heard of such a massive discount like this one?!?!?!


Go for it!

I promised you I would take only five minutes of your time.  I stuck to my promise – or at least, I hope so.  I have already spoken in the past of how Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life.

Don’t get me wrong, Wealthy Affiliate and its training scheme do require commitment and hard work – as much as if you were learning a new job in a corporate environment.  So, if you are looking for an easy way out of the corporate environment, or if you are after quick and easy money, then I am sorry, but Wealthy Affiliate is not for you.

But if you are ready for it; if you are committed to making a success of your new online venture; if you are determined in succeeding with your new online business; then yes, go for it, sign up to Wealthy Affiliate today!!!

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22 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2017. It’s a deal!!!”

  1. Great article! I’ve been thinking of switching to a year membership and I think you have convinced me!

    The community there is fantastic and everyone always helps eachother out!

    Thankyou for this great article:)

    1. Jeremy, you are most welcome. I’m pleased I could be of help, especially as not many Starter free members don’t realise that by paying yearly, and by then taking advantage of the Black Friday Special, you end up saving a whopping 49%. Now, this is my question: where else do you find such a huge discount when it comes to ‘shop around’ for internet based packages that teach you all the ins and outs of online entrepreneurship? I’m sure you’ll be able to point me to one place and one place only, Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. I have looked at many of these types of things as well. They all have such bad reviews and accusations of scam. After reading your article I am starting to think this one might be legitimate. I will maybe check it out. How long did it take before you started earning your first paycheque?

    1. Earnings and how quickly you can monetise very much depends on how much content you creat and how often you publish. In other words, and with any other own business, your earnings will increase if you work full time, and of course will reduce as you work only on a part time basis. This said, I started building my first website in March last year, and by working part time on my online business I started seeing my first earnings some 6 months later, in September 2016. I’ve had steady revenues since then. I came to a sudden standstill for some 6 weeks in the summer, but monetisation started again quite generously back in September. I hope this convince you that Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate program, and a program that works 🙂

  3. Hey Giulia! Kevin here and I wanted to thank you for sharing this post with me. I have been looking for a way to make money online and Wealthy Affiliate has been an amazing experience for me so far. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you ever so much for your support, Kevin. I can only echo your enthusiasm about Wealthy Affiliate, as like you I have nothing but praise for the amazing experience I’ve had so far during my Wealthy Affiliate journey. I know it may be difficult to believe for the many readers out there. And that’s because there is a general perception that anything and everything promoted online and online based may be fraudulent. Unfortunately those people may end up missing out on the opportunity of their life time, as both you and I know that joining Wealthy Affiliate can actually change people’s life and help us achieve our dream of independent passive revenue.

    1. I agree, Michael, it’s an online learning platform that’s second to none! I hope you’ll stay in touch to find out which other business avenue you might consider in future.

  4. Great review and I fully agree that Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing way to start an online business. Working from home has allowed me more time with my family and I truly love what I do. Thank you for such a detailed post.

    1. Gail, you are most welcome! Like you, and at the risk of stating the obvious, I can’t praise enough the advantages to working from home. And there are many groups of people in society that could benefit from it: as you say, parents of your or even older children to start with, but also students, unemployed people, people who want to cut down in commuting expenses, people who are fed up with corporate restrictions, people with mobility disabilities or any other type of disability which may prevent them to work in an office environment, people who just want to se up their ownbusiness as they have a personal ambition. The list could go on forever! Like you, I found the answer in Wealthy Affiliate, where I’ve learned all I know about building up my successful business slow but sure. I hope many others will want to give Wealthy Affiliate the benefit of the doubt, especially as joining is FREE!
      Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Gail, and I hope you’ll keep in touch 🙂

  5. Hey hows it going? I love Wealthy Affiliate, and the fact that it is on sale makes it all the better. The savings you get from the WA black friday sale could possibly be the best money saved that you will ever have. I love the training they have on keyword research here, as well as the Keyword Tool.

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying your WA experience, Jacob. The Keyword Search tool is one of the many features included in the WA platform, and for which you would have to pay separately on other teaching online courses. If you add up all the features Wealthy Affiliate offers, you’ll soon realise $299 per year is really not much at all. But I’m sure you’ve already seen that for yourself 🙂

      Thanks for your contribution, and keep in touch!

  6. Sounds great!
    I just joined WA recently and I am currently considering if I should get the yearly membership. And then So thrilled to learn about this Black Friday offer!
    $299 is surely worth the price since it includes guidance, support and a platform to build your profitable websites.

    1. I strongly advise you do, Zhuang, as you access a infinite world of knowledge and information and expertise, you benefit from the discount and you don’t have to remember to pay every month till next year!! It couldn’t be more advantageous and quite frankly, I strongly recommend it,even because it freezes your annual renewal price at the discounted fee of $299 for next year too. So, a definite thumbs up from me!

  7. I have seen many black friday deals and so far, wealthy affiliate seems to offer the best kind of deal! I don’t know a place where you can build your own business for 300$ a year. What Wealtht Affiliate offers for this prices is amazing. The value you can get from it worth the money!

    1. I agree, Rich. Many people may complain that $299 is a lot of money to pay all at once. Frankly, if they have ‘road’ tested WA with the FREE Starter membership, they will see how much WA gives us, and will soon see $299 no longer loos that big a price to pay at all!

  8. Wealthy Affiliate seems to have a lot to offer – the training, video tutorials, and support from other members sounds like good value. Certainly something to check out if you’re interested in building an online business.

    1. Yes, personally I highly recommend it. And if you feel coughing up nearly $300 all at once may be too much, you may want to try out the Starter membership first. I’m sure after the first few weeks, you’ll see the benefit and many advantages to being part of such a great and supportive teaching community, and you’ll be wanting to upgrade to Premium nearly immediately 🙂

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