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If you have browsed through this website, you will have noticed that I keep coming back over and over to the idea of working from home. It might be more than a legitimate question of you to ask ‘Why does she want to work from home’?

I have already talked in the past about the advantages of working from home. And at one point, I also consider the possibility of working remotely in an employed position, as an alternative to spending your days in an office or in a workshop.

Today I want to come back to the subject of working from home, to discuss it more in details.


The Freedom

Personally, one of the benefits I see to working from home and being my own boss is exactly in that: I am my own boss.

Forgive the lack of modesty, but I believe I am possibly one of the best qualified people to talk about this. Because I am one of the many people out there who work part-time for an employer while also working part-time on their own home based business.

By virtue of comparison, I can quite safely say that nothing beats the freedom you gain by working from home!

When working from home, you are in charge of your days. You decide when and where. You decide how much.

I am sure you will know what I am referring to, if you are working in an environment which is dictated by nonsensical rules.

When working from home, it doesn’t matter if you start working at 6am or at 10am; it doesn’t matter if you want to put the radio on whilst typing on your laptop, or if you want to use your laptop from the comfort of your bed because your back is hurting. When at home, it doesn’t matter if you want to munch a biscuit or if you want to drink 5 herbal teas while at the keyboard. None of this matter, because you are in your own home and, guess what, you can do whatever you like!


The Flexible Working

Again, this to me is one of the most valued aspects of working from home.

I see particularly parents of younger families focusing on this point particularly. Because when working at home, you can organise your day at the pace that you want, or need to, according to the demands of your family.

Come on, how many times have you had to compromise or beg your boss to let you finish half hour earlier because you left your teenage child at home with the flu? How many times did you have to send your child to school even when you knew he or she was under the weather, because you knew you would not be allowed to take time off?

And, how many times have you had to use child minders or friends and family to take your child to swimming lessons. And how many times have you had to say ‘no’ to your child, because you knew you could not leave work to take him or her to a birthday party?

My view is that you should only say ‘no’ to your child because of your beliefs and principles, not because your boss does not allow you to be there for your family!


A Burst of Creativity

So, let me put this scenario to you.

You are stuck in a 9 to 5 job where, more or less, you do the same thing every day, day in, day out.

And that’s when you start browsing the internet for alternative ways to make money. That’s when you are hit with the realization that there are soooo many online based opportunities out there to make money blogging, or to build your online business by creating a website where you sell a product, a service or merchandise.

If you want to find out how to make money blogging:

There’s the sudden realization that, provided you have an idea, however vague it may be, you can make money.

Personally, I have always been creative, although I lack imagination. Let me explain.

I do have ideas. My brain outburst with ideas sometimes. But, I struggle in putting my thousands of ideas into practice. And that’s where I fall short of imagination.

I do not think I am unique at all in having plenty of ideas on how to make money.

In fact, if you stop thinking for a minute, you’ll find you are very much the same. Otherwise you wouldn’t have stopped on this website and you wouldn’t have started reading this post, right?

Working for an employer stops you from developing your ideas. Unless you work in a creative environment already (but let’s admit, the majority of us do not), the prospect of being able to voice out your ideas become pretty grim in the practicality of waking up every day at the same time, commute to work, sit at your desk making phone calls or visiting potential clients – but no matter what, being asked to follow the same script day in, day out – then commute back home, walk the dog, have dinner and go to bed, ready to start all over again the same day.


The Practicalities Of Managing Your Earnings

The most objections I get come from those people who have money related concerns. Which, partly, may be true.

I am still in part-time employment, and I do recognize that working for an employer may give you financial security. But what it also gives you is capped earnings.

Find the right mindset:

Yes, you will get annual leave or sickness paid for. But in most cases, no matter how much financial growth your company may undertake, your salary will not grow proportionately. Yes, some private boss may share a productivity bonus with you, or some dividends. But they will always represent crumbs of the massive ‘cake’ earned in the year at corporate levels.

If you then work in the public sector, well, you then can forget bonuses or shares altogether. The money is public and has to be spent for public services. Again, I am not saying I disagree with the concept.

However, what I am saying is that, if you work at home and if you are your own boss, your earnings are yours, and yours only. You are the sole responsible person to set the bar of your earnings.

If you decide to push the limit of your business expansion to the sky, nobody will stop you from benefiting from increased earnings as well.

With an employer, you may be asked to work extra hours to meet a deadline, or to complete a presentation for the next day. Will your salary be bigger at the end of the month? NO!!!

On the other end, you work from home, and you decide how long your working day is going to be. And rest assured that, if you put extra hours in your home-based job, you will make extra money!!!


The Proof Of The Pudding

Let me take you back to that online browsing for alternative ways of making money from home I hypothetically spoke about earlier on.

As you start searching online, you are faced with so many different avenues, that you really don’t know which tales to believe.

The truth is that, in the last two and a half years that I have been working at establishing my online business, I have come across many different programs – and when I say many, I mean thousands of them!!!

Yes, some of them may be dodgy. Some of them may promise you high income, when in fact if you look in the details, they are not worth the time and effort.

But the majority of these businesses are good and proper. And yes, they make you money, a lot of money.

Think about it. The person or people proposing that business opportunity to you would not do it, if it were not worth their time and effort, would they?!?!

Now, you can read this two-way.

On one hand, you may argue that the program they are proposing to you cannot be as ‘money tree’ as they claim, otherwise they would not be there still trying to ram up business.

On the other hand though, I suggest that if the program you are invited to join did not pay as well as promised, surely those people, who are trying to ram up business, would not do so if they didn’t find the business remunerative for them too.


From All Walks Of Life

If you’ll allow me, let me say one final word on the benefits of working from home.

Think about the recruitment process of getting employed work. To start off, you need to meet qualifying criteria and skills. You may have had to obtain a degree or an officially recognized qualification. Not when you decide to start your own business from work.

If you have already acquired skills through previous work experience or because you studied towards specific qualifications, that’s fine. You can put in practice all that you have learned so far.

But if you haven’t got enough experience, the beauty of working from home, on any home-based entrepreneurship, you will be able to self-train and to learn at your own pace. No experience required.

Keep Calm And Carry On

And yes, with time, the more you stick to your venture, the more experienced you will become. I have learned so much in such a relatively short span of time! And I still have so much more to learn. But that is part of the appeal: to find out new ways to become successful, to experiment with different strategies and different programs, to interact with other people who may have more or less experience than you and may advise you on their own business directions.

You will meet new people. Not colleagues you are asked to sit next to when you work for a boss, but people you choose.

Because when working from home, and when building your own business, you are in full control of whom, when and where. And that’s what I most like of my working-from-home new lifestyle.

Now, if you still have some unanswered questions, by all means do leave your comment below. Equally, you may suggest more advantages to working from home – or indeed some disadvantages. Either way, do leave your comment below, and I shall reply to everyone as soon as I possibly can 🙂


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