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For those of you who followed me since the beginning of my journey, you will already know how passionate I am about Wealthy Affiliate. The reason? Well, it’s simple: Wealthy Affiliate is where I have learnt absolutely everything about setting up an online business, having my own websites, promoting and marketing my sites and, generally speaking, about earning money working from home.

I don’t want to waste your time any further. If you are not interested in finding out about real ways to earn money online from home, leave this website now!! Because today I want to delve deeper in the many tools and training that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer to both starter and premium members.


Is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money?

One of the questions I get asked regularly about Wealthy Affiliate is this: is Wealthy Affiliate worth the money?

Let me remind you that you do not need to be a Premium member – hence pay $49 per month, or a discounted figure of $359 per year – in order to start your own online business.

Let me remind you that with Wealthy Affiliate, for FREE you get access to the Beginners Training Course and to Phase 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp, who will introduce you more in depth to the world of affiliate marketing and of how to best and more effectively promote your business. And you can still be part of Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program and earn while you learn.

But… there is a ‘but’…

As a Premium paying member, you get more, far more and beyond!!!

As a Premium member you get:

  • Full access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification lessons
  • Ful access to the 7 Phases of the Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Unlimited searches on the Keyword Search Tool
  • Full access to direct messaging
  • Unlimited 1-to-1 tuition
  • Access to live video classes
  • Access to 12 training classrooms
  • Affiliate program double payout
  • Access to the SiteRubix features

The joy of being part of the great Wealthy Affiliate community, however, does not end here.

It is a privilege to be part of a community where you receive endless support from other members – along with the great opportunity you are given to learn from more experienced members who have gone through the same hurdles as you before becoming ‘rich and famous.

But it’s also true that, whilst Wealthy Affiliate have only increased their Premium membership fee a couple of times in its last 12 years life span, they have kept adding features to the benefit of its users, and in order to make the whole learning experience an easier and more worthwhile than ever.

And this year, again, Wealthy Affiliate owners Kyle and Carson have remained true to their words, by adding more tools and training to make Wealthy Affiliate more inviting to new potential members, but primarily to make it worthier than ever to its paying members.


Wealthy Affiliate Top Features 2017

If you have already joined Wealthy Affiliate, you will know that the top achievers in the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program are rewarded not only with a most generous payout package – one that is second to none – but also with an all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas, no matter which part of the world you need to fly from.

If you are not a Wealthy Affiliate member yet, you might want to click here to join now:

But the trip to Las Vegas is not all fun. Those clever heads gather round a table nearly every day of their stay to put together a ‘think tank’ of ideas on how to push the business forward – in other words, on how to make Wealthy Affiliate even better than it already is.

Remember that those top achievers that get rewarded with the extra perk of going to Las Vegas are none more than members of Wealthy Affiliate like you and me. They use the Wealthy Affiliate platform in the same way as us, but have just been in the industry longer than us and for this reason they are already monetizing successfully from their online marketing business. But, for using the same learning platform, they can touch first hand the problem any user may experience, or they will have seen where the Wealthy Affiliate platform needs improvement in making certain aspects more accessible and less confusing.

And that’s where the new top features 2017 have found their origin, from the latest Las Vegas chaps and gals who brain stormed new ideas for an even better and more improved Wealthy Affiliate.

So, do you want to know what’s changed so far this year? Here we go!


Affiliate Bootcamp

Have you started the Bootcamp lessons yet? What, you haven’t??? Did I hear correctly, you haven’t even joined Wealthy Affiliate yet???? Come on, what are you waiting for?!?! JOIN WEALTHY AFFILIATE NOW!!!

But, if you have already checked out the Bootcamp lessons, what do you think? Are you finding them useful? Let us know your experience in the comment section below.Just as a physical muscle toning bootcamp, WA Bootcamp energises your business with new techniques

Because that is exactly how Wealthy Affiliate came about revising their teaching material in the Bootcamp. They noticed that the tutorials, the video and the actual lessons could do with a spruce up. And that’s exactly what they started doing from June this year: Kyle, Carson and the Wealthy Affiliate team went through each and every by of the Affiliate Bootcamp course to update obsolete information, and to make didactic material even clearer for those of us who may still be new to the worlds of online business entrepreneurship.

The upgrade to Bootcamp 2.0 version has been taking place in stages, starting from June, and should see its completion by the end of this year with the introduction of an additional Phase 8 – yes, even more learning material than before!


Site Content

Now, the introduction of SiteRubix Content has been one of my favourite new tools so far.

As I mentioned, the tools available on Wealthy Affiliate platform are so many, that some may not even notice them. For instance, one of the tools available since Wealthy Affiliate birth was the Rapid Writer. No, don’t rush yourselves looking for it on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, as this tool has now been discontinued. But if I may explain why I used to like it and found it most useful, you then may see why I absolutely love Site Content.

Rapid Writer was an editing platform which was added to the Wealthy Affiliate tool portfolio at the time when the publication of articles was still the ongoing trend. Articles have now been replaced by the more popularly diffused posts and reviews, but Rapid Writer could still be used to write draft of posts and reviews which then could be transferred on the SiteRubix or WordPress dashboard for review and live publication on your website. And that’s how I took up to using it.

Site Content
A new writing platform on Wealthy Affiliate: Site Content.

Now Rapid Writer has been replaced by Site Content. Why? Because Site Content is far more functional, versatile and richer in functions than any other content writing tool.

Site Content has been created as a writing tool, and differs from WordPress dashboard (where you can equally write your content and publish it on your website) in so far that it embraces under the same umbrella functions which you would have to otherwise import onto WordPress from other sources.

So, when writing on Site Content you can:

  • choose three different header styles and all the other word processing basic features typical of any content writing experience
  • spell check your content not only for spelling mistakes but also for grammar, punctuation and sentence structure
  • add links, both external or internal to the website you are writing for
  • publish directly onto your website via WordPress, or send to WordPress dashboard as a draft
  • have your content instantly indexed by Google
  • create templates
  • keep word and writing personal stats
  • organise your content in ‘buckets’ or folders for each website, or niche or in whichever way you prefer
  • and now, you can also add pictures from a library of over 1 million (yes, 1 million!!!) copyright free pictures covering virtually any possible niche.

And yes, all this from the same page. You don’t have to leave your draft content to go brouse the internet for pictures or search from one of the pictures you recently took. It’s all there, available to you on the same content writing screen. As a content writer, you can’t have your life made any easier than this, surely!!!


Website Speed

Earlier in the year, Wealthy Affiliate had also improved on the Website Analysis tool accessible from Site Manager. There you can establish how healthy your website is in terms of frequency of publishing, engagement with viewers through the number of comments received, whether your website is Google ranked, if it’s gaining trust with search engines, etc. Surely you'll want your website to load faster than a moped!

Now Wealthy Affiliate have introducted the Page Speed Insights directly imported from the Google speed check tool, which with a traffic light system tells you how fast each page or post on your website will take to load, hence how easy and fast to access they are.

In the past, this is again something we would have had to check of our own accord by literally accessing the Google Page Speed tool.  Now, we can do all this directly on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, hence we can make amendments to our website in order to make it faster and more inviting to potential visitors all from the same place.


All of this for the same price

I don’t need to remind that all of this has been added for Premium members to enjoy the Wealthy Affiliate experience even more.  But that’s not even the end of it.

Wealthy Affiliate are not planning a new price increase, but what they are planning is yet more improvement to the use of their learning platform.  They are talking about approximately another 15 projects the WA team is working on, which include the launch of yet more training and certainly more tools.

The uniqueness and success of Wealthy Affiliate lies in many different aspects – second to none is the amount and high quality of teaching material, along with a massive community of approximately 800,000 members all ready to support each other in their business development.  But along with the rest, Wealthy Affiliate in my mind beats any other competitor for making virtually anything needed to build your website and your business available on one platform.

Well, let me know if you have come across anything remotely similar to this layout by leaving your comment below.  Personally, I haven’t yet, and that’s why l love to be part of it!

8 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Tools and Training”

  1. I saw your great post when I was searching for ideas in google. I am so lucky to be in Wealthy Affiliate so I can´t stress enough how to agree I am about how great it to be in Wealthy Affiliate. The Bootcamp training you mention is excellent.So great to see it in steps and get a great guide. And the speed is great.
    But are you agree with me that even best is how great pay it forward the community there is? Always helping and support, people which didn’t know each other before they come in.

    1. Johann, funny you mention the Pay It Forward approach WA promotes, as I did a blog about this directly on the WA platform this weekend – click here if you want to find out more. I find the support you get here really second to none!

  2. This is really good information about wealthy affiliate.

    I am also a member of wealthy affiliate and Their training are really worth.

    Trainings are So simple even a beginner can understand it easily.

    This is really a place to go who want to learn internet marketing from scratch.

    Yearly membership is 359$ Then How to Get it as 299$ as shown in the picture of the post?

    1. Thanks for asking the question, Sameer. On Black Friday every year WA launches a promotion which lasts over only a period of a couple of days or so. If you upgrade your monthly or annual membership during the Black Friday promotion, you will only be charged $299 for a year membership. That’s a discount of just over $24 per month against your regular monthly payments of $49. Not bad eh?!?!

  3. Hey there, just wanted to comment on your site here and let anyone know that is checking it out that wealthy affiliate is legit and for anyone looking to make money online, this is a great opportunity. You have the tools that can be accessed for free but the premium membership gives you so much more access. It’s kind of a complicated system to learn at first but just stick with it and hopefully you’ll see it pay off.

    1. I can only but agree with you, Jeremy. And my stance may look bias. Truly I say, there is no better testimonial to the truth than by the ones that have tried and tested the product. And this product, I tried and tested, and I say it’s brilliant!

  4. I love the set-up of this website. Your articles are easy to find and well written.

    Tried and true


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